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Chapter 475 – What Enmity Do You Have with Launchers?

There were two types of Cleric heals. One type was a heal over time and had a cast time. This was what players commonly referred to when they said heal. This type was split into three different kinds, small heal, great heal, holy heal. The longer the cast time, the greater the heal. The casts made by Clerics were different from Ninja hand seals, which would be improved with better skill. For these casts, the only thing that could be done was to press the skill faster. The cast time could only be decreased with the character’s spirit attribute and certain equipment.

The other type of heal was an urgent rescue type. This type of heal was called cure and was split into three different kinds: small cure, great cure, holy cure. Cures didn’t have a cast time and were considered instant casts. However, they had very long cooldowns and it wasn’t possible to only rely on these to recover health. As a result cures were mainly used in emergencies, while heals were the ones mainly used.

When to use the three different kinds of heals and the three different kinds of cures was one area which determined a Cleric’s skill level.

The Cleric in Excellent Dynasty looked at Golden Fragrance’s health and didn’t see it as too dire. Moreover, they had the numbers advantage and his safety should be ensured. Thus, he had been planning on healing Golden Fragrance with a holy heal. Who would have thought that Deception’s Shadow Dance would interrupt him.

Golden Fragrance was in a panic and urged him to hurry, so the Cleric hastily prepared to cast a cure, but before he could do so, one of Deception’s clones pounced at him. Under the combo, the Cleric remained in a stunned state, unable to cast the cure. Deception had turned Shadow Dance into a multi target skill. He was planning on giving Golden Fragrance a good beating.

But with the attacks from Shadow Dance being split between the Cleric and Golden Fragrance, Golden Fragrance was no longer in as much pressure. When she looked at her health, she felt like she had been a bit too panicked. No matter the case, it wasn’t possible for a single skill to instantly kill a same-leveled character, even if Shadow Dance was solely focused on her.

After drinking a health potion, Golden Fragrance arranged everyone’s position using the team channel. Shadow Dance couldn’t kill her, but Deception might simply be trying to use the chaos to escape.

Once Golden Fragrance calmed down, the entire team was no longer in as much of a panic as before. Shadow Dance’s attacks hadn’t been aimed at them, so their movements weren’t affected. All of them were Glory veterans, so they understood what this skill did and immediately went to the positions Golden Fragrance arranged.

Deception had been paying attention to his surroundings the entire time. This had been his only plan. If everything went well, he would have been able to escape. Initially, when he saw the enemies fall into disorder, Deception felt excited and carefully looked for an opportunity. But then the enemies quickly calmed down and moved into a tough formation, not giving him any opening to escape. On the other side of the street, the pursuers from behind were about to arrive.

It’s over……

This time, Deception had no more tricks left. He would never have imagined he would be unable to escape in such a large map. What type of drug did these guys eat today?

Shadow Dance soon ended. Deception hadn’t been able to find any opening. After landing on the ground, he directly headed towards Golden Fragrance.

Ninjutsu · Bird Fall!

Shadow Dance was one of the few high-leveled skills which didn’t have a long landing animation after using the skill. As a result, Deception was able to directly chain it with a Bird Fall. Falling from the sky, he stepped on Golden Fragrance.

Just when she was thinking he would be unable to do anything after finishing with the Shadow Dance, who would have thought she would eat such an attack. Golden Fragrance’s head crashed to the ground. Her pose looked very embarrassing. Under everyone’s gazes, she had trouble keeping up appearances.

“KILL HIM!!” Golden Fragrance hissed. As a girl and an expert among girls, one of Excellent Dynasty’s core members, Golden Fragrance was used to getting attention everywhere. When had she ever been bullied by someone like this before? She didn’t have any enmity with Deception, but she instantly had some now.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…….”

At this moment, the sounds of someone laughing could be heard, a girl’s laugh. And in this team, Golden Fragrance was the only female there. But how could Golden Fragrance laugh in this situation? Even Deception was surprised by the sudden laugh. He thought she had gone mad. However, when he checked again, he felt that something wasn’t right. The voice was a bit quiet and unclear. It wasn’t from nearby.

“What are you laughing for? You’re going to expose me!!” Following afterwards, another voice could be heard, though this voice was much more clear.

