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Chapter 476 – Chen Guo’s Resentment

Self-made equipment practically only belonged in the pro realm.

In the Heavenly Domain, an Orange equipment was already considered an extremely rare equipment.

Anyone who possessed an Orange equipment wasn’t any ordinary player. The probability that they survived in a chaotic situation was high. Deception couldn’t be compared to an ordinary scrap picker. His eyes were sharp and venomous. Whenever he moved out, he would usually have a clear understanding of the situation in front of him. He would notice the equipment on every player and their health. Compared to a normal scrap picker, he was more selective. Even so, an opportunity to one shot one kill an expert with an Orange expert was extremely rare. As a result, even if he really wanted it, he rarely got the chance.

Deception refused to call grabbing and mercilessly killing the target like what Lord Grim did as scrap picking. This was stealing.

“What dropped?” Everyone wanted to know the answer to this question. Deception wasn’t an exception.

“A lame necklace.” Ye Xiu said.


No matter how lame it is, it’s still an Orange equip! Did you think I didn’t see it?

Deception had a very strong urge to give him a stab, but he stopped himself and calmly asked: “It seemed like an Orange equip?”

“Yeah! Trash.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you want?” Deception’s voice was trembling a little bit.

“I want a weapon.” Ye XIu said and then added: “You want a weapon, right?”

“What?” Deception was confused about question.

“I wasn’t talking to you.”

Ye Xiu was obviously asking Chen Guo. From the start, he had been very serious. He had really been planning on helping Chen Guo get back her dropped weapon. He didn’t even feel ashamed to ask Chen Guo which Excellent Dynasty Launcher had good equipment.

After all, Chen Guo had been in Excellent Dynasty for a long time. The guild leader and core members might not recognize her, but she certainly recognized them. She pretty much knew which guild members had what dazzling equipment. Right now, Ye Xiu was like a bandit, asking her who had good equipment. Chen Guo suddenly felt like a villain.

Her resentment towards Excellent Era wasn’t fake. It had been very painful seeing her weapon drop too, but she didn’t feel too happy getting it back by stealing from someone else. Excellent Dynasty’s members were all normal players too. Excellent Era might have kicked Ye Qiu out of the Club, but that had nothing to do with these players. It’s not like they knew the truth. They would still jump out and support Ye Qiu. If they were to take out revenge on Excellent Era, it definitely couldn’t be done by acting against the normal fans.

Chen Guo was going to refuse to answer him in the beginning, but after she thought about it again, she suddenly blurted out a name: Golden Fragrance.

Golden Fragrance was already one of Excellent Dynasty’s core members now, but when Chen Guo had joined Excellent Dynasty, she still wasn’t one yet.

At that time, she was also just a fan who liked Excellent Era a lot. She was a very ordinary guild member.

She was a lively and outgoing girl. People tended to like her. Golden Fragrance was very easy going. She would go with whatever team was there wherever she went. Everyone was happy to have her join. Any equipment she wanted went to her.

Even though Chen Guo was also a girl, but she had turned independent early in her life. She was on the older side too. Outside of the game, she was an owner, while in-game, she had the air of a big sister. She also liked Golden Fragrance and happily welcomed her. In particular, Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze and Golden Fragrance were of the same class. Of everyone she had played with, she had played with Golden Fragrance a lot.

This didn’t really mean much.

But once she regarded everyone else’s welcome as a given, it was quite immature of her.

There were many girls in the guild who also played Launcher. They were clearly influenced by Su Mucheng.

As a big sister, Chen Guo gave them an appropriate amount of care. In a dungeon, she would give priority to the other younger sisters.

In the guild’s fixed dungeon teams, the distribution of items was done by the team captain. This was something everyone agreed on.

No one objected to Chen Guo’s actions of taking care of the younger ones. Golden Fragrance, who everyone took care of, snatched a piece of equipment that she had the right to take. The good-hearted team’s preferential treatment gave her unwarranted qualifications. It was certainly an eye-opener for Chen Guo.

Chen Guo wasn’t like Ye Xiu who could just laugh and not think much of it. At that time, she called out to Golden Fragrance for her to give her an explanation.

But Golden Fragrance didn’t even bother properly discussing with Chen Guo. She just cried and privately told countless players her sorrows and gain their sympathy. In the blink of an eye, Chen Guo turned into a tyrant in the team in other players’ eyes..

This description fit well with Chen Guo’s personality. Golden Fragrance’s actions were a huge success.

With Chen Guo’s personality, there was no way she could do the same, running to others and crying. In the end, she challenged Golden Fragrance to a duel.

This was how the men decided on issues, but Chen Guo liked it. She was too lazy to go into a verbal battle with a younger sister. Even though duels weren’t absolute, they put an end to the matter. It was a very common way of deciding on issues.

