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Chapter 465 – Pursuit

Tang Rou wasn’t too busy, so when she heard Chen Guo’s request, she immediately looked it up.

Glory, scrap picker, Deception (??????????). Apart from the first search term, Tang Rou had trouble getting the other two terms correct.1 Finally, she got the information she wanted and read it out loud.

Not just Chen Guo, Ye Xiu also straightened up to listen. Unfortunately, the results didn’t really give them any new information.

A lone operator, a ruthless scrap picker. The information on him could be summarized with these two phrases. Most of the comments were angry complaints and curses from players who had their equipment stolen by him. Besides that, a few people thought Deception had an interesting personality and wrote some random romantic fanfiction stories of him. Tang Rou hadn’t even read the first sentence, when Chen Guo stopped her.

“It’s just a bunch of random nonsense.” Chen Guo remarked.

“Ha ha, how mysterious.” Ye Xiu commented.

“Can we catch him?” Chen Guo had almost reached the coordinates Ye Xiu had given her. She could even see Lord Grim now, but she couldn’t see Deception.

“Of course. That guy has so much stuff on him. How fast could he run?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“But I don’t see him. Do you know where he is?” Chen Guo looked towards Ye Xiu’s screen. There was no sign of Deception there either. Ye Xiu’s movements were extremely quick. He had chased Deception right after he jumped over the wall. Chen Guo had been closely watching Ye Xiu’s screen the entire time, but Ye Xiu had never seen him.

‘He’s close.” Ye Xiu was certain. Lord Grim also stopped.

“How do you know?” Chen Guo was still heading over.

“Based on his movement speed, he won’t be able to escape from my field of view.” Ye Xiu said confidently. His camera kept on turning, observing his surroundings.

“So you’re saying he’s hiding?” Chen Guo asked.

“Yeah. We have to hurry and find him.” Ye Xiu said.

“What’s the hurry?”

“He’ll be out of combat soon. If he logs out, what can we do?” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh!” Chen Guo immediately understood.

In Glory, you couldn’t log out while in battle. Turning off the power or forcefully quitting could still be done, but your character would simply sit in the game for awhile and you would naturally be turned into paste. Because of this, it would be better to hide and wait until you were out of combat before logging off. There wasn’t any problems with doing that.

“Where could he be hiding…….” Chen Guo had arrived and she looked around as well. The streets were empty. Ye Xiu could also see what was above on the rooftops from his position and there wasn’t anyone there. The only possibility left was that he was hiding in a room somewhere. This was what made town maps troublesomes. There were too many places to hide. When Chen Guo fought in these maps, she really didn’t like playing a game of cat and mouse.

‘257, 186’s room. Go check it out.” Ye Xiu looked around and then suddenly spoke.

“Hm?” Chen Guo looked in that direction.

“There’s no noise, which means there aren’t any monsters there. From the looks of it, he’s probably in somewhere in that direction.” Ye Xiu said.

“Are you afraid of startling a snake in the grass?” Chen Guo asked.

“Not at all.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Chen Guo said. Chasing Haze immediately rushed towards it as she fired her cannon. Chen Guo didn’t dare be careless. Deception wasn’t any ordinary expert.

“Careful!!” Ye Xiu suddenly warned as Chen Guo charged forward.

Chen Guo was an experienced player too. No matter the danger, it was a good option to immediately roll. She chose a random direction to roll in and just as she was about to ask what was going on, Chasing Haze was suddenly launched into the air. Deception had popped out of the ground from underneath her.

Underground Tunneling Technique!

Chen Guo immediately understood. Her random roll wasn’t able to dodge his sneak attack. Remembering how everyone who Deception had acted against died, she started getting a bit nervous. But the damage done by the Underground Tunneling Technique wasn’t anything to worry about.

“There’s no need to be afraid!”

Chen Guo muttered. After playing Glory for so many years, she had a good amount of experience with every class. She was able to tell from the damage taken that Deception’s attack power might not even be as good as Chasing Haze’s. Thinking of this, she became more confident. She prepared to launch a counterattack and give him a good beating, but even if Deception’s attack power wasn’t good, his movements were extremely quick.

Chasing Haze had only just been launched into the air by the Underground Tunneling Technique. Deception turned his back on her and threw his two hands back…….

Chen Guo immediately recognized this pose. It was the Ninja skill: Neck Bind Technique!

Chen Guo didn’t think that Deception would be able to use a Neck Bind Technique so quickly. She had originally been planning on counterattack, but now her only thought was to hurry up and widen the distance between them. However, she was too slow. The rope on the ninja blade wrapped around Chasing Haze’s neck. With a pull on the rope, Deception dragged Chasing Haze down and she crashed into the ground.

The damage wasn’t very high, but Chen Guo was able to tell their difference in skill from this combo.

But Chen Guo wasn’t someone who was afraid. After suffering two attacks, she began to get annoyed and thoughts of fighting back with all she had begun to rise up in her mind. Neck Bind Technique was a grab skill and couldn’t be Quick Recovered. However, Deception didn’t seize the opportunity to follow up with another attack. Instead, he turned around and began to run.

Chen Guo immediately had Chasing Haze get up. She lifted her cannon onto her shoulder and was just about to fire it, when she saw a black light shoot towards. A whoosh and Chasing Haze was stunned. A blood spurted out from her head. Deception had seen Chasing Haze get up and attacked with a Shuriken, which hit Chasing Haze’s head.

Shuriken was a Level 5 Ninja skill. It wouldn’t do much damage, but targets hit by one would be stunned. Chasing Haze was hit and as a result, wasn’t able to attack. Her body froze as she watched Deception run away.

“I”M GOING TO KILL HIM!!!!” Chen Guo roared. She wasn’t like Tang Rou, who would express her feeling with her actions. Whenever Chen Guo got angry, she would use her mouth to express her feelings.

“Kill who?” Tang Rou heard that things were getting exciting. She took off her headphones and ran over to watch.

“Don’t worry. I’m here.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was on the side! He wasn’t just waiting there doing nothing. It was just that the exchange between Chen Guo and Deception had been too quick. From the Underground Tunneling Technique to the Neck Bind Technique to the Shuriken, it had only been a short amount of time.

Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu speak and then saw as his Lord Grim descend from a rooftop, cutting off Deception’s escape route. In mid-air, he unsheathed his sword and swung down in a beautiful arc.

Deception reacted quickly and immediately stopped. The blade light fell one step behind Deception.

‘God, your aim sucks.” Chen Guo remarked after seeing Ye Xiu miss.

“Are you stupid? This is called a prediction.” Ye Xiu said.

“Predict what?” Chen Guo asked.

“He predicted my attack and dodged it. This guy has some skill.” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim had already landed on the ground. He stood in front of Deception, blocking his path.

Deception wasn’t just going to stand there stupidly. After dodging the Sword Draw, he immediately ran diagonally. Seeing Lord Grim blocking him, he threw Shurikens. Instead of just a single one, he threw three of them.

This could be considered a hidden attribute for Shurikens. More than one Shuriken could be thrown at a time. In theory, it was similar to the Blade Master’s Shadow Steps, which relied on the player to use its full potential.

Deception threw the three in a triangular formation and the angle was quite good. But with Ye Xiu’s skill, three Shurikens was nothing to him. He didn’t stop moving and just before the Shurikens hit him, he used a Z-shake, twisting in between the gap within the triangular formation.

Deception had clearly been a bit overconfident. He thought that the three Shurikens would be enough for him to safely pass by him, but who would have thought that his opponent would go right through them. It was only until Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into a Priest sickle did Deception realize what had happened.

His reactions were quick though. Deception rolled backwards and Lord Grim’s sickle missed. Deception leaped up and turned around in mid-air. He raised his two hands towards his head and formed a hand seal.

“Flame Cut?” Ye Xiu laughed. Deception was truly alarmed when he heard this.

Ninjas were a physical and magic hybrid class. One unique aspect of their class was that when Ninjas cast skills, they didn’t need to wait for the cast to finish before using the skill like an Elementalist. For Ninjas, in order to use a skill, it required a certain set of movements and these were hand seals.

The faster the player’s hands, the faster the hand seals would be completed, and the faster the cast time. The cast speed depended on the player, which was something Elementalists didn’t have.

Deception was clearly very familiar with his hand seals. His hands moved in a blur. Even he couldn’t see the seals clearly. Who would have thought that his opponent would be able to see through his skill from these hand seals.

However, since things had already gotten to this step, should he cancel his skill? Deception didn’t overthink it and immediately unsheathed his blade. The ninja blade swung in a blazing arc towards Lord Grim.

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