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Chapter 433 – If I May Be So Bold to Ask a Favor

Striker, Witch.

Everyone watched the four matches with these two characters. The main people discussing were still Liu Hao and He Ming. Wang Ze said a few things too, whenever it was a Sharpshooter match. As for the two Sweepers, they would only be asked for whenever the pros had any on site questions. Apart from that, there was nothing else for them to do.

From these two characters, everyone was able to see their individual styles and could tell that the two were very skilled experts. However, they encountered a similar problem as the Assassin when they wanted to know exactly how good they were: the difference in skill between the two sides was too uneven, so it was hard to measure. They didn’t know if this type of one-sided victory was something the other side could do 80% of the time or only 50% of the time.

This was actually true for the Launcher as well. Even though the Launcher had displayed a clear strategy and style, his opponent wasn’t able to resist, so it was still difficult to precisely determine exactly how good this Launcher was.

As a result, the pros knew that Ye Qiu had four other experts, but their true skill was a still a mystery. These four experts were very strong. Chen Yehui’s people wouldn’t be able to feel them out. However, Liu Hao and the other pros had no way of running over to the Internet Cafe themselves.

Chen Yehui even had to make things worse by saying: “These classes aren’t the classes of Ye Qiu’s dungeon team in the tenth server. In the tenth server, he has a fixed team. Among them is a Launcher, which is probably Su Mucheng. But apart from her, there’s a Battle Mage, a Brawler, a Blade Master, and a Ghostblade. All of them are very skilled.”

Liu Hao’s expression suddenly turned ugly. If that was the case, then not including Ye Qiu’s Lord Grim, he had already netted eight experts? He had only left Excellent Era for two months. How did he do all this by himself?

Liu Hao and the other two pros were already quite worried, but with Chen Yehui and his two men next to them, they couldn’t show it.

“Should we try contact them in game?” He Ming suggested. In order to test for their skill, they needed pro level players to come out. However, pro players couldn’t run to an Internet Cafe to Sweep the Field, so they could only do it online.

“The thing I’m worried about is that Chasing Haze is the same as these guys. We can look for these characters by their names, but even if we meet them, the one playing might not be the expert. Ye Qiu is too cunning. He’s surely taken precautions against the Club digging these experts out, so he’s intentionally hiding them. We know of their existence, but we have no way of finding them.” Liu Hao grinded his teeth.

Chen Yehui listened. His heart thumped and he turned his head to say to his two people: “You two. For now, go frequent Happy Internet Cafe! Try and look for these experts. You shouldn’t need me to tell you how exactly you should do this, right?”

“Understood.” The two nodded their heads.

“Okay. Try to get more information. Find more recordings to get back to us. That way, we’ll be able to know their skill.” Liu Hao accepted Chen Yehui’s plan.

“We can try contact them in-game too! After all, the things you talked about are only a possibility and not a fact.” He Ming said.

Liu Hao nodded his head and then told Chen Yehui: “Find out where these characters are and then we’ll personally meet up with them.”

“OKay.” Chen Yehui nodded his head.

Soon afterwards, Chen Yehui left with his two men. The remaining Liu Hao and the two pros looked at each other and then exposed their true feelings.

Dismay! They were in absolute dismay!

Ye Xiu only had one helper and that was enough to scare the three of them from making any hasty movements, let alone another four. They might not know exactly how skilled these four were, but the two weren’t weak to dominate those two Sweepers. The pro players already had some idea of their level though. If these four helpers were under the lead of a God like Ye Qiu, the three of them definitely wouldn’t win.

“I remember that when we met them…… it wasn’t just the two of them. There was also a Battle Mage with them.” Wang Ze recalled. As a result, the three immediately thought of the experts in the tenth server that Chen Yehui had talked about. There was a Battle Mage among them.

“A Battle Mage trained by Ye Qiu…… would definitely be terrifying……” He Ming muttered.

The three had never been concerned with characters. This was because Glory characters weren’t bound to anyone. Anyone could use the character as long as they had the card. This was why Chasing Haze was such a mystery. She had displayed different skill levels several times, making it so no one had any idea who was behind the character.

They didn’t care who the real owners of these cards were. They wanted to know who the player that displayed such skill was.

For a moment, the room was silent. Liu Hao stared at his computer screen. Who knew what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, in Happy Internet Cafe, after the Sweeping the Field, the customers in the Internet Cafe had returned to playing their own game. The previous commotion had quickly turned into the past. As for those four experts, two of them had already left They were now with Chen Guo and Ye Xiu in a room. Apart from them, there were two other people. The owners of two of the four characters.

