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Chapter 416 – Against the Great Hero

As the team that kicked out Ye Xiu, Excellent Era felt uneasy. At the first Club meeting of the year, this issue was presented at the table for discussion.

This was a Club meeting, so the participants were the heads of the different departments. For the team, both the captain and vice captain, Sun Xiang and Liu Hao, were present. For the guild, Chen Yehui was present. Apart from them, there were the heads of the research department, the logistics department, the scouting department, the public relations department…… as one of the powerhouses in Glory eSports history, Excellent Era had a well developed and organized infrastructure.

This wasn’t the only issue that would be discussed at the meeting. The new years had just passed, so they started off with good news of their business. It was only until the end of the meeting did they begin talking about Lord Grim, who had swept the Glory community in a storm these past few days.

Chen Yehui glanced uneasily at Liu Hao. Liu Hao had excellent acting skills and looked as if this was news to him.

Chen Yehui couldn’t pretend he didn’t know. These were in-game matters and the relationship between Ye Qiu and Excellent Era couldn’t be erased. If he hadn’t noticed this, he would probably lose his job. Luckily, he had given several believable reports to the director about in-game matters and Lord Grim before. Chen Yehui was only worried that the Club would officially order him to suppress Ye Qiu. He truly didn’t have any confidence he could accomplish such a task.

As a result, in the meeting, when the director asked him to explain the Lord Grim and tenth server situation, he stressed how difficult it was to resist Ye Qiu in the game. Whether it was Blue Brook Guild, Tyrannical Ambition, or Herb Garden, all of them had been toyed with by Ye Qiu. As for Excellent Dynasty, under his wise lead, the guild maintained a good distance away from him from the very start, so they hadn’t suffered too many losses.

However…… because of his disturbance, all of the top guilds were having trouble developing in the tenth server. Excellent Dynasty was no exception.

The director wrinkled his brows at Chen Yehui’s conclusion. Their research in the tenth server was an important step in Excellent Era’s plan to rise back to the top, but they had encountered a large obstacle. This obstacle was something they had created too. If they hadn’t kicked Ye Qiu out of the team, Ye Qiu wouldn’t have ran to the game. If Ye Qiu hadn’t run to the game, with Excellent Dynasty’s huge investment into the tenth server, they would have easily gained the upperhand over the other guilds in the tenth server.

“Hmph, no matter how you look at it, he’s still a pro God. Running to the game and making a name for himself is too shameful as a pro.” After hearing Chen Yehui’s description of Ye Qiu’s might in the tenth server, Sun Xiang gave a very rude remark.

“That’s true, but for our guild, such an opponent is truly formidable.” Chen Yehui obviously didn’t mind puffing up Ye Qiu’s strength. It would be good for him if Sun Xiang rushed into the game in anger and dueled Ye Qiu. Even though he knew that the Club probably wouldn’t permit it, with his rash, young behavior, he might just do it in private, similar to what Liu Hao did.

Speaking of Liu Hao, after the previous discussion, he didn’t make any more movements. Liu Hao said that he would help him deal with Ye Qiu, but made no such moves. Chen Yehui wasn’t happy when he thought of this.

“What’s the current situation for the guild?” The director asked.

“It’s pretty much the same as the other guilds. Because of Ye Qiu’s strength, he’s practically monopolized the dungeon records. To the players in the tenth server, Lord Grim and the guild he created is the number one in the server. We….. sigh…..” Chen Guo let out a sigh, “The situation’s a bit complicated. For now, we’ve moved our troops and resources to the Heavenly Domain. In the tenth server, we’ll maintain our characters’ levels and wait to see if there’s any turn for the better!”

“Ye Qiu’s character is unspecialized? And he had a Silver weapon? Is that correct?” The director asked.

“That’s correct.”

“Is there any information on the Silver weapon?” The director’s gaze shifted to the head of Excellent Era’s research department, Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s expression was quite serious. After thinking carefully for a good while, he began: “It’s quite obvious what this Silver weapon is. It was specially created for an unspecialized player. The design for the different weapon forms is extremely elaborate. The weapon completely solves the issue with an unspecialized needing to constantly switch weapons. Just from this, it’s clear that this weapon is the work of a genius. We’ve studied it for several days, but we haven’t figured anything substantial out yet. This Silver weapon is something that has never been done before, so there’s no way for us to extrapolate what its stats are.