“Isn’t this Excellent Dynasty’s Golden Princess? Isn’t it funny seeing her on the ground eating dirt?” Someone said. The voice seemed to be stuttering. The Glory veterans knew what was going on. Some other person next to the person playing was speaking, so the voice wasn’t too clear.

“Who is it!” Golden Fragrance asked angrily.

Golden Princess was a nickname people gave her behind her back in Excellent Dynasty. It didn’t have any positive connotations to it. It was mocking her, saying she was like a snobby princess.

The surrounding Excellent Era players looked at each other. They looked around, but didn’t know where the voice was coming from.

“How embarrassing. I’m very sorry for bothering everyone.”

The clear voice could be heard this time. A figure suddenly came around the corner of the street, dashing at them, while speaking.

“LORD GRIM!!” Everyone cried out in fear. With a shout, the encirclement around Deception broke apart and headed towards Lord Grim. The players around Golden Fragrance were all of the upper level in the guild. They knew who the guild attached the most importance to. Thus, when as soon as they saw Lord Grim, they immediately switched targets and forgot about Deception.

An opening!

Deception was pleasantly surprised at first seeing a sudden opening, but when he turned around, he figured out the reason for the opening. It was because everyone had turned to surround Lord Grim. He suddenly felt an empty feeling in him.

He finally understood why the guilds were pursuing him so crazily in this Wilderness Town. The main reason was because of him. Because he had gotten involved with him, he was brought into the storm as well.

Lord Grim……

This time, Deception took note of his name. As for Lord Grim, he was instantly surrounded.

Lord Grim suddenly did a roll. When he got up, he turned around 180 degrees and fired his gun. His character began flying backwards with a smooth Aerial Fire. The entire movement was completed in a single breath.

However, this wasn’t enough to break out of the encirclement. The players’ attacks had already arrived, when Lord Grim suddenly turned into smoke.

Shadow Clone Technique!

Deception was caught off guard. He was unexpectedly unable to figure out where Lord Grim had gone.

“You’re so slow. I’ve been waiting here all day.” Lord Grim suddenly spoke.

“Waiting for what?” Deception was at a loss. When he turned around, Lord Grim’s real body was already next to him.

“A scrap picking opportunity!” As he spoke, Lord Grim swung his hand. Deception was looking at him from behind and didn’t know which knock-up skill he had used, but Golden Fragrance had been launched into the air.

The sudden laugh to Lord Grim appearing next to him had all gone by too quickly, so quickly that Golden Fragrance had only just climbed back up.

“A scrap picking opportunity? You’ve been following me the entire time?”

“Why would I follow you? You’re not my target.” Ye Xiu said.

“What target is there for scrap picking?!” Deception cried. He suddenly noticed that Golden Fragrance and that previous guy who had been killed for nothing happened to both be Launchers……

“What enmity do you have with Launchers?” Deception had a sudden realization.

“Nonsense! I have a good relationship with Launchers.”

The two were talking, but they weren’t just standing there. After Ye Xiu launched Golden Fragrance into the air, he used a Delivery Gun to send Golden Fragrance to Deception. As he rushed forwards, he fired attacks at the airborne Golden Fragrance as if he were dribbling her like a ball.

Deception was also hurrying way. It was just that he felt a bid sad at this opening because this opening had been made by the enemies ignoring him.

“A helper, old friend. See, I’ve saved you again.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean again?” Deception kicked Golden Fragrance to Lord Grim like a ball.

“How mean! If it wasn’t for me last time on that street, you would have died in some corner in the street!” Ye Xiu said.

Deception immediately recalled. That time, he had tried getting over a wall, but had been blasted down by someone. Later, Lord Grim created an opening for him to get through. The heavens knew how hard he had been working to escape from the pursuers. There had been something going on every minute. That small scene felt like something from a long time ago. He really hadn’t thought about it.

“I helped you kill off that Launcher from before. I’ve paid you back for that time.” Deception said.

“It’s the same this time. Just a bit more! Good! Success!”

Golden Fragrance had already turned into a corpse. But this time, Deception didn’t go and steal equipment. This was because his situation was already burdensome enough. He didn’t want to add any more weight to him.

Ye Xiu’s hands weren’t any slower than his either. The items were instantly picked up by him. In the blink of an eye, Deception couldn’t help but shudder because that item had Orange lettering!

Could it be an Orange equipment?

Deception was astonished. He had never picked up an Orange equipment in his career as a scrap picker before.

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