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Chapter 480 – One Minute of Retaliation

“Retaliate now? Where to?” Deception was struggling to keep up.

“We have a pretty good chance now. Follow me!” As Ye Xiu spoke, Lord Grim charged out of the dark, narrow alleyway.

“What! He escaped again!!!”

After receiving reports from their subordinates, the three guild leaders were outraged. They all used “he” instead of “they” in their sentences. Clearly, Deception was of no importance to them.

“After wasting so much time, he’s only killed one person. Now he’s disappeared again. He’s not even logging off. What does he want?” Changing Spring complained.
“Does he want to wear us down like this? Shouldn’t he know better? This method might work in regular servers by slowing our leveling speed and affecting our progress in pioneering, but it would never work in the Heavenly Domain.” Arisaema analyzed the situation.

Chen Yehui said nothing. His eyes darted back and forth in front of the computer screen. He had no idea what Ye Qiu’s intentions were at all. Ye Qiu was perfectly capable of just walking away and leaving this entire mess behind. However, he stayed and was now playing hide and seek with them. Was this some sort of entertainment to him? He shouldn’t be so immature… A top tier God, looking for this kind of childish amusement?

“Deception also hasn’t run away yet. They’re back together again. What are they plotting?” Changing Spring asked. Deception had become a person again.

“If they’re not planning on leaving, then we don’t need to spend so much effort on defense. Let everyone join the pursuit.” Arisaema suggested. To prevent the targets from escaping the area, the guild leaders used a large amount of manpower in the east and north of Wilderness Town. Now, since the targets showed no intention of leaving, they didn’t need to waste their time waiting there.

Just after Changing Spring and Arisaema finished talking and were about to give orders, Chen Yehui suddenly received a new update, “They’ve appeared again!”

“Where?!!” Changing Spring and Arisaema yelled out together.

In an alley someplace, three players from Excellent Era were on their way to check another alley, when they suddenly saw a shadow move. In a flash, Lord Grim appeared in front of them.

“AH!” The three cried out in surprise. They didn’t attack immediately and sent out a message instead.

Lord Grim didn’t try to run away. Instead, he attacked.

Sky Strike!

The strike landed on all three of them, who were standing in a row, side by side.

The one on the right didn’t react fast enough and was thrown straight into the air. The other two jumped back hurriedly to dodge the strike, but the Sky Strike’s animation had already ended.

Falling Flower Palm!

The airborne player was immediately blown away by the palm.

Ninja Arts – Hundred Streams!

Countless water streams rushed out the small alleyway like vipers. Before the poor player could land, the water streams all rose and twisted into a water prison that incapacitated the player. The gray shadow of Deception dashed out right away. Three shurikens shot out with a swing of his hand. The two other players tried to dodge, but Lord Grim pulled a prank on them. The battle spear tapped once left and right, forcing the two others to stop. With two swooshes, each player ended with a shuriken in their characters.

Ninja Arts – Flame Cut!

Ninja Arts – Cicada Shell Double Slash!

Ninja Arts – Shadow Dance!

The shurikens temporarily paralyzed their targets. Deception seized this opportunity and dumped three skills on them at once. Every skill was released with extraordinary speed. With the flames of the Flame Cut still ablaze, the Double Slash’s silver flashes already sliced through both enemy players. The casting of Shadow Dance started amid the metallic flashes. With shadows dancing across the screen, all the attacks were concentrated on these two.

The two players were unable to defend themselves whatsoever. The continuous combos even knocked the two into the air.

This was all from Deception alone. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim wasn’t slacking off either. Lord Grim attacked and contributed his portion of damage within the storm whipped up by Deception. He matched Deception’s attack patterns perfectly.

Deception, on the other hand, did not really put the two in his mind. He was more interested in competing with Lord Grim. Upon noticing Lord Grim cooperating with him, he constantly switched up his rhythm. It was as if he had to trip Lord Grim up to feel happy.

Despite this, Lord Grim even found time to send a smiley face, which popped out above his head. He had clearly detected Deception’s efforts to throw him off, but he kept up with ease no matter how chaotic the rhythm was. His attacks stayed steady from start to finish.

The player who was trapped by the Hundred Streams had no way of escaping. All he could do was keep sending out messages. The dancing shadows that filled the screen terrified him. His two buddies were no match for such offensive power. However, among the dizzying silhouettes, Lord Grim’s existence stood out unexpectedly clear. Every move and every skill was pellucid.

