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Chapter 449 – Each With Their Own Thoughts

For a guess at whether or not he could hear or not would decide the match made the crowd somewhat speechless because this was something that would never happen in an official match. Just like Huang Shaotian’s blabbering, in an official match, the rules would be clearly shown.

However, this wasn’t an official match. And against Huang Shaotian, muting voice communication was something that would certainly be supported by the crowd. It was just that Huang Shaotian wasn’t notified of this…….

“Again! Again!!!”

Just when everyone was thinking, Huang Shaotian had already stood back up, shouting for another match.

“F*ck, you’re still going? Go stand in line!”

“Yeah! You should be at the back of the line!!”

“My turn! My turn!!”

A bunch of pro players were eager to give it a try. Many curious pro players couldn’t be satisfied with just watching. Quite a few wanted to personally experience an unspecialized. Soon afterwards, a huge quarrel erupted outside of the ring on who should go up first, but the one thing they all agreed on was that Huang Shaotian had already fought once, so he wasn’t allowed to fight again.

“Roll a dice! Roll a dice! Whoever gets the biggest number wins!” Someone suggested.

“Your mother. There’s over a hundred people. How are we supposed to get them all?” Another objected.

In the beginning, there had only been around fifty people, but later, another group of people arrived. There were even a few strangers mixed in, but no one paid them any heed.

“What do you mean again!!” Lord Grim suddenly typed.

“How could give you guys opportunities to see through me? Ha ha ha ha!”

“Class is over! Bye everyone!”



All sorts of curses were used. If this were an official match, they would all be penalized for saying these types of words. But today, they were only in the in-game Arena, so anything went. Everyone took this chance to vent their anger.

But the God did what he said. He ignored everyone’s shouts and directly left the ring. Some even tried to send a request to fight, but Ye Xiu ignored them all and even left the room. There was nothing they could do. If he said he didn’t want to, then they couldn’t force him to.

Loulan Slash’s group wanted to watch some more too, but if God Ye Qiu had decided to leave, then they naturally couldn’t object. They also wanted to fight with some of the people in the crowd, but now even a blind person could tell why they had all come here. If they went up and asked to fight them, then they would probably receive the same words God Ye Qiu used to reject them.

They were just about to leave, when Loulan Slash suddenly received a friend invite. He opened it and looked. The name on it gave him a huge shock: Vaccaria!

Champion Team Tiny Herb’s captain, Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria.

Loulan Slash immediately accepted and wondered whether he was dreaming or not.

“Hi.” After accepting the friend request, Vaccaria immediately messaged him.

“Hi God.” Loulan Slash replied. If this was before, when he had been a famous money warrior, he wouldn’t have taken pro players very seriously. But ever since he had gotten into contact with Ye Xiu, he had realized that he had been too arrogant. Huang Shaotian’s match with him gave him another unforgettable lesson. Towards God level players, he didn’t dare disrespect them. And the person talking with him was someone who had won two Championship titles in the last three years. His impressive achievements had already won him success and recognition.

Someone like Zhou Zekai might be more popular, but he hadn’t won any prizes yet, so he still lacked in influence.

“Switch rooms and compare notes?” Wang Jiexi replied.

Loulan Slash was overwhelmed by favor from his senior and immediately notified his group. When the rest heard this, they all felt quite excited. After being crushed by Huang Shaotian, they all felt like they had been left ignored in a corner. A God had actually noticed them?

At the same time, Loulan Slash told what had happened to Ye Xiu, asking if Ye Xiu wanted to come too.

“Oh? He’s inviting you guys, so you guys go! I won’t be going.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, we’ll be going then!” Loulan Slash replied to Ye Xiu. He had already given his reply to Wang Jiexi long ago. Wang Jiexi had already created the room. After the reply came, Loulan Slash called his friends to go over.

As for Ye Xiu, he had already left the room and the Arena, so the Arena invites naturally wouldn’t work anymore.

Huang Shaotian refused to give up. He tried adding Lord Grim as a friend, but the other side closed it without even looking at it. Ye Xiu had received too many friend requests when he stepped into the Heavenly Domain and had already closed off the function.

Ye Xiu couldn’t be contacted in-game, so Huang Shaotian could only spam him in QQ. He knew that Ye Xiu was online, so he didn’t spam it in the group chat. He sent him a private message and spammed him repeatedly. He finally received a reply: “I’m going to block you!”

The instant the other side went online on QQ, Huang Shaotian went into a fury. QQ trembled. He barraged Ye Xiu with video chat requests, voice chat requests, and all sorts of pictures to show his unwavering determination, until Ye XIu finally replied: “So noisy. I’m logging off.’

