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Chapter 417 – The Level 50 Conflict


Not just Ye Xiu, all of the players who were paying attention to Lord Grim knew that he had already finished the Arena portion of the Heavenly Challenge. It wasn’t that the players accurately counted every one of his wins, but rather, the number of wins a character had in the Arena could be easily searched by looking at the character’s info.

After so many days of watching Lord Grim, besides the Silver weapon, they knew of all his equipment from head to toe. The number of wins that Lord Grim had in the Arena could be seen on his character info page.

However, there was no way for them to know how much of the quest chain he had completed. But the players in the Heavenly Domain had already made their preparations. They were ready at any moment to pounce on Lord Grim, the first Level 50 character to reach the Heavenly Domain.

It was true that the quest chain was difficult, but after seeing Lord Grim’s performance in the Arena, the players were certain that the quest chain wasn’t a problem for him. It was only a matter of time.

The players weren’t wrong. It really was just a matter of time. The time it would be quite long though. Chen Guo personally watched as Ye Xiu took a whole three hours to defeat a BOSS.

There was nothing that could be done about it. This BOSS had a passive that let him recover health automatically. Lord Grim’s damage output was very weak because of his level and equipment. With this automatic healing reducing the damage even further, he could slowly whittle it down. He couldn’t make mistakes either because a moment of rest would let the BOSS heal up a bit and destroy some of his previous efforts.

During this battle, Chen Guo was able to witness Ye Xiu’s endurance. For this fight, Ye Xiu had Lord Grim carry a huge amount of mana potions. Once the mana pool hit ten percent, he would begin giving Lord Grim mana potions to drink. Some of these mana potions were instant recovery ones, which were used at the appropriate times. Throughout the long three hour battle, Lord Grim was able to keep his mana pool up.

Of course, this also had to do with Ye Xiu’s control over his skills. If not, with an unspecialized character’s arsenal of 120 kills, if he just randomly threw one after the other out, it wouldn’t matter how many potions he brought. Consuming potions had a cooldown too. This amount of time had to be calculated when using skills. If potions didn’t have cooldowns, then there wouldn’t be a need for learning how to endure; just making sure enough potions were prepared would be enough.

This three hour battle was, without a doubt, the most difficult test for Ye Xiu. After he finished this fight, he couldn’t hide his exhaustion. This was because he couldn’t relax at all during the battle. A single minute of slack could require two minutes to make up for it. Ye Xiu was truly like a machine during this and conducted the battle steadily and precisely for three whole hours.

Even Tang Rou, someone who refused to admit defeat, fell silent after watching the battle.

Tang Rou had come back on the ninth day of the Spring Festival and quickly reached Level 50 as well. Moreover, she was also trying the Heavenly Domain Challenge.

Tang Rou was actually quite familiar with the challenge. In the past, she had helped Chen Guo finish the challenge and had once studied it earnestly. For the sections that tested for a player’s mechanics, even though every scenario was random, Tang Rou had a good mechanical foundation. She might not be as precise and quick as Ye Xiu, but passing those sections wasn’t a problem.

In the Arena, Tang Rou also tried challenging it at Level 50, but she was far from being as clean and decisive as Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu knew very well how significant the 20 level suppression was. Tang Rou didn’t have that experience. When she used a Falling Flower Palm, the level suppression made it so that the opponent would barely be knocked back. The opponent would then use a powerful skill as he was being pushed back. It wouldn’t be an instant kill, but it made it very difficult for Tang Rou. She was far from Ye XIu beating his opponents so easily.

However, with Tang Rou’s mechanical skill, she was probably be considered near unbeatable to playing characters at the same level as her. The 20 level suppression had caught her unprepared in the beginning, but after slowly adapting to it, she was gradually doing better and better. The part of the test that required several wins in a row made her want to cough blood though. After all, Tang Rou wasn’t as knowledgeable as Ye Xiu. When she bumped into a strong opponent, she would sometimes capsize and have to start all over again.

Because of Tang Rou’s personality, she refused to duck away and instead continued to challenge it. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo knew of her stubbornness and were too lazy to try and advise her otherwise. But today, after seeing Ye Xiu’s bitter three hour battle, Tang Rou fell silent.

