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Chapter 434 – Disappearing Characters

The majority of players in Happy Internet Cafe supported Excellent Era and they really did like Excellent Era players. However, many of the classes that players used weren’t among Team Excellent Era.

A team usually had around 11 or so players. Glory had a total of 24 classes, so a team couldn’t have all the classes. In addition, even if they did, just because the fans supported the team didn’t necessarily mean their favorite players had to be from there.

For example, Team Excellent Era didn’t have any Witches, Strikers, or Assassins. As a result, the Witches liked the great Wang Jiexi, while Strikers liked the famous Han Wenqing. However, because of the rivalry between Excellent Era and Tyranny, Excellent Era fans generally didn’t like Tyranny, so fans who played Strikers wouldn’t like Han Wenqing, but rather Xu Huiliu, a very outstanding player in Team Royal Style.

From this, it could be seen that All Star players were certainly popular, but it didn’t necessarily mean that everyone liked them. First string and second string players also had their own loyal fanbases. For example, the Assassin player’s favorite pro wasn’t the All Star, Yang Cong, but rather Team Void’s Li Xuan. And as it turned out, among the four Excellent Era supporters, only the Launcher liked an Excellent Era player the most: Su Mucheng.

“Okay okay. So these four. Come come come.” Ye Xiu said as he got up. Everyone got up and went over to Room 213. The Internet Cafe computers were fit with all sorts of accessories. As Ye Xiu logged into his QQ, he said: “Let me see who’s one!”

Since things had gotten to this step, the four looked at each other and were already quite convinced that the person in front of them was Ye Qiu.

“No one is on!” But when Ye Xiu said this, the four immediately began to doubt him again.

“Let me see if they’re invisible.” As a result, Ye Xiu clicked on four names from his friends list and sent them each a message.

None of the four replied. The four players behind Ye Xiu didn’t say anything. They had already decided that if there was no video proof, then they wouldn’t believe him. Who knew if this guy had just found four ghost accounts to put up an act!

“Lend me your phone.” Ye Xiu asked Chen Guo.

“You’re going to call Mu Mu?” Chen Guo asked.


The call went through. Ye Xiu said a few words on the phone. The four once again began looking at each other, becoming convinced again.

Suddenly, one of the four chat windows on QQ replied and directly sent a video call request. Ye Xiu accepted and then moved away to let everyone see. The face on there was clearly Su Mucheng’s. She waved her hands and smiled at them.

Seeing that no one was replying, Su Mucheng typed: “Hi everyone. I’m Su Mucheng. The person you’re looking at is Ye Qiu!”

“Ah…..” The four were completely convinced now. That Su Mucheng fan was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. Eyeing the headphones on the desk, he was hesitant on whether he should go and grab it or not. But during this moment of hesitation, Chen Guo grabbed it and put it on: “Hey, Mu Mu.” Chen Guo also waved her hands.

Afterwards, the two began chatting. The first three sentences were about their current situation. After five sentences, they began going off topic and after ten sentences, none of the five brothers knew what they were chatting about.

“Everyone……” Ye Xiu could only ignore Chen Guo and looked towards the other four.

The four had only just regained their composure. They were completely convinced. Their expressions of doubt had changed into expressions of excitement and shock towards Ye Xiu. After a moment of silence, one of them finally spoke: “God…… signature?”

“No problem.”

“Let’s leave for now to talk?” Ye Xiu suggested.

“Okay okay okay.” The four nodded their heads. As they left, that Su Mucheng fan looked at the smiling Chen Guo with a face full of envy.

“Hm? What! Done? Wait for me!” Chen Guo immediately called out, when she saw they were leaving. She said bye to Su Mucheng and then stopped the video call.

They returned to the living room. After verifying Ye Xiu’s identity, their attitudes were completely different. They had no idea what to do with their hands and feet. Their favorite players might not be from Excellent Era, but their favorite team was absolutely Excellent Era. It was easy to see just how much they respected Ye Qiu. When they arrived at the living room, at first, they were cautious, but they soon began to open up. All sorts of crazy questions began being asked.

“Everyone, everyone, let’s first talk about the previous matter.” Ye Xiu switched topics.

“There’s no need to talk about that. If it’s to help God Ye Qiu, I have no problem with it.” One of them vouched.

Afterwards, another one nodded his head.