The screen full of silhouettes melted back into one as Shadow Dance ended. Instead of running away, Deception didn’t take a single step back. The final move appeared just like the case of Golden Fragrance: Deception manifested himself directly above the two players and crushed the two underneath with a Bird Fall. His attacks were far from over!

Too strong!

The two attacked players could not even begin to express their bitterness in words. As members of one of the big guilds, they’d never suffered so much at the hand of another player. If this had happened in the arena, then it’d undoubtedly be a complete victory for the opponent.

A Neck Bind technique followed the Bird Fall. Deception’s bread and butter combos and swift performance eliminated any chance the two might have had for a come back. From start to finish, the two didn’t even have a chance to show what class they were, because they didn’t have a single chance to attack.

Until now!

Neck Bind Technique could only be use on one person at a time. By using it here, one of the players gained an opportunity to catch his breath. His face was buried in the dirt due the Bird Fall though. He scrambled to get up, but was quickly smashed back into the ground. When Deception threw the other down, he had thrown the other right on top of him.

The two couldn’t even understand what was happening, when a grenade rolled into their field of vision. With a thunderous boom, smoke filled their screens. The two players had no idea where they were flying to. All they knew was that their HP bars were still dropping at incredible speeds. The opponent’s offensive was still continuing.

“We’re done for….”

The two had nothing but despair left in their hearts. They had given up on putting up any type of resistance. Unless there was some kind of outside help, they felt there was nothing they could do anymore!

30 seconds!

During the entire half minute, the two players had been kicked around, unable to put up a fight. In that moment, Hundred Streams’ time was finally up. The player, who was trapped, was finally released. The offensive that unfolded on his two friends was truly terrifying, but he could not bring himself to just abandon his friends.

“Screw this!”

Just as the thought emerged in the Berserker’s head, before he could even raise his broadsword, he heard a sudden bang and he was frozen to the ground.

Spitfire skill: Stun Bullet.

As the name implied, the target would be stunned after being shot. On top of that, to be able to have the word stun in its name, the stun state it caused was nowhere as short as the stun from Dragon Tooth and other related skills. This bullet stunned the target for a full two seconds.

Two seconds of stun was quite a long time. A single Stun Bullet could very well be the turning point in a battle.

A stun could interrupt any attack.

A stun was also the best chance for retaliation.

For any Gunner class, no matter if one was a Spitfire or not, Stun Bullet was a skill that everyone learned. For a short while, some people even thought it was a bug in the game.

As a highly valued skill, it was analyzed thoroughly and received high precaution. If Stun Bullet really was untraceable, then it would really be a bug. Actually, even if it was as easily traced as normal bullets, it would have still been suspected to be a bug.

In reality, Stun Bullet was slower than normal bullets. Additionally, it made quite a unique sound when it left the barrel. The bullet was also bigger than regular ones. Players caught up with the special characteristics of Stun Bullet quickly. With enough precaution, everyone learned to be wary of this skill.

In high skilled battles, like pro matches, Stun Bullet couldn’t even be considered a direct attack move. There had to be a set-up beforehand in order to land this skill. From the early days of PvP to now, Stun Bullet had become a support type skill.

The poor Berserker had clearly been careless. Although they all knew that Lord Grim was unspecialized, none of them were attentive enough to figure out what skills and tricks he might have up his sleeve.

Moreover, Ye Xiu’s strike was very well covered.

He used the surrounding chaos to cover up the strike. The sound of the bullet was drowned out by the surrounding noise and the fire that spit out of the barrel was hidden by the flashy display of skills. He had even calculated the duration of Hundred Streams’ prison.

Even the Berserker who was trapped hadn’t counted. He simply waited for the water prison to dissipate. He never thought he would be attacked while he was still inside the prison. This was because any damage to the water prison, even if it was from the person who released the skill, would shorten the duration of the water prison’s bind effect.

This unexpected and precise shot was calculated to the extreme.

The water prison hadn’t even disappeared yet when the bullet left the barrel.

When the bullet arrived, the water prison had just disappeared. When the Berserker said “Screw it!”, he might have even seen the bullet. However, he would have had no time to react at all.

With an additional two seconds of stun, unable to do anything, he watched helplessly as the real Lord Grim teleported in front of him with the Shadow Clone Technique.

His demise was about to begin…

After receiving the discovery of Lord Grim’s location for about a minute, Chen Yehui received another message: three man team, wiped out.

Changing Spring and Arisaema had no idea about this news. They were still organizing people to raid the place.

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