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Chapter 450 – Diligence

Chen Guo didn’t have much of a temper towards Ye Xiu. Seeing that he was just leveling, she wasn’t going to watch that. Chen Guo had remembered the match between Loulan Slash’s group and Wang Jiexi though.

“Why do you think Wang Jiexi looked for them? Could he have seen some talent in them and was looking to pull someone in?” Chen Guo knew about Wang Jiexi wanting to rope in Tang Rou, so she thought of this reasoning.

“No idea!”

“I’ll go investigate.” Chen Guo said.

“If you want to watch the show, just say it. Why make an excuse…….” Ye Xiu disdained.

Chen Guo waved her fist at Ye Xi u and then went to ask Loulan Slash. Chen Guo hadn’t thought much of the money warrior, but after seeing the fight between Loulan Slash and Huang Shaotian, she felt a bit touched and her views changed greatly. It was true that with money, a character could skip through many obstacles, particularly in the equipment area, but she couldn’t ignore his efforts.

Even though Loulan Slash had been a bit distracted fighting against Huang Shaotian in the first half of the fight, later, he let everyone see his efforts. Chen Guo couldn’t help but feel upset at her previous judgement of him. She didn’t need to say it out loud though. Even if she felt regretful, as long as they got along better in the future, it would be fine.

Chen Guo thought like this, so she was also interested in the spar between Loulan Slash’s group and Wang Jiexi. After asking Loulan Slash, he immediately sent her their room number. Chen Guo ran over to take a look and saw that they were currently fighting. This time, because Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim wasn’t holding them back, they had switched to the normal mode. Vaccaria’s equipment as a God-level character gave him an absolute advantage, but at the same time, Loulan Slash wanted to see just how strong this equipment was.

After Chen Guo entered the room, she just happened to see Little Bei’s Battle Mage fall. She asked the rest of them what the situation was and found out that they had already finished their second round. The Elementalist Ocean Ahead had already lost a match.

It hadn’t been long, but they had already finished fighting two matches. It turned out that against Wang Jiexi, they had lost even more tragically than against Huang Shaotian. After all, not only was their opponent far more skilled than them, but their opponent’s character was much stronger too.

After Little Bei lost, Night Tides and Loulan Slash went up one after the other. Neither of them were able to bring about any opportunities before being killed by Wang Jiexi. Their remaining comrade, a Cleric, naturally wouldn’t fight in a duel. They were all feeling somewhat embarrassed after losing four times in a row. They wanted to fight again, but they felt bad to make a request that would waste the other side’s time.

Correct…… after facing a God’s true might, they felt that fighting against him was just a waste of time.

“Ha ha, they lost so miserably!” Ye Xiu floated by just when Chen Guo was feeling sorry for them. Chen Guo turned her head to look at Ye Xiu, who had already turned his head back to his screen. However, he had clearly seen the situation from Chen Guo’s screen.

“They’re not in the Fixed Field. Their characters are still far from Vaccaria!” Chen Guo had seen their equipment already. It was true that their equipment weren’t bad because they had the money, but they still couldn’t compare to pro player accounts. Pro player accounts not only had the best equipment available in the game, but more importantly, they had self-made equipment suited especially for them, especially for a legendary character like Vaccaria, who had Silver equipment from head to toe. This was not just a result of money. It was a result of the combination of money and cutting edge technology.

“Yeah, I’m sure they know that. I just don’t know if the’ve made any preparations.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean?” Chen Guo asked.

“Did you forget? Loulan Slash had been very optimistic about their strength initially! They had never personally experienced the difference in skill and experience and didn’t know how big of a difference it was. However, the difference in equipment is something that can be directly observed. There’s no way they would have thought that they were skilled enough to make up for the clear difference in equipment, no? From their initial optimism, I think that they’ve made preparations for their equipment. The ones they’re wearing right now might not be the ones they’ll be using in the Pro Alliance.” Ye Xiu said.

“So you’re saying that they’ve already prepared Silver equipment?” Chen Guo said.

“Even if they don’t have any right now, they should have at least had thoughts of making up for the difference in equipment, right? If not, then I’ll really be quite speechless towards these arrogant children.” Ye Xiu said.

The match wasn’t over on that side yet. Wang Jiexi actually went another round with each of them. They didn’t do as badly as before, but the results didn’t change. Without the Fixed Field negating the equipment advantage, it would be difficult for them even if Wang Jiexi wanted to lose.

“What is Wang Jiexi thinking?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

“I thought that was what you were investigating? Why are you asking me?” Ye Xiu asked back.

“I thought you understood these people! You tell me!” Chen Guo demanded.

“He’s probably just testing their strength, that’s all.” Ye Xiu said.

“Testing their strength?”

“They will be Tiny Herb’s opponents in the future. Wang Jiexi never underestimates any of his opponents. He’s looking to figure out Loulan Slash and his group’s skill level.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about now? Can he get a good understanding after two rounds?”

“He’s probably figured out their individual skill by now. As for their ability as a team, I don’t think he’d ask for them to fight him 5v1. He’ll most likely make an excuse like…… yes, let’s have a friendly match in the future or something.” Ye Xiu’s gaze drifted away.

“Ah!” Chen Guo cried out because when she looked back, she discovered that in the public chat, Wang Jiexi was currently discussing with Loulan Slash a time for them to have a friendly match.

“What a god!” Chen Guo looked back at Ye Xiu.

“Yeah, I’m a god, but it’s more like I have good eyes.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean?” Chen Guo stared blankly.

“I saw what they were saying!” Ye Xiu pointed at the screen.

Chen Guo suddenly understood. He had simply looked at what Wang Jiexi was saying. No wonder he hesitated and suddenly shifted his gaze. Chen Guo tried hard not to curse out at him.

In the Arena, Loulan Slash happily agreed to the friendly match. Chen Guo couldn’t help but feel a bit worried though: “Does this count as being duped?”

“Duped? That’s a bit of a stretch. Loulan Slash might be getting probed out by Tiny Herb, but they can also get a taste of the Champion team’s strength. For them, this is a rare opportunity.” Ye Xiu said as he glanced at Chen Guo’s screen. After looking at their chat, he lamented: “Oh, they’ve scheduled it for after playoffs! Tsk tsk, Wang Jiexi ah, Wang Jiexi……”

“What’s wrong?”

“He clearly feels that they’re not any threat to them in the Pro Alliance right now, so he intentionally delayed it. He wants to see if they’ve improved during this time. You could say he’s putting some effort into this.” Ye Xiu said.

“This guy really is……” Chen Guo had seen Vaccaria a lot. But as for the player behind the character, she only occasionally saw Wang Jiexi from reports or interviews. Chen Guo wasn’t his fan either, so she didn’t understand him too well. From Ye Xiu, she was able to get a good understanding of the real Wang Jiexi. She wasn’t sure what to use to describe him.

Chen Guo felt a bit uncomfortable towards him, but she had to admit that he was diligent! He was very very diligent. He was just like Ye Xiu. The effort he put into Glory was something she couldn’t compare with.

After Wang Jiexi discussed matters with Loulan Slash, they left their contact details and then exited the Arena. Once Loulan Slash came out, he sent Ye Xiu a sad face emoji.

“I saw it all.” Ye Xiu replied.


“From Chasing Haze’s computer.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, you two are together!” Loulan Slash said.


“We lost so miserably.” Loulan Slash cried.

“Your skill isn’t as good. Your character isn’t as good. You guys should have been ready for this type of result, no?” Ye Xiu replied.

“We did, but it still doesn’t feel good to lose!” Loulan Slash said.

“You’re going to be a pro player soon. You have to learn how to stand up quickly from defeat and learn from your losses.” Ye Xiu advised.

“That’s the theory, but it’s not that easy to actually put it into practice!” Loulan Slash continued to cry.

“You can do it!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes! Definitely!” Loulan Slash sent a fighting emoji. After being crushed by Ye Xiu last time, he had received quite a bit of stimulation today.

Soon afterwards, the two went on to do their thing and didn’t talk anymore.

The next day, on all of the eSport platforms, from the Internet to print media, all of them had the same headline: Pro Players Surround Lord Grim, Begging for a Match???

The three question marks sparkled on the media outlets. The content talked about the huge crowd of pro players that had swarmed the Heavenly Domain and then entered the same room in the Arena. They weren’t there to compare notes with each other, but rather there for a single person. In recent times, his popularity in Glory has soared through the heavens. Carrying a transforming Silver weapon and using an unspecialized, which had died out many years ago, the mystery man —- Lord Grim!!!

“Pft!” Chen Guo was eating breakfast as she watched the next. She lost herself as she spat out her food in laughter at the description of “the mystery man”.

“Hey!” Ye Xiu protested.

“Sorry, sorry. Cough cough! It really is…… cough…….” Chen Guo choked.

Tang Rou was in a flurry. She handed Ye Xiu some napkins, while patting Chen Guo’s back.

Their reactions were only on a small scale. At the Clubs, as soon as the reports came out, the pro players were given a furious roar. Those who hadn’t woken up from that were directly flipped out from their nests, especially those whose names had been listed clearly in the reports.

“GOD D*MMIT! WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU GUYS DO!!!” The directors and managers from every team might not have spat out their breakfast, but they certainly forgot themselves in a fit of anger.

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