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Chapter 477 – Gap

After discovering Lord Grim’s traces, everyone in the guild began getting excited. Lord Grim was their priority. Deception was just a side gift.

The three guild leaders were also very excited. They had the map of Wilderness Town opened up on their screens. After asking for his coordinates, they immediately pinpointed his location and began making arrangements.

“Don’t rush. Form a steady encirclement and slowly shrink the circle. He won’t be able to run.” Changing Spring said. Golden Fragrance’s team was from Excellent Dynasty. The ones chasing behind Deception were from Herb Garden. Blue Brook Guild’s troops weren’t directly involved yet, so Changing Spring could see the field in a calmer manner.

“Right, it looks like he doesn’t plan on logging off, so we’ll just accompany him until he does.” Arisaema added.

“Why did he jump out all of a sudden?” Changing Spring asked.

“I heard he took down Excellent Dynasty’s Golden Fragrance.” Arisaema said. He really wanted to see Chen Yehui’s expression. Was Lord Grim attacking Excellent Dynasty? Before, when he broke through the encirclement, he had killed off a Launcher, who was also one of Excellent Dynasty’s. This time, he killed off another Launcher and a core member of Excellent Dynasty at that……

Thinking of this, Arisaema and Changing Spring opened up a private chat between the two of them.

“Ye Qiu seems to be aiming at Excellent Dynasty.” Arisaema said.


Now that they were conversing in messages, Changing Spring spoke in a simple manner. He was even too lazy to type out punctuation. Seeing this reply, Arisaema turned furious. Their Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild were originally enemies. He also hated Changing Spring’s bad habit. Right now, he didn’t want to deal with this guy, but then he quickly realized that he didn’t need to deal with him! As long as his guild benefited from this, why would he need to talk to Changing Spring? Thinking of this, Arisaema closed the chat window. He was calculating whether or not there would be an opportunity to sit on the mountains and watch the tigers fight below. In any case, Lord Grim had to be killed. Whether or not they or Excellent Dynasty killed him didn’t matter. He really didn’t mind if Lord Grim could take a few bites out of Excellent Dynasty in the process.

“Make sure there aren’t any gaps. Don’t be too excited. Make sure you figure out Lord Grim’s intents.” Arisaema quickly ordered.

On the streets, Lord Grim and Deception were both running madly. The pursuers behind them were chasing after them. Anyone who was in range to attack them wouldn’t hesitate to attack them.

But these didn’t matter too much. As Lord Grim ran, Ye Xiu was talking to Chen Guo. Deception was focused on listening to see if he could figure out anything from eavesdropping.

But after hearing Ye Xiu say “do you think they might feel proud?” Deception couldn’t stop himself from coldly making a “hmph.”

“Who do you think you are?” Deception actually said this to Ye Xiu.

“I’m someone who almost got surrounded and died.” Ye Xiu said.

“……” Deception was annoyed.

“Twice.” Ye Xiu even added.

“I’m going my own way!” Deception decided. There just happened to be another intersection ahead. Deception turned right, but Lord Grim also followed along.

“Don’t follow me.” Deception said.

“You really are a genius. There are three possible directions which we can go. Two of those directions have people. You moved in the third direction, telling me not to go with you. Why didn’t you go in the direction where there are people?” Ye Xiu said.

“Make a left turn up ahead.” Ye Xiu said.

Deception ignored him and continued forward. Ye Xiu didn’t care and his Lord Grim turned left. But it hadn’t even been three seconds, when Deception rushed back over.

“Don’t follow me.” Ye Xiu coldly said.

Deception wanted to cry, but no tears came out. It wasn’t that he wanted to follow him, it was just that he didn’t want to die. He was having a hard time bearing Ye Xiu retaliating tooth for tooth. Deception halted and turned his head.

“Wow, young people these days sure have attitudes.” Ye Xiu said, but he also had his Lord Grim turn back.

“Why are you following me!” Deception countered.

“I’m a realist.” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Deception didn’t understand.

“There’s more people that way……” Ye Xiu explained.

Deception wanted to cough blood. He couldn’t describe how he was feeling right now.

There were five players blocking their path forward. They seemed to know the two were strong. Seeing the two of them rush at them, they didn’t rush forward to meet them. Instead, they immediately stood still in position and prepared to face them head on.

Deception saw an empty building up ahead and ran towards the entrance.

“What are you planning on doing?” Ye Xiu asked.

Deception didn’t explain and continued into the building. Ye Xiu didn’t have Lord Grim go in. He stood outside the building and laughed grimly.

He counted one two three, but there were still no movements.

If you don’t come out, are you planning on dying?” Ye Xiu lazily asked.

Deception slowly walked out embarrassedly.