But for this manly method, Golden Fragrance actually found men to participate in the duel for her. This girl, who hadn’t been in the guild much longer than Chen Guo, was used to having this sort of princess treatment.

Chen Guo obviously wouldn’t retreat from any opponent. It’s just that the players Golden Fragrance had found were experts in the guild. Chen Guo went forward in battle, but lost.

Chen Guo wasn’t someone who couldn’t take a defeat. If she lost, there was nothing she could say. No matter how arrogant or condescending the opponent was, she would bear it. Chen Guo wanted to leave the guild, but she felt unwilling to. By being with a Club guild, she would have the opportunity to play with her idols. Many people had joined the guild for this reason.

Chen Guo’s support for Su Mucheng and Ye Qiu triumphed over her resentment over that little girl.

Chasing Haze stayed in the guild as Golden Fragrance continued to play the part of a princess in Excellent Dynasty. Golden Princess wasn’t a nickname Chen Guo had come up with. Who knew when this nickname spread. Chen Guo really liked it. She felt that it suited her well.

In Excellent Dynasty, there were quite a few who were annoyed by Golden Fragrance. However, the number of people who liked to spoil her were a lot too. Just like this, she move her way up to becoming a part of Excellent Dynasty’s core.

Core members were vastly different from normal players. Core members could be considered as employees of the Club and surrogates for the team in-game. When Chen Guo initially joined, she also wanted that status so she could get closer with the team she supported.

At that time, when Golden Fragrance became a core member, many people in the guild objected. This girl was a spoiled brat. Chen Guo really couldn’t understand how people could like such a girl…..

Is being a spoiled brat an art form?

Chen Guo thought it was because of this, but she wanted to vomit whenever she thought of it. Being a spoiled brat was something boss Chen could never learn.
It had been several years since this. But Chasing Haze had always been in Excellent Dynasty and Golden Fragrance was a name that could never be erased. Chen Guo had to admit that even though she lost, she wasn’t willing to accept it. She could never see Golden Fragrance in a good light. Even though Chen Guo hear that she was no longer like the princess from before and that she took care of others like a big sister, Chen Guo just felt like it was obvious. As a core member, why would she need others to give way to her? With her status as a core member, this was already a given.

Today, Ye Xiu suddenly asked her which Launcher in Excellent Dynasty had good equipment as if he were going to take it. Chen Guo originally didn’t want to say it, but her mind whirred and she blurted out Golden Fragrance’s name.

There were lots of Su Mucheng fans in Excellent Dynasty and thus, there were naturally many Launchers. More than one core member was a Launcher. Golden Fragrance’s equipment couldn’t be considered the best among them, but if her items dropped, Chen Guo wouldn’t feel bad. She would actually feel quite good.

Thinking of this, Chen Guo felt somewhat ashamed. She felt like she was being petty. But after seeing Lord Grim wandering around and seriously looking for Golden Fragrance, Chen Guo immediately turned hopeful. She realized that this was a dream of hers. She really wanted to see the look on the Golden Princess’s helpless face after being bullied. This mission was something Chen Guo felt that Ye Xiu could accomplish.

Chen Guo had been thinking like this the entire time. On the other hand, Ye Xiu was only carefully looking at her, but not moving. He waited a very long time until Deception had been caught. His movements were like a pros. Deception was hitting Golden Fragrance under the team’s protection without any retaliation. He even ended it by kicking her face into the dirty. Such a scene made Chen Guo extremely happy.

Petty is petty! Why be so kind? It’s not like I’m a saint. That instant, Chen Guo let go of her morals.

However, her laugher revealed Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. Chen Guo had went closer to Ye Xiu’s screen to admire Golden Fragrance’s embarrassing pose and then burst out into laughter.

“I didn’t get a weapon, just this lame necklace.” Ye Xiu reported his results to Chen Guo.

“Not bad, not bad.” Chen Guo was very satisfied. Her goal wasn’t Golden Fragrance’s equipment. She just wanted to see Golden Fragrance eat sh*t.

“Do you have some sort of thing between you two?” Ye Xiu clearly saw something.

“Uh, it’s a long story!”

“Is killing her once good enough?” Ye Xiu asked.

Chen Guo hesitated. After thinking for a bit, she asked: “Will she come back?”

“Tsk tsk, what poisonous thoughts!” Ye Xiu sighed.

“What did you say!” Chen Guo was both angry and ashamed.

“Don’t worry. It’s no pressure. You’re a friend. I won’t judge you.” Ye Xiu said.


“But what?”

“But if the people knows that I was the one to kill them, do you think they might feel proud?” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was speechless, but she had to admit that it was a real possibility.

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