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Chapter 404 – Ye Qiu Leaves

When Chen Guo came over, she and Ye Qiu were covered in colorful paper. They looked at each other, but didn’t know what to say. Chen Guo felt her heart pained seeing Su Mucheng upset and went up to take a look at the party popper in her hands: “You can’t use it again?”

“No. Once it’s used once, it breaks.” Su Mucheng said.

“Let me see.” Ye Qiu extended his hands out.

Su Mucheng handed it over. Ye Qiu received it and studied it carefully. Soon after, he also let out a sigh: “Yes. It’s broken. It can’t be used.”

“Do you understand?” Chen Guo scrambled over. She wasn’t happy with Ye Qiu giving it a death sentence so quickly.

“Look, over here. This place……” Ye Qiu pointed it out to Chen Guo, “The reason she’s able to shoot out so much colorful paper is because it has a fairly strong explosive power, which is why it breaks after one use. Even if it wasn’t broken, this place can’t be closed up, so it won’t be able to shoot out again.”

Chen Guo clearly wasn’t prepared for Ye Qiu’s logical explanation. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she couldn’t find the crucial spot Ye Qiu was talking about. She looked at the popper again: “Can’t you find a makeshift fix? Like manually popping it?”

Ye Qiu shook his head.

For a moment, Chen Guo didn’t know what to say. Taking the already broken party popper, she didn’t know whether she should hand it back to Su Mucheng or not.

Su Mucheng herself had moved past her regret and took the broken party popper from Chen Guo. She examined it for a few moments and then put it back in her pocket.

“Where’s Ye Xiu?” Su Mucheng asked.

“He’s not up yet.” Chen Guo replied.

“Did he just go to sleep?”

“No, he slept last night. He had drunk a bit of alcohol yesterday.” Chen Guo said.
“Alcohol……” Su Mucheng smiled, “He’s really no good with that.”

“That’s certainly true.” Chen Guo also smiled.

“Really? Really? He got drunk too?” Ye Qiu immediately asked after hearing this.

“Not really. He knew when it was time for him to stop drinking, unlike a certain someone.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Qiu still remembered his heroic attempt last night to pretend like nothing had happened. He coughed embarrassingly and then went back to his computer. At this moment, footsteps could be heard from above and Ye Xiu’s figure quickly appeared at the top of the stairs. Seeing Su Mucheng standing below, he waved his hands: “You’ve come over.”

“Yeah!” Su Mucheng nodded her head with her hands behind her back.

“Did that guy leave yet?” Ye Xiu asked.

Chen Guo moved to the side, letting Ye Xiu see “that guy” she was blocking.

“I’m about to.” Ye Qiu had already turned off the computer and then stood up.

“You’re going back already? Why don’t you stay and eat lunch with us?” Chen Guo said.

“I have to go.” Ye Qiu said helplessly, “If I don’t, I won’t be able to make it in time for dinner. I’m not like this unfilial person.”

“Yes. You can even take my portion of the meal. Go home and be an obedient child!” Ye Xiu said.

“Hmph! My dream hasn’t been achieved yet! Hurry up and come back home.” Ye Qiu said.

Chen Guo had black lines coming down her face. Was this brother still thinking about running away from the family? Had he come here to call Ye Xiu back as the representative for the Ye family or had he wanted to call his brother back so he could run away?

“I’m going now.” Ye Qiu leaving clearly hadn’t been a decision he made on the moment. His overcoat and clothing had been brought down earlier. After tidying his clothes, he politely gave his farewells to the two ladies. He stopped them from sending him off and left by himself. When he got to the entrance, he turned around to wave at Ye Xiu: “I’m leaving, disgraceful brother!”

“When did the event start?” Ye Xiu had already immersed himself into the game.

Seeing the face that was completely the same as his with a never before seen look of concentration, Ye Qiu was originally going to say something, but his lips only moved slightly. In the end, he didn’t say anything and waved a final goodbye to the ladies and left.

“He left.” Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu.

“I know. I heard.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then why didn’t you respond.”

“I did. My heart almost broke.” Ye Xiu said.

“…..” Chen Guo was speechless.

“The event starts in the afternoon! It’s still early. Bring me to where you live and let me take a look.” Su Mucheng said.

“Oh sure.” Ye Xiu got up.

“Ah…..” Chen Guo was startled. It was obvious how close Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng were, yet she had given Ye Xiu such a living space. What if Su Mucheng saw it and wasn’t happy with it? Chen Guo didn’t want to give her idol any discomfort! But at this moment, she couldn’t do anything.

Ye Xiu led Su Mucheng upstairs. Chen Guo was conflicted on whether she should follow them.

When Ye Xiu pulled open the door to the small storage room and presented it to Su Mucheng. Chen Guo had even closed her eyes.

“Ah, not bad. It really fits you.”

Chen Guo heard Su Mucheng say this and from the sounds of it, it didn’t seem like she was mocking him. Chen Guo glanced at Su Mucheng and saw that she wasn’t at all displeased. Right now, she was below the small window and testing her height to see if she could see outside.

“Do you want to climb up?” Ye Xiu commented on her movements.

“What can you see from out the window?” Su Mucheng asked.

“I can’t see anything either!” Ye Xiu said.


“What’s there to see.”

“I’m trying to see if I can see my window.” Su Mucheng said.

“Oh, let me think……” Ye Xiu didn’t do it half-heartedly. From his experience and skill in game, he was quite adept with angles and judging distance. He had lived in Excellent Era for several years too, so he was very familiar with it. Recalling where Su Mucheng’s room was, he nodded his head: “I should be able to see it.”

“Really? Let me see.” Su Mucheng said.

“How are you going to see it.” Ye Xiu was helpless. Su Mucheng clearly wasn’t tall enough.

“Help me up.” Su Mucheng said.

“You’re not talking to me, right? Boss, it’s time for you to show your enthusiasm as a fan!” Ye Xiu said.

Black lines ran down Chen Guo’s face. No matter how crazy of a fan she was, she wasn’t that crazy!

“I’ll go get a stool.” Chen Guo could do this though.

Su Mucheng was finally able to look outside using the stool to stand on.

“I really can see it.” Su Mucheng was satisfied.

“Really? Really? Where? I want to look.” Chen Guo chased after her star and went up.

“Boss, isn’t that too much?” Ye Xiu said.


“You can see it from your window. Why waste your efforts to use this one?” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? Point it out to me.” As a result, the three went to Chen Guo’s room. At the window side, Ye Xiu counted up and down, left to right, telling Chen Guo the position.

“It feels so close.” Su Mucheng said.

“Yeