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Chapter 403 – Happy New Year

After tidying Ye Qiu up appropriately, Ye Xiu left the room and closed the door. He saw Chen Guo standing outside and said to her: “It wouldn’t be too good if we’re all up here and no one’s down there, no?”

“Right!” Chen Guo thought of this problem and immediately headed downstairs.

Ye Xiu went back to the first floor soon after as well and saw Chen Guo quietly sitting at the front desk. There clearly hadn’t been any problems in those short few minutes they had been gone.

The dishes on the dining table had already been cleaned up. It was just that because Ye Qiu had been lying on the table, they weren’t able to pack away the dining table. The barely touched alcohol was also sitting on the table. Ye Xiu picked up the bottles and shook them in front of Chen Guo: “Where do I put the alcohol?”

“Give it here!” Chen Guo extended her hands.

Ye Xiu walked forward and handed them over. Chen Guo followed: “The cups too.”

“Hm? You still want to drink more?” Ye XIu asked.

“It’s not like I have anything else to do! Do you want to try a bit? Let’s see if you’re as weak as your brother.” Chen Guo asked.

“There’s no need to test it out for me to know.” Ye Xiu said, but he still grabbed a bottle and poured out two cups.

“Since we’re celebrating, it’s fine if I drink a little.” Ye Xiu said.

“Mm hm, as long as you don’t drink often, it won’t affect your hands.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu finished pouring out two cups of wine and handed one over to Chen Guo. Chen Guo took it and swirled it around like she was playing with a toy.

“It really is quite nice having a brother.” Chen Guo suddenly lamented, “Even if you often get into arguments with him, it looks like both of you are having fun.”

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu quietly replied. He knew that Chen Guo wasn’t lecturing him in any way. She was probably feeling a bit of sentiment towards her own life. After having been in Happy Internet Cafe for two months, even though Ye Xiu hadn’t personally heard about Chen Guo’s circumstances from her personally, Ye Xiu had good understanding from listening to others. Chen Guo had lived by herself for many years and probably yearned for this type of family love from the bottom of her heart.

Unfortunately, this type of family love couldn’t be replaced. Ye Xiu didn’t know what to say to comfort her, so he just quietly listened. Whenever Chen Guo took a drink, he would also take a sip.

The few customers in the Internet Cafe had finally all left. Today, not a single one wanted to stay overnight. After sending the last customer off, Chen Guo stood outside of Happy Internet Cafe for a good while. She let out a long strand of white air, turned around, went back in, and locked the doors.

“We’ll be closed today.” As she spoke, she turned off the majority of the lights. The only spot with the lights left on were where they usually sat to play on the computers.

Ye Xiu stood up from the front desk. His body swayed a little and looked at the computer over there. He stretched: “It’s been a long day. I’m a bit tired, so I’ll probably go to sleep a bit earlier today.”

As he spoke, he headed towards the stairs.

Chen Guo was surprised. She took a glance at the front desk and saw that there was an empty wine cup, where Ye Xiu had just left from. A sudden realization came to her.

“So he really is bad with alcohol too…..” Chen Guo laughed quietly. Ye Xiu had probably gotten drunk too! It was just that he was a bit better at controlling himself and didn’t get completely drunk like his younger brother.

Tonight, Chen Guo drank the most, yet she was doing the best. It was quite late already. Seeing Ye Xiu leave, Chen Guo closed off all the lights and went upstairs as well.

“Do you want to sleep in my room?” When Chen Guo went up, Ye Xiu had just gotten into the room.

“No need. I’ll just sleep here.” Ye Xiu was clearly doing better than Ye Qiu. He could at least point to the sofa properly.

“No, you should go to my room. I’ll go to Little Tang’s room.” Chen Guo said.

“I’ll leave a bunch of ash on your bed!” Ye Xiu said.

“Just try and leave a bit!” Chen Guo glared.

“That’s why I’ll sleep here.” Ye Xiu said and laid down on the sofa: “If you can lend me something to cover myself though, that’d be great.”

“Hold on.” Chen Guo went into her room, took out something and threw it at Ye Xiu.

“See you tomorrow.” Ye Xiu covered himself and called out to Chen Guo.

“See you tomorrow……” Chen Guo didn’t say anything more and went to her room to sleep. Even though she hadn’t gotten drunk, the alcohol still had some effect. Chen Guo slept well that night. When she woke up, it was already bright outside.

She got up and looked outside. It was bright, sunny, cold winter day.

Chen Guo put on her clothes and opened up the door to look. There was already no one on the sofa. The door the storage room was still closed shut though.

“Did he get up and go play games?” Chen Guo muttered and washed her face, rinsed her mouth. After coming downstairs, she saw that the dining table had been set up. There was some stuff on top. Someone was sitting next to it and sipping some milk.

“Morning!” Seeing Chen Guo, the person immediately waved his hands to greet her.

“Oh? You’re the one that got up……” Chen Guo recognized him as Ye Qiu. The method to distinguish them was very simple. Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu wore different clothing.

“Yes, yes. That guy is still sleeping. I threw him over there. I went out and took a stroll. I bought some stuff back. Do you usually eat this sort of food for breakfast?” Ye Qiu said.

“Oh, we usually buy some food from the little stalls around here. They might not be open because of the holiday today though.” Chen Guo said and walked over. She saw the food and drink on the table. They had clearly been purchased from the supermarket.

“So it’s like that. What are you going to eat? You can choose whatever you’d like!” Ye Qiu said.

“Okay.” Chen Guo nodded her head. Ye Qiu had finished drinking his milk and went to the computer Ye Xiu usually used.

“That guy usually plays games here everyday?” Ye Qiu asked.

“He plays games every day, but it’s not always over there.” Chen Guo said.

“How do you put up with a guy who plays games all day.” Ye QIu shook his head.

“You don’t play Glory?” Chen Guo asked.

“I don’t.” Ye Qiu shook his head.

Is it because you don’t like to play or because he’s playing, so you won’t play?” Chen Guo asked with a laugh.

“I really have no interest in it.” Ye Qiu said as he sat down. Before turning on the computer, he asked Chen Guo for permission: “Can I?”

“I have to turn on the server computer first.” Chen Guo said and went to turn on the server computer, “It’s all good to go now.”

“Mm, thank you.” Ye Qiu replied.

Chen Guo saw Ye Qiu quickly put on his headphones. She really wanted to see what Ye Qiu, who didn’t play games, would do on the computer, when she suddenly heard a knock from outside on the roller shutter. Even though Ye Qiu had gone outside before, when he returned, he closed all the doors like they had been before.

“There are still customers today?” Chen Guo questioned. She opened up the door and pressed on the button to open the roller shutter. With a “whoosh”, the roller shutter rolled up.


Chen Guo heard someone yell excitedly outside of the door. At the same time, there was a “BANG!” and colored paper flew out everywhere all over her face. Someone had used a party popper towards her.

Chen Guo jumped up in fright. But in any case, it had been done in celebration, so she couldn’t get angry. Especially, when Chen Guo saw who it was standing outside. She even felt very humbled.

Outside standing was Su Mucheng.

“Oh no!! I’m so sorry!!!” Su Mucheng saw that the person she had party popped was Chen Guo and felt very embarrassed. Seeing Chen Guo covered in colorful paper from head to toe, she hurried over to help clean it up.

“It’s nothing it’s nothing it’s nothing!!!” Chen Guo was too excited seeing her idol right in front of her. How could she care about all of that?

‘Come in come in come in.” Chen Guo hastily welcomed her.

“I’m so sorry! I thought Ye Xiu was pulling an all nighter, so I thought he would be the one to open the door.” Su Mucheng explained.

“Don’t worry don’t worry.” Chen Guo immediately said. To have her idol apologizing repeatedly in front of her was too humbling. She hated how she couldn’t just throw out her heart to let Su Mucheng know that she really didn’t mind at all.

“You…… can sit anywhere you’d like!” In front of her idol, Chen Guo’s mind was all over the place. She wasn’t sure what she should do. Should she bring some fruit over? Or should she go get some candy? Or should she grab something for her to drink? Should she give her a red envelope???

With her mind in a daze, Chen Guo completely missed Su Mucheng asking her where Ye Xiu was. By the time she turned around and looked, Su Mucheng was already tip toeing her way to behind Ye Qiu and quietly took something out of her pocket. It was another party popper. Seeing Chen Guo look towards her, she put up a finger to her mouth to make a “shh” face.

“Ah, that…….” Chen Guo only had time to say two words, when Su Mucheng cheered with a loud “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and popped the party popper with a “BANG!” at the same time. Colored paper flew out, covering Ye Qiu.

“What the heck!” Ye Qiu shouted in fright and leaped up out of his seat.

Amidst the colorful paper, the two looked at each other.

“Eh? You’re not Ye Xiu. Are you Ye Qiu?” Su Mucheng said.

“Who are you?” Ye Qiu asked.

Chen Guo was astonished. Ye Qiu actually didn’t know who Su Mucheng was and Su Mucheng could instantly recognize that Ye Qiu wasn’t Ye Xiu. It looked like her relationship with Ye Xiu was quite close.

“I’m Su Mucheng.” Su Mucheng said.

“Su Mucheng?’

“You don’t recognize me anymore!” Su Mucheng said. This time, she didn’t hastily make an apology. Instead, she took the already used party popper in her hands and said in an upset voice: “I made a mistake again. I don’t have anymore……”

“None of what?” Ye Qiu asked curiously.

Su Mucheng raised her party popper up.

“If you don’t have any left, you can just buy more!” Ye Qiu said.

“I made these myself.” Su Mucheng said.

“I thought so! I’ve never seen a such a filled party popper before.” Ye Qiu said. She and Chen Guo were covered from head to toe with colorful paper. That wasn’t all either. The colorful paper that had flew out hadn’t all fell down yet. There were still some floating in the air!

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