The remaining two were still conflicted. Discarding an account they had put in so much time and effort into wasn’t so easy. It was true that Chen Guo promised she would do everything she could to keep their equipment, items, quests, and even records as close as possible to the original. Their friends list and guilds were a bit troublesome, but they could be dealt with. However, something like a name, which didn’t have any influence on anything in the game, was what was stopping them from agreeing. A different name made it feel like the character was completely different.

Because Ye Xiu and Chen Guo understood this, which was why they didn’t say that it was all the same. They could only quietly wait for their decisions. After a long moment of silence, seeing that the two were still conflicted, Ye Xiu also sighed. He told them all of the difficulties he had come across.

The four listened in shock.

No matter what, a team trying to suppress their former God and captain into the grave was something they couldn’t accept. Their image of Excellent Era crumbled and the four were no longer fans anymore. At this moment, the four hoped that the God would successfully form a team, return to the Pro Alliance, and give Excellent Era a good beating.

“Take it!” The two conflicted players directly put their account cards onto the table.

“Thank you.”

“God, good luck!!!” The other two also took out their cards and said.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu said.

“We’ll definitely support your team.”

“Thank you!”

The four happily handed over their account cards and gave their blessings. Of course, they weren’t going to refuse Chen Guo’s compensation. Chen Guo handled matters cleanly too and immediately went online to search for appropriate cards. The Glory playerbase was massive. Finding four appropriate cards wouldn’t be too difficult. After all, these four characters weren’t anything incredible. However, no matter how easy it would be to find one, there was no way she could be quicker than the four of them handing over their cards.

With the business finished, the four couldn’t help but pay their respects to the God before leaving in satisfaction.

“What do we do with these four accounts?” Chen Guo finally found the opportunity to ask Ye Xiu.

“The best thing to do is not use them.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Chen Guo nodded her head. Ye Xiu had already explained to her his thinking. Actually, a big portion of the reason why they asked for these four accounts was to save these four normal players from encountering any trouble. There was no doubt Excellent Era’s people would find these four characters to test their strength. If these four characters were still with those four characters, they would be constantly dying and there was no way they would be able to continue playing the game.

Even though none of this would let Excellent Era reach their goal, the four players would undoubtedly be four pitiful sacrifices. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo felt too bad doing such a thing to them, so they thought of finding a way to acquire these four accounts. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo only had limited resources, so their deal was quite good already.

That night, Ye Xiu continued to power level like usual, while Chen Guo accompanied him. On Excellent Era, they didn’t dare casually provoke them. Excellent Dynasty’s group of players were constantly keeping an eye out for these four characters.





All four characters were offline and never went online.

It was an easy task to do, but the people doing them would get annoyed eventually. For Liu Hao and Chen Yehui, they were even more annoyed, waiting for the news. They wanted to know what the skill levels of these experts were.

“How strange! None of these four characters have gone online. What’s going on?” Chen Yehui had waited for the entire night. He didn’t do anything. All he saw was the night getting later and later. He reckoned that Liu Hao was going to sleep soon, so he discussed this issue with Liu Hao on QQ.

“Be patient. There’s still time.” Liu Hao seemed quite calm. The last few times he lost his temper, the results had been quite tragic.

“Do you think…… that Ye Qiu might have predicted we’d do this, so he prepared four one-time use characters?” Chen Yehui wasn’t stupid. He had already guessed the truth.

“It’s possible……” Liu Hao might hate Ye Xiu, but he didn’t dare underestimate him.

“If that’s the case, meeting up with the real players might not go smoothly either.” Chen Yehui said.

“We’ll see when they go take a look around tomorrow!” Liu Hao said.

The night went by. On Excellent Dynasty, there were always keeping an eye for these four characters, but the results never changed.

The next day, the two Sweepers went to Happy Internet Cafe.

“Hm? If it isn’t the two experts?” When the two walked in, Chen Guo immediately recognized them. Internet Cafe customers went in waves. The ones from yesterday might not be here today, so not many recognized the two.

“Boss, you must be joking. Here, we don’t dare call ourselves experts.” The two hastily said.

“Ha ha.” Chen Guo only laughed and didn’t say too much, “Are you going online?”

“Of course.” The two said.

Chen Guo gave a shout and the front desk opened up two computers for them. The two immediately went up: “The brother experts?”

“No.” Chen Guo denied.

“When will they be here?” The two asked after being a bit startled.

Chen Guo saidwith a face full of astonishment: “How would I know! They’re all customers. How could I know who comes at what time?”

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