In terms of Glory, Qin Yu was an extremely experienced player. It wasn’t possible for someone without a good understanding of the game nor plenty of experience to become a part of the research department. The responsibility of the research department was studying equipment and to upgrade equipment. But for an unspecialized…… this was a play style that had already faded away before the creation of the Pro Alliance, so the research department didn’t have much information on unspecialized players. As a result, Qin Yu really couldn’t make too much of an evaluation towards this Silver weapon. He could only admit that their department had no idea where to start with this weapon.

“Where did Ye Qiu get such a Silver weapon? Has he ever talked about this with you?” The director asked.

“This…… I don’t think so…….” Qin Yu wasn’t too sure. Ye Qiu was Excellent Era’s captain for seven years and had communicated with the research department many times. For One Autumn Leaf’s Silver weapon, Evil Annihilation, it could be said that without them, it wouldn’t have evolved to such a level. Amongst the countless times they had talked, Qin Yu really couldn’t remember them ever talking about this.

“Then can you be certain that none of the other Clubs made this?” The director asked.

“I’m certain of that.” Qin Yu nodded his head.

There were quite a few people at the meeting. Right now, the majority of them were silent. In reality, many of them didn’t really know about the inside information on Ye Qiu’s retirement. They had no say in the team’s personnel. But as a branch of the Club, they had heard quite a few rumors about Ye Qiu and the Club. The director’s attitude towards the issue of Ye Qiu was clearly a type of vigilant attitude. From this, they were able to get a general feel for the situation. In any case, they wouldn’t say too much. How to deal with Ye Qiu wasn’t really their departments’ matters.

“Keep an eye on Ye Qiu’s movements.” The director turned his head to warn Chen Yehui.

“I understand.”

“The other guilds probably know of his identity too, right?” The director asked.

“Yes.” Chen Yehui nodded his head.

“What are their stances?”

“Retreat……” Chen Yehui smiled bitterly.

“Even Tyrannical Ambition?” The director asked.

Chen Yehui nodded his head.

“Is he really going to rise up so smoothly just like this?” The director looked as if he couldn’t sit still, but quickly realized his current stance. No matter how it was said, Ye Qiu was one of Excellent Era’s great heroes. His current attitude wasn’t suitable to be displayed in front of everyone. At the very least, his expression was making the others tremble in fear.

After regaining his composure, he slowly said: “The rumors are saying that Ye Qiu is planning on creating his own team. If that’s the case, even though he’s certainly a person that will go down in the history of our team, he’ll also become our opponent. We hope that he’ll succeed, but as an opponent, we know better than anyone else how terrifying he is. We have to make proper preparations for him.”

He was clearly trying to save the situation from before. After saying this, the director concluded the meeting. Then, he quietly had the team and guild members stay. These were the people who were going to be at the front lines for dealing with Ye Qiu.

In the game, Lord Grim wasn’t hacking. This was something the officials had confirmed. The players couldn’t understand why such a skilled player wouldn’t be fought for by the Clubs and could only guess why. After several days of fighting in the Arena, Ye Xiu had finally completed all the Arena portion of the Heavenly Domain challenge.

Even though there were a lot of requirements such as how many wins, how many wins in a row, winning in a short amount of time, winning with lots of health left…….

Apart from the number of wins needed, the other requirements were just like the other tests.

For example, for winning several matches in a row, once it was completed, it would change from five wins in a row, to ten wins in a row, and so on.

For health, the first test required a win at 50% health left. After this was done, it would become 60%, then 70%, all the way until winning with no health lost.

Relatively speaking, the health part of the test was easy. After all, it could be accomplished through luck after many tries. Most players were stuck on the winning several matches in a row part. Once a match was lost, all previous progress would be reset. Countless players stamped their feet in frustration at this part. Later, this part became a type of business. Quite a few players relied on intentionally losing to players in order to gain a profit from helping others complete the challenge.

Because of this type of cheating, the rules were constantly being revised. But players would always find some sort of loophole around it. The two sides fought over this ever since the beginning and it was still going on.

As for Ye Xiu, this wasn’t a problem. How many times he won was how many times in a row he won. It didn’t matter if the test required five wins in a row or twenty wins in a row. He would finish it on his first try.

Health, time, etc. Ye Xiu finished each test on his first try. Due to the many spectators watching, Lord Grim had become known as the most efficient player to complete the Arena part of the Heavenly Challenge.

The Heavenly Challenge was what the players called the Heavenly Domain Challenge. They were only sad that they couldn’t record or watch the quest chain part of the challenge. All of Lord Grim’s fighting in the Arena had been completely recorded by the players though.

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