“Sorry for troubling you!” Chen Guo poured water for the four of them.

“It’s nothing. Thank you boss.” The four didn’t object. The four of them were quite close with Chen Guo, which was why Chen Guo had asked them for help. Even though they were a bit puzzled, they happily agreed. Afterwards, they couldn’t help be curious and wanted to know what Chen Guo had been up to.

“There’s one more thing I want to trouble you four with.” Chen Guo said with difficulty.

“What is it? Tell us.” The four were quite happy.

“Can you sell me your accounts?” Chen Guo said.

“What?” The four stared dumbly.

“What are you trying to do ?” The four hadn’t gotten their previous questions answered yet and now another thing had come up. The four weren’t willing to sell their accounts. They were all old players. Their characters had been bitterly trained up. They weren’t in need of money either. Why would they sell their accounts?

“Or maybe switch……. I’ll trade the accounts for accounts with the exact same character. Your original equipment, money, materials, quest progress, Arena record, I’ll do my best to match them. I’ll guarantee that besides the character’s name, everything else will be basically the same as before.” Chen Guo said.

“All of those might be the same, but what about our friend? Our guild?” One person said.

“This……. I’ll have to trouble you with figuring that out yourself, but everything I can do, I’ll do well.” Chen Guo said.

The four looked at each other. They couldn’t understand Chen Guo’s intent.” One person shook his head: “Boss Chen, we’ve all been playing at your Internet Cafe for a long time. Our relationship isn’t bad either. We can be considered friends. For a small matter like that, we can help you out, no problem. We didn’t really mind that you didn’t give us an explanation. But now, your offer is really odd. If you don’t tell us the reason for doing all this, we can’t feel comfortable agreeing.”

“That’s right!” Another person nodded his head.

Chen Guo knew that it wouldn’t go smoothly. She turned her head and gave Ye Xiu a death glare.

These four were frequent customers. Ye Xiu had come two months ago, so they recognized him. Right now, he was sitting right next to Chen Guo and looked as if he was the boss. They had been puzzled about this when they first arrived in the room. When a critical point in their discussion had appeared, Chen Guo had unexpectedly looked towards him. The four were filled with doubts. They were currently wondering whether this guy had somehow seduced boss Chen and had now become the owner of Happy Internet Cafe.

But when he spoke, his words made them completely shocked.

“To tell you guys the truth, I’m Ye Qiu.” That person said.

“What?” The four were doubting whether they had heard correctly.

“Ye Qiu! Did you not hear him?” Chen Guo said.

“Which Ye Qiu?” The four were clearly in disbelief.

If this was in a normal situation, Chen Guo would definitely be enjoying this scene, but today, they were discussing serious matters, so Chen Guo didn’t laugh out loud. She just stayed silent, letting the four know they hadn’t heard wrong.

“God Ye Qiu, how could you be here…..” One person said.

“After I retired, I came here to find work.” Ye Xiu told the truth, but the four facing him were all showing an expression that they didn’t believe him.

“I’m planning on using this year of rest to create a team.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah! So the rumors were true!” One person said excitedly.

Another person blurted out: “Did you see our characters and want to buy them to use in the Pro Alliance?”

“You’re thinking too much, brother…….” Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This person had realized this and his face went red.

“Are you really Ye Qiu?” One person was still doubtful.

“He really is. How could I lie to you guys!” Chen Guo said.

“The problem is, you’ve never seen the real Ye Qiu. Maybe he’s tricked you, too.” that person said.

“Then how can I prove I’m him?” Ye Xiu asked.

The four scratched their heads. Ye Qiu had never shown himself to the public, so they didn’t know how they could prove he was Ye Qiu.

“Show a Dragon Raising Its Head?” One person suggested.

“What if he just flukes it?”

“I’d like to see you fluke it.”

“I’m not afraid of ten thousand, I’m only scared of one.”

The four began to argue with each other.

“How about I find someone you guys recognize to do a video chat and have them verify that I’m Ye Qiu?” Ye Xiu said.

“People we recognize? Like who?” The four were puzzled.

“Pro players, of course. Anyone I’ve added on QQ should be fine.” Ye Xiu said.

“Wang Jiexi!!!”

“Li Xun!!!”

“Xu Huiliu!!!”

“Su Mucheng!!!”

Their classes were different, so their idols were different. At this moment, their answers were all different.

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