After all, she was no longer a noob like before. She completely understood how difficult the battle was. She knew that the key part of the battle was the ability to endure. This was something she had learned from Ye Xiu before, but there was no way she was good enough to last three hours like Ye Xiu. And if she couldn’t do this, she would run out of mana. Without mana, the damage output from a Level 50’s normal attacks compared to the BOSS’s automatic health recovery would only end in tragedy.

Perhaps she could do it if Ye Xiu was on the side giving her pointers, but this wasn’t what Tang Rou wanted. After staring blankly for a good while, she finally spoke: “That part looks very hard. I probably can’t pass it.”

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

Thus, Tang Rou looked at her Soft Mist and saw that she would be stuck on that part of the quest chain. Giving up halfway was something that made her heart hurt very much, but she clearly knew that the obstacle wasn’t something she could clear. Continuing to try stubbornly would be too unwise.

Should she first go to the dungeon and practice her endurance? Tang Rou thought of the training program Ye Xiu had devised for this. She turned her character around and actually planned on heading to the dungeon.

“Where are you going?” Ye Xiu saw her character move and suddenly asked.

“I’m going to try my endurance capability.” Tang Rou said.

“There’s no need to fix this knot at this moment!” Ye Xiu bitterly laughed, “Just pay attention when you practice and you’ll be fine. Improving is a gradual process. It’s not worth it paying so much effort just for this obstacle!”

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist continued to run in the direction of the dungeon as if she hadn’t heard what Ye Xiu said. But when she was about to arrive, she suddenly nodded her head, “True. The obstacle isn’t that important. I’m going to level, while improving.” After saying this, she checked the potions she had in her inventory and rushed into the Level 50 dungeon.

There were many Level 50 dungeons. This was because Level 50 had been the level cap for three years. Leveling to 50 wasn’t that difficult. How was the company supposed to keep the players interested? By giving players all sorts of things to do at Level 50. It could be said that in Glory, players could only truly experience the joy of the game after reaching the max level.

After this, as the level cap increased, more high leveled dungeons appeared, but the Level 50 range still had many classic dungeons or dangerous scenarios that didn’t need to be closed. Once a player reached Level 50, there were many wild maps and dungeons to choose from. The top guilds would naturally have more places to compete at.

However, there were only a few characters that had reached Level 50.

At Level 50, the dungeons wouldn’t only be 5 player dungeons. There were 10 players ones, 20 player ones, even large-scale 50 player ones.

Because there weren’t enough characters, in order to run 10 player and up dungeons, the top guilds needed to party together. The top guilds currently encountered quite a few complications mostly because of the level gap.

The Level 50 dungeons used to be the highest leveled dungeons, so there weren’t any level ranges. Level 50 dungeons could only be entered at Level 50 and above. But just like with the level ranges, lower leveled players couldn’t enter the dungeon and higher leveled teams couldn’t set records.

Because of this, only having Level 50 as the level range was a bit awkward.

Right now, it wasn’t possible for the guilds to form a 50 player Level 50 dungeon team. By the time they could form such a large team, if the first string elites continued to level, when the other guild members arrived, they would already be past Level 50 and wouldn’t be able to compete for the dungeon record. The first string elites were the elites of the elites of their guilds.

It was quite a problem. Should they continue to level or wait for everyone to reach Level 50 and have a large team to advance together? The top guilds began discussing this. And from Level 50 onwards, the same problem would occur at Level 55, 60, 65. These levels were all once the level cap and would all have one level range restriction dungeons as well. At the same time, 5 player dungeons wouldn’t be cared for too much. Whether it was to show the guild’s strength or for good equipment and materials, the larger the dungeon restriction the better. Seven or eight player elite teams could only strut around small dungeons. What was the point in that? Even worse, they couldn’t even show their strength in small dungeons. Wasn’t there Lord Grim’s team still?

But for large dungeons, they believed that Lord Grim wouldn’t be able to compete with them. Guild Happy had only just been created. Apart from the five player team, everyone else was just a bunch of noobs. How could they compete with the experienced teams of the top guilds?

How should they continue? The top guilds obviously wouldn’t discuss this with each other. They planned on their own. And with Lord Grim’s recent upsurge of fame, it seemed like he was about to reach the Heavenly Domain.

“So he’s coming……” In the Heavenly Domain, the top guilds had been watching Lord Grim attentively long ago. In particular, with how much of an uproar he had created with his Heavenly Domain Challenge, even the Clubs had noticed him. After knowing of his identity, no one would dare look down on him anymore.

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