“How did you know there were no windows in that building?” Deception asked.

“Look at the map, genius.” Ye Xiu remarked.

“There are labels on the map?” Deception was puzzled.

“An online map from outside the game, are you a noob or an expert?” Ye Xiu said.

“Expert!” Deception replied with confidence.

“Get ready to fight, expert.”

The two may be talking, but their characters weren’t moving slowly. In a short amount of time, they entered the five enemies’ attack range. The two didn’t make the first move. They were waiting for an opening first. If the opponents didn’t move, then that would be great. They could just run passed them.

From this, it could be seen that Deception wasn’t a noob. He clearly had a lot of experience at running away.

The blockers wouldn’t just let them pass. As the two got closer and closer, two of the Blade Masters in the team moved. Blade lights flashed and both of them slashed with a Sword Draw. The blade lights intersected and flew towards them.

They were both from the same guild and the same team, so their coordination was quite good. Even though their coordination wasn’t as good as pro teams, everyone learned from them, so even if it wasn’t amazing, it was at least decent.

The Blade Master’s duet was one form of strategy for two Blade Masters. As one of Glory’s most popular classes, whether it was in-game or in the pro scene, it was a common sight.

But when the blade lights fell, they only destroyed a clone. Deception had jumped back and used a Shadow Clone Technique. His hands were quick and the skill came out on time. They hadn’t even realized that he had left his clone behind, while the real one had passed them.
Deception turned around and saw Lord Grim, who was a bit slower than him, but it looked like he was just strolling idly in a park. Deception didn’t think he used any skills. Could he have just strolled past them like that?

Deception didn’t want to believe it, but it was the truth.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had ran over in this way. The two Blade Masters had thought that their blade lights had connected with Lord Grim. Who knew how but he went right through their blade light and then ran past them.


It was because of shock that they reacted slowly. If not, they would have reacted to Deception’s Shadow Clone Technique.

But Lord Grim just went right through the blade light and went past them. They hadn’t even thought that was even possible.

“How did you get past them?” Deception was curious.

“I ran.” Ye Xiu replied.

“How did you run?”

“Like this.” Lord Grim ran a few steps to show Deception.

Others might think Lord Grim was just playing around with him, but Deception immediately saw through it.

It was rhythm!

It was a simple movement, but it had a rhythm to it. By utilizing the different in rhythm, he deceived the enemies. The enemies thought their attacks had hit, but there was actually a minute difference between the attacks. By using the difference in rhythm, he dodged the attack. The theory was this simple.

The theory might be simple, but actually doing it was a completely different beast.

It wasn’t just simply having a good grasp of one’s own rhythm. The opponent’s rhythm had to be completely grasped too. This was decided by the stats, equipment, skill level, and the player’s actions. Seeing through this in an instant wasn’t simple.

Was it by luck?

Deception couldn’t believe there was such an expert.

The danger hadn’t passed yet though. He didn’t have time to think about it more carefully. The two could chat like this, but it would be too easy to get distracted if he thought too deeply. If he got distracted, it would be likely a mistake would occur. Bumping into a tree while walking wasn’t something that only happened in real life.

After breaking through the five players’ blockade, there might not be anyone blocking them in front anymore, but it just meant that there were more pursuers behind them.

“Let this brother give you a few lessons. I’ll teach you what to do in this type of situation.” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ve gone scrap picking countless times. What haven’t I experienced before?” Deception wasn’t modest at all.

“You’ve definitely never experienced our current situation.” Ye Xiu said.

“And you’ve experienced it before?” Deception said.

“Brother, in the tenth server……”

“You don’t feel any shame talking about which server you’re from?” Deception interrupted him in disdain.

“Brother, in those days…….”

“Who doesn’t know how to talk about that past?” Deception continued to look down on him.

Brother, have you ever entered the Heavenly Domain at Level 50!”

Deception couldn’t reply back. He wasn’t able to make a comeback. Entering the Heavenly Domain at Level 50 was something he had never thought about, but the person in front of him had done it. He was running with him at Level 52 and had caused such a ruckus. In reality, when Ye Xiu said the tenth server, Deception believed him. Someone who could create such a storm at Level 52 in the Heavenly Domain would certainly bring disaster wherever he went. Deception was just saying that.

As soon as the guilds saw Lord Grim, they immediately pounced on him, ignoring the great and famous scrap picking king. It had made a deep impression on him. He had always thought he was someone who could immediately make the guilds go from calm to angry, but now it looked like, that was just the surface. The guilds may have been scared of him and guarded against him, but they had never made such a large movement in order to kill him. To make an entire leveling area turn into such a mess, was this guy some sort of f*cking boss who only spawned once a year?

I have to observe him carefully and see where the gap between us is! Deception thought.

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