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Chapter 466 – Unconventional Methods

The flames blazing out from the ninja blade crashed down. Even though the opponent had already seen through his move, Deception was clearly very confident in his technique. The faster the seals the faster the move came out. So what if the opponent knew?

What could he do?

A glint of cold light!

Brief and rapid, a fleeting flash.

The flames arrived at an empty spot on the earth. Lord Grim, who had just been standing there, was nowhere to be seen.

Deception tensed up. He immediately turned right and the flames followed along with him. From a straight chop to a horizontal slash, a wheel of flame whirled around Deception.

The process sounds complicated, but it was very quick. If it wasn’t quick, Flame Cut’s flames would have extinguished and it wouldn’t have been possible for him to do so many movements.

However, this slash still missed. As soon as Deception turned around, he saw Lord Grim leap backwards, just barely dodging the Flame Cut.

Once the skill finished, the flames went out. The two didn’t move. Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze had finally arrived and saw the two staring off, neither side acting. She turned her head to look at Ye Xiu and discovered that Ye Xiu had an unprecedented look of concentration. This really was the first time she had seen Ye Xiu like this. Ever since they had met, he had always played Glory in a casual manner. But today? Was this scrap picker actually giving him this much pressure?

Chen Guo remembered that even when he fought against Huang Shaotian, Ye Xiu hadn’t been this serious.

Chen Guo didn’t dare say anything. Chasing Haze stood on one side, quietly observing the two of them.

“If I didn’t have so much stuff on me, you wouldn’t have been able to dodge.” Deception suddenly spoke. His voice sounded very stiff as if he weren’t good at speaking.

“If I hadn’t known you had this much stuff on you, I wouldn’t have done what I did.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“There’s no point talking any further!” Deception suddenly said and then quickly slashed again with his blade. This time, he didn’t use any skill, just a normal attack.

Ye Xiu had prepared for this long ago. He immediately had Lord Grim dodge and also swung his word. He also didn’t use a skill, just a normal attack.

In an instant, the two blades met. As if they had a tacit understanding with each other, the two only used normal attacks. Normal attacks didn’t have any cool visual effects, but their movements were extremely quick and their characters looked as if they were just a blur in a storm of sword light.

Chen Guo was shocked. This was her first time seeing such a fight. Not only were their blades quick, but their pathing was quick and the two constantly switched positions. Luckily, the equipment on the two characters were completely different. If not, Chen Guo wouldn’t have been able to tell who was who.

Deception’s equipment was gray and ragged. They clearly weren’t high grade equipment. Speaking of this, very few scrap pickers wore their best equipment when scrap picking. This type of activity was extremely risky and ended ninety percent of the time in death. Wearing a set of top equipment might increase your survivability a bit, but if you died, then it would be a disaster.

However, even if Deception’s equipment weren’t top quality, they were still a set. As for Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, Chen Guo wanted to cry. His character was also a blur, but Lord Grim was like a rainbow. He was so colorful, it made people want to vomit. He didn’t look imposing at all.

He might look weaker, but Chen Guo was very confident in Ye Xiu’s skill. However, the two were moving too quickly. Chen Guo wasn’t able to see what the situation was. But because of where she was located, she could simply look at Ye Xiu’s screen. By taking Lord Grim’s health and comparing it to Deception’s health, wouldn’t that be an accurate indicator of who was winning?

But after watching for awhile, she realized that their health bars were decreasing extremely slowly. This meant that despite their intense fighting, the amount of damage they each dealt was very limited because both sides had difficulty hitting their opponent.

Moreover, as they fought, they moved towards a certain direction. It had only been a short while, but there was already a gap widening between Chen Guo and them. She wanted to help, but with how they were fighting, she didn’t know how to help.

“Hey, do you need help?” Chen Guo couldn’t help but ask.

These words were like a turning point. The two blurs suddenly split apart. Deception quickly turned around. His two hands formed a seal in front of his forehead. His hands moved in a blur. In any case, Chen Guo didn’t have the skill to figure out what type of skill Deception was going to use next.

Deception quickly finished the hand seal and slashed out. This time, the ninja blade was no longer a flame, but flowing water. As soon as the ninja blade came out from the sheath, it split into multiple streams, sweeping towards Lord Grim.

At this point, Chen Guo recognized the skill. This was another Ninja skill: Hundred Streams.

Just like the name implied, this was actually a crowd control skill with low damage. The streams chased after Lord Grim and lifted him up. As they rose, they formed a water prison with Lord Grim locked inside.

Chen Guo instantly understood!

The two weren’t actually fighting. Deception had wanted to run away, but Ye Xiu was stopping him. Now that he found an opportunity, he unleashed a Hundred Streams. The water prison formed by Hundred Streams could last up to thirty seconds. It wasn’t possible to break it from the inside. It locked the movements of the target inside. In other words, if no one from the outside helped break you out, you would be stuck there for thirty seconds.

Chen Guo was outside of the water prison, but the water prison couldn’t be broken through that easily. By the time she broke the water prison, Deception would already be gone. Should she fight with Deception, while attacking the prison? Chen Guo began to sweat. She didn’t have any confidence fighting Deception, let alone attacking the prison at the same time.

But in any case, she couldn’t just sit there.

Chen Guo fired towards Deception. To stop an opponent from escaping, melee classes were better than long-ranged classes. Chen Guo wasn’t as skilled as Deception either and wasn’t good at doing this sort of thing. She couldn’t feel happy about this at all.

I won’t be able to block him, but what if I just make it so he can’t run?

Chen Guo’s mind suddenly stirred. There was no time to think about it too carefully, so she immediately blurted out: “If you’re smart, don’t run!!!”

“It doesn’t matter. He won’t be able to escape anyways.”

Deception wasn’t the one to answer her. Chen Guo was slightly startled. A rainbow blur rushed towards Deception. And at this moment, Chen Guo hadn’t finished her attempt at trying to block Deception!

“What?” Chen Guo was confused. She turned her head to look. The water prison formed by the Hundred Streams was still there, but there was no one inside. Ye Xiu had clearly escaped from the water prison’s grasp.

Right! That could happen……

Chen Guo thought, but she was still confused. Why had she thought that Lord Grim had certainly been captured by the water prison?

Someone helped her ask this question.

“Impossible!” She heard Deception shout.

“What’s impossible?” Ye Xiu replied.

“How did you know I would use Hundred Streams!?” Deception said.

Chen Guo immediately understood.

Why had she thought Ye Xiu wouldn’t be able to avoid the Hundred Streams? It was because the Hundred Streams had been done to near perfection.

Deception clearly knew that his opponent was extremely experienced after using that Flame Cut. Even though the Ninja’s cast time was much faster than a mage’s, if the hand seal was seen through, then it meant he would lose the initiative and the chances it would connect would be much lower. As a result, he chose the instant they split apart to complete a Hundred Streams. During that entire time, Lord Grim had been behind him, so there was no way he could have seen Deception’s hand seal. And there weren’t any sound effects either, so there was no way he could have figured out from listening.

This type of situation had made Chen Guo think that the Hundred Streams would certainly connect, which was why she began to think ahead. But Lord Grim had unexpectedly dodged the water prison. Deception obviously couldn’t understand.

As for Chen Guo? She quickly understood.

Who was this! The Glory Textbook! God Ye Qiu of hundreds of battles. Things that normal players couldn’t do could be done by Ye Qiu. Who cared if how fast you were. More importantly, your thoughts have been completely read by him. No matter how fast you were, if your opponent knew what you were going to do, then it didn’t matter.

“Ha ha, your skill level isn’t bad. I also used a bit of an unconventional method.”

Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu explain.

Unconventional method?

Chen Guo wasn’t sure. At this moment, Ye Xiu had already begun fighting with Deception again.

“An unconventional method? What is it?” Deception shouted.

Ye Xiu only replied with a smiley face.

What was the unconventional method? Chen Guo was also curious, but seeing the two fight like that, she didn’t dare ask. However, she began paying attention to see if there was anything unusual Ye Xiu was doing.

She quickly figured it out.

“F*ck! You’re shameless!! You’re looking at my screen!!” Chen Guo jumped up.

When it wasn’t convenient for his Lord Grim to catch what Deception was doing, Ye Xiu would turn to look at Chen Guo’s screen. He didn’t look the slightest bit ashamed at his actions.

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