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Chapter 474 – Ninjutsu – Shadow Dance

Deception wasn’t stupid. The guilds weren’t foolish either.

Golden Fragrance wasn’t the only one to try hiding on the sides, waiting to make an ambush. Deception had seen this sort of scenario, where the intersections looked very sweet, four times already. This was now Deception’s fifth time seeing this scheme.

However, this time, there was one thing different from the previous four attempts.

Golden Fragrance had more people!

Deception took up his guard. He didn’t rush straight towards the intersection. Instead, he went onto the rooftops and prepared for the unexpected. When he landed on the roof, he was suddenly caught off guard. In that instant, fifteen people appeared at the intersection.

Their encirclement tightened around Deception. It looked like he had a way out behind him, but the pursuers from behind were getting closer and closer by the second. From the start to the finish, he had never been able to escape from the pursuers.

“Let’s see where you run now!” Golden Fragrance stepped forward and shouted aggressively at Deception. She didn’t have any enmity towards Deception. It was just that she hadn’t been able to find Deception and wanted to seize this gift to vent her anger.

“Hmph!” Deception coldly humphed. Without saying anything more, he looked around and calmly observed his situation.

Fifteen players. They had already completed the encirclement. It was his first time encountering this sort of situation. Moreover, his opponents had plenty of experience. Their encirclement had layers. The gap between the layers had calculated the distance his Shadow Clone Technique could reach. Deception wouldn’t be able to rely on this technique to escape.

There was no easy way out.

Deception immediately realized this. He knew that this time he was truly in a dangerous spot. If he didn’t force his way through, he would certainly die!

It only took him the time for a single breath to come to this conclusion. Golden Fragrance’s words had only just finished, when Deception suddenly rushed forward. His target was Golden Fragrance.

To capture a band of thieves, first catch the leader!

Although taking down the leader wouldn’t change the situation significantly in this situation, if he wasn’t able to break through, bringing down the leader along with him was still decent.

With his blade glinting in the light, Deception arrived extremely quickly.

But Golden Fragrance wasn’t a core expert of Excellent Dynasty for nothing.

Seeing Deception rush at her, she immediately raised her hands and fired.

Three Anti-Tank Missiles shot out towards Deception. In an instant, the smoke and light from the explosion engulfed the area.


Someone on the side warned.

Golden Fragrance didn’t have time to react. All she saw was a streak of blood fly out from her.

Assassin skill: Cut Throat!

How did Deception get behind me? It wasn’t hard for Golden Fragrance to figure it out. His only way to do so was Shadow Clone Technique. However, she hadn’t seen him used even though he had been right in front of her eyes.

Every skill had a sign before it was used. When Shadow Clone Technique was used, the character would shake slightly. Everyone knew Ninjas had this technique, so everyone usually looked for this sign, yet Golden Fragrance hadn’t seen it.

This was because Deception’s hands were extremely quick! The faster the movements were done, the shorter the sign. This didn’t have any limit.

For a Launcher, being closed in on was very bad. However, Golden Fragrance wasn’t too alarmed because she wasn’t the only one fighting.

Her character turned around and used a Swing, the Launcher’s knock-up skill.

Deception had retreated a long time ago though. Cut Throat had simply been an attack done in the passing. His main goal was to break through the encirclement and escape. If he wasn’t able to escape, then he would fight.

After retreating from Golden Fragrance, Deception turned around and leaped up. He flipped in the air and flew above two players blocking the path in front of him. He just hoped these two players wouldn’t react too quickly.

Of these two players blocking the path, one was a Sharpshooter and the other was a Blade Master. Unfortunately, their reactions were very fast.

The Blade Master leaped up and used a Falling Phoenix Slash in an attempt to slice Deception.

There was no other option for Deception. He slashed with his ninja blade to guard against the Falling Phoenix Slash.


This guard was only a type of attack versus attack. It wasn’t an actual defensive skill. Whether or not the attack hit the opponent’s weapon depended on the player.

Deception had only used a normal attack, while the Blade Master had used a Falling Phoenix Slash.

Thus, he was only able to reduce some of the damage and wasn’t able to block the Falling Phoenix Slash’s momentum. The blade light continued to descend rapidly. Deception put his ninja blade in front of him and could only watch as he was cut down.

This was the difference between a normal guard and the Guard skill.

The Guard skill could completely negate the opponent’s attack, while a normal guard only blocked a portion of the damage.

Deception was hit to the ground by the Falling Phoenix Slash. When the Sharpshooter jumped up, he made a roll backwards.

This roll made Deception very sad. When he landed, he made a forward roll to avoid the Blade Master, but was now right in front of the Sharpshooter’s gun.

These two were clearly experienced veterans. This sort of coordination completely removed all of Deception’s options.

The other players were also closing in. There were a few waiting outside too in order to guard against a Shadow Clone Technique.

How troublesome……

The instant Deception landed on the ground, he immediately rolled backwards.

Behind him was the enemy leader, Golden Fragrance.

After all, Golden Fragrance was a Launcher. Seeing Deception roll towards her, she jumped back.

But at the same time Deception rolled back, he suddenly disappeared.

“Not good!”

Golden Fragrance realized, but Deception had already dug back up below her feet.

Ninjutsu – Underground Tunneling Technique!

A streak of blood flew out from Golden Fragrance’s body.

But the attacks weren’t done yet. After using the Underground Tunneling Technique Deception put his two hands together in front of his head and formed a hand seal.

“This is…….” Golden Fragrance could see him clearly, but she couldn’t tell what seal he was forming. The hand seal was finished in an instant. Deception’s body suddenly flickered as if he were going to use a Shadow Clone Technique. But the movements made after this flicker were much greater than the Shadow Clone Technique. It looked as if he spread out in all different directions.

Golden Fragrance instantly knew what was going to happen.

Unfortunately, that was all she could do.

After Deception flickered, he suddenly spread out. Suddenly, countless shadows of Deception appeared. The shadows ran in all different directions causing everyone’s eyes to go blurry. Blood began flying out continuously from Golden Fragrance’s body.

Ninja Level 70 skill, Ninjutsu – Shadow Dance!

“Spread out a bit more! Don’t let him escape the circle!!!!” Golden Fragrance immediately ordered.

Shadow Dance’s attack made several shadows appear. After finishing the skill, the character could freely choose which shadow to go to. With so many shadows around moving in a blur, it was impossible for them to know where he would go. If they didn’t widen their encirclement, it was very likely that their prey would use this chance to break through.

When everyone heard this order, they widened the encirclement, while attacking the shadows.

The clones from the Shadow Dance and the clone from the Shadow Clone Technique was the same. They could be destroyed with an attack. The difference between these two skills was that the clones of the Shadow Dance could move around and had higher health.

People tended to choose the shadows which weren’t moving.

This was because each clone in the Shadow Dance had to be manually controlled by the player. As a result, most of the time, the player wouldn’t be able to move every single clone. Some of them would just stand there.

But they soon realized that there weren’t any! There weren’t any clone which weren’t moving!

Deception could unexpectedly control all of the shadow clones. Such a level of mechanics was already a pro level. As players in a top guild like Excellent Dynasty, they had seen many things. However, whether it was in-game or in the Arena, they had never seen a player able to control Shadow Dance to such a level.

With no clones sitting still, they could only attack randomly. But the shadow clones moved faster than normal under the Shadow Dance. With so many shadow clones flickering around, none of them could follow them and were unable to properly seize one.

The skill had a time limit though. Just go rampant! You won’t be able to run away anyways.

They had the numbers advantage. The weren’t afraid.

Golden Fragrance initially thought like this, but after awhile, she suddenly realized something wasn’t right.

Wasn’t her health dropping a bit too fast?

Shadow Dance was typically used as an AoE attack. But right now, it seemed like Deception was only focusing on her. The dancing shadows were not only obscuring everyone’s view, but also attacking her.

Because of how a player’s skill greatly affected a skill’s effectiveness, it was difficult to tell a skill’s effects. Using Shadow Dance as an AoE attack was simple. But using it as a single target attack wasn’t impossible, but it required much more skill to accomplish.

Deception was undoubtedly doing it in this way. He had controlled all of the shadows to focus fire on her. Due to this, Golden Fragrance’s health was dropping rapidly. She originally hadn’t been worrying about it, but now such a thought had risen in her head.

“Am I really going to die?” Golden Fragrance was scared. She hastily called out: “Cleric!”

There team of fifteen would obviously have a Cleric. The other players really hadn’t noticed her situation, but after hearing her call for a Cleric, they suddenly realized that Golden Fragrance was already at such low health.

The Cleric quickly dashed over. Just as he was about to heal her, a shadow passed by him and interrupted his casting.

“Use an instant one!” Golden Fragrance was furious.

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