Afterwards, his image went gray. Huang Shaotian didn’t believe him and continued bothering him for another five minutes without any response, until he finally gave up.

He switched back to the group chat, which was bustling with noise. It was late at night, yet no one had gone to sleep. They were all discussing the unspecialized problem. Some had only just learned of it and hastily asked around on information. They all wanted a recording to watch.

Many of them had obviously recorded it. A few enthusiastic players shared it with everyone. Those who hadn’t seen it immediately downloaded it.

As the character who lost in the video, Huang Shaotian was naturally very sad. But even so, he had also recorded it. He opened it up and began slowly studying it.

“What did you think of it?” On QQ, his team captain Yu Wenzhou messaged him.

“Very difficult to deal with.” Huang Shaotian replied, “The Fixed Field covered up some of his problems though.”

“Nothing could be done about that. His level is too low. If you two had played in a normal match, his Dragon Tooth’s Stun wouldn’t even be able to break past your equipment’s Stun resistance.” Yu Wenzhou replied.

“Yeah, but his combos really are complicated. It’s going to take a lot of effort to study them.” Huang Shaotian said.

“When all is said and done, matches are never decided by a single person.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“But I have a premonition that when he returns, he’ll definitely be a huge problem.” Huang Shaotian said.

“He always was…….” Yu Wenzhou said.

“What a pity. It isn’t possible to find another unspecialized like him.” Huang Shaotian was quite bitter because he hadn’t achieved his goal.

“What do you think of those other people?” Yu Wenzhou asked. He was obviously talking about Loulan Slash’s group.

“Their skill is okay, but they’re too green. They’re a quota team level.” Huang Shaotian replied. A quota team level meant that they were around the same level as the last place teams struggling to stay in the Alliance. In the first half of the season, Team Excellent Era had perished into the quota team realm, making many drop their glasses in surprise.

“Don’t come to a conclusion too early. They still have half a year before they enter the Pro Alliance.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Yeah……. If they get Ye Qiu, then it’ll be a huge help to them.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Don’t forget that Thunderclap without Xiao Shiqin is only at a quota team level.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“But Ye Qiu will only be able to enter midway into the season. He can’t come out in the first half.” Huang Shaotian said.

“That’s why this team will only be able to truly show their strength in season ten.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“What level will Ye Qiu be at then…….” Huang Shaotian muttered.

“That’s hard to say Will a year of retirement make his skills turn rusty or will he return greater than before after a hard earned rest?” Yu Wenzhou said.

“Only the demons know what schemes he’s plotting…….” Huang Shaotian cursed.

Club Tyranny.

The fascinating unspecialized character wasn’t able to move Zhang Xinjie’s unshakeable sleep schedule. Huang Shaotian had only just received the second fight, when he fell asleep on time. However, in Tyranny, Han Wenqing and he weren’t the only two watching. At this moment, Han Wenqing was quietly watching the replay and hadn’t looked for any other team’s players to discuss things with. He hadn’t participated in the pro player group chat’s discussion either.
On his screen played the part where Troubling Rain was being comboed by Lord Grim. Han Wenqing paid close attention to the screen, but his expression didn’t seem too focused. But the moment Troubling Rain turned the situation around with a Rising Phoenix Slash, he immediately rewinded the replay back to where Lord Grim had began the combo with a Dragon Tooth to Sky Strike. He switched perspectives and continued to watch.

Han Wenqing watched again and again. Suddenly, the light in his eyes suddenly blazed. After nodding his head slightly, he closed the recording, shut off the computer, got up, closed the lights, and went to bed.

At Club Excellent Era, Sun Xiang was also watching the recording. He didn’t participate in the group discussion either. Just like Han Wenqing, he also watched again and again, but he watched the entire match. From start to finish, he only watched from one perspective, Huang Shaotian’s. As he quietly watched, his mouth seemed to be muttering something…….

All of the pro players who hadn’t slept were doing the same thing: watching the recording. They might be discussing in a group with everyone or they might be discussing with their own team members in private. Every team, every player was trying to find something from this recording.

Ye Xiu didn’t have one. He hadn’t recorded it. After leaving the match and Arena, he went to level as if nothing had happened.

This made Chen Guo very unsatisfied.

Beating Huang Shaotian had made her blood boil. She had been excitedly waiting for Ye Xiu to challenge every one of the pro players in the crowd and defeat them all. Even though that was a bit of a stretch, but the more of a stretch it was, the more exciting, no?

But after beating Huang Shaotian, Ye Xiu just left. Loulan Slash’s group even went to fight Wang Jiexi, but he wouldn’t even go to that.

“Go! Go! Why not go!” Chen Guo said.

“Because I don’t intend on letting these people get a deeper understanding of me.” Ye Xiu said.

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