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Chapter 463

The dead Ice of Dawn didn’t hurry and revive. He only wanted to cough up blood right now.

Ally with Excellent Dynasty first and get rid of Herb Garden?

It was true that Herb Garden’s Mugwort had been the first to die, but right after that, he got killed. Why didn’t you inform me beforehand?

The sad Ice of Dawn became a ghost, floating around as he watched the following battle that ensued between the three guilds.

Herb Garden’s players pounced towards Blue Brook Guild. Blue Brook Guild’s players charged at Excellent Dynasty. Originally, they had wanted to rescue their senior, but their seniors had died so quickly. There was no point in rescuing them, but the conflict had already erupted.

But without anyone to lead them, Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden didn’t have any specific strategy in mind. They simply fought with revenge on their minds. As long as the person in front of them didn’t have their guild’s name, they would immediately attack.

“You really are…… too despicable!!!” Chen Guo watched with wide eyes for a good half a minute before she blurted this out. Her voice didn’t carry any hints of delight. The word “despicable” wasn’t enough to describe her feelings.

Especially after seeing Ye Xiu open up Pandora’s Box and then immediately hide behind Guild Excellent Dynasty.

Chen Guo had thought that after taking down the two guilds’ heads, Ye Xiu would also go and take down Excellent Dynasty’s Dreamland. But he didn’t. With this, Excellent Dynasty still had their leader and held the advantage. However, she didn’t even have time to complain when she realized that this wasn’t actually the case.

The guild in the worst situation was Blue Brook Guild.

The Wilderness Escort’s aggro was still on them. After killing Mugworts, they had now aggroed Herb Garden as well. In addition, by attacking Excellent Dynasty, they established their aggro, too. Fighting against three enemies at once wasn’t something that Blue Brook Guild had intended, but it was already too late to regret their decisions.

After Blue Brook Guild, the guild in the second worst situation wasn’t Herb Garden, but rather Excellent Dynasty.

With Dreamland leading Excellent Dynasty, their formation was very stable. However, they couldn’t keep up with the chaotic fighting. This was because Lord Grim had sent the two enemy seniors to their deaths at the start. It had been such a surprise that the two seniors weren’t even able to leave behind any words before they were surrounded and killed. Lord Grim had established the greatest aggro.

Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild didn’t have any specific strategy in mind and were attacking purely based off of emotions. The majority of them wanted to rush at Lord Grim and kill him. Of course, Lord Grim was now hiding behind Excellent Dynasty.

Excellent Dynasty’s players didn’t stop him.

This was because Lord Grim hadn’t attacked their senior Dreamland, but had killed the other two guilds’ seniors. It was obvious whose side Lord Grim was on.

He really is Ye Qiu!!!

Excellent Dynasty’s players grew excited. As a result, without any second thoughts, they protected Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, stopping the incoming aggression.

This was clearly another decision based off of emotions.

Even though Excellent Dynasty’s team had a leader at their head, they didn’t have an appropriate strategy set either. From a strategical perspective, they weren’t any different from Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild.

Something’s not right!!!

Excellent Dynasty’s Dreamland quickly realized that the situation wasn’t looking good. Although the heads of the other two guilds had fallen, Excellent Dynasty was now burdened with both guilds attacking them. Dreamland didn’t know what to do in order to stabilize the situation.

In terms of strategy, everyone was acting on impulse.

In terms of tactics, even though Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden didn’t have anyone leading them, the groups were still in formation.

In large-scale battles like these, teams were the unit of measurement and each team was made up of groups. Each group would have a group leader. Right now, the two guild teams were only missing their team leader who coordinated the groups. However, each group still had their group leaders commanding.

In other words, the two guilds were no longer whole entities, but they still had countless small entities battling. If it was just one on one, Excellent Dynasty would have certainly won because of their advantage as a whole. But with two guilds attacking them, there were too many small entities, leaving them with a numbers disadvantage, giving Dreamland even greater pressure.

After all, he was just an expert in-game. His ability to lead wasn’t at a pro level. If not, he might be able to beat the many with only a few.

Pro level…….

Dreamland immediately thought of one person, who was at the top even among the pros.

Dreamland turned around frantically and quickly found Lord Grim’s position. He was just sitting amidst their troops in the back and looked like he was just there to cheer them on.

Dreamland was quite fast at weighing the situation. It could be said that Lord Grim had created their current predicament, but right now he was in a safe spot outside the battle. In the area where the battle was taking place, players from the three guilds were rapidly falling.

Was Lord Grim really helping Excellent Dynasty or did he have another motive?

Dreamland didn’t go and consider whether or not Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. He was only thinking about Lord Grim’s movements and he suddenly felt uneasy.

If Lord Grim had truly wanted to help Excellent Dynasty, the amount of help he was giving them was far from enough!

Uneasy, Dreamland retreated until he reached Lord Grim. Soon afterwards, he sent an invite over to him. However, the system quickly notified him that Lord Grim was already in a party!

He was already in a party!

This notification immediately aroused Dreamland’s suspicions even further.

“What are you trying to do?” Dreamland blurted out.

“Picking up scraps!”

Three simple words struck like thunder. Dreamland was immediately taken aback.

Picking up scraps…….

As a person who frequently led teams, Dreamland obviously knew about this. Dreamland had a lot of experience with scrap pickers.

But it was the first time Dreamland had encountered such a high-end scrap picker.

Normal scrap pickers were more passive. They could only wait until a good opportunity appeared. But Lord Grim? He wasn’t waiting. He took the initiative to create the opportunity. This was completely raising the concept of scrap pickers to another level. Such a scrap picker was no longer just picking up items at his convenience……

“Just like I expected!” Chen Guo slammed the table and shouted when she heard Ye Xiu say “Picking up scraps.”

She had noticed that after Lord Grim killed the two seniors and escaped, Excellent Dynasty’s situation wasn’t looking good. She felt like Ye Xiu wasn’t helping any one guild. She had already made some guesses towards Ye Xiu’s plan and Ye Xiu had helped prove it to her.

“You’re really good at picking up scraps!” Chen Guo said.

“Of course. You have to work hard to pick up scraps, too!” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo didn’t know how to assess this. He said he was here to pick up scraps and he really was going to. Plus, he was making such a big commotion for it. He really deserved to be called a Glory textbook. He was a God even at scrap picking.

Dreamland now knew the truth, but he didn’t immediately attack Lord Grim.

For one, he didn’t think that he was Lord Grim’s opponent. After all, Lord Grim had rolled his way through Level 70 players for the Heavenly Challenge.

Secondly, Dreamland was still weighing the pros and cons. He could kill Lord Grim, but it wouldn’t stop him from suffering any less casualties.

What made Dreamland’s head hurt was still how he couldn’t control the battlefield.

With Lord Grim’s movements, not just Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild, but even their Excellent Dynasty’s players considered him as one of their own.

His poisonous actions couldn’t be cleared away with just a few words. By the time he finished speaking, everyone would already be dead.

Dreamland didn’t forget that they were there for the boss. With their current situation, how could they have any chance of killing the boss? The conflict with Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden was completely pointless and it was simply the perfect situation for the scrap pickers to do their dirty work.

“Retreat!” Dreamland ordered after thinking for a while.

Excellent Dynasty’s players were startled.

“Retreat?” Quite a few questioned his order.

“How could we have any chance of killing the boss in this situation?” Dreamland wouldn’t mention scrap picking. He simply reminded them what their objective was.

Everyone quickly woke up. They realized that their struggle had been completely pointless!

Excellent Dynasty’s players prepared to retreat, but Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden continued to act on impulse. Seeing Excellent Dynasty retreat, they believed that they had the advantage and immediately began fighting even more intensely.

Dreamland was very sad. By retreating, he boosted their opponent’s morale. Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden were missing a rational brain behind them right now. Not having a leader to guide them hurt Excellent Dynasty in the end.

Dreamland didn’t forget Lord Grim. He was planning on making an ambush to send Lord Grim to the enemy troops and have him experience Mugwort’s and Ice of Dawn’s fall. But when he looked over, he realized that Lord Grim was extremely devilish. He had previously been sitting there watching the show, but now that the situation had changed, he began to move, not giving him any chance to do so.

“How are things going? How are things going?”

At this moment, Sparse Fragrance and the others were very anxious. Hearing the shouts and curses outside, they were feeling tormented. They had only just met Ye Xiu. How could they have so much trust in him? Hearing how chaotic it seemed outside, they were doubting whether Ye Xiu was intentionally not telling them any information and picking up scraps for himself before talking.

“Be careful when going out from the hole.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Got it!” Sparse Fragrance and the others had been impatiently waiting for awhile now and lined up to leave the hole. Sparse Fragrance was the first to come out. When he turned his camera around, he saw the chaotic fight outside and immediately turned elated. As an experienced scrap picker, Sparse Fragrance quickly discovered the valuable equipment scattered across the ground and hastily rushed over.

And at this moment, a gray shadow suddenly rushed down from a rooftop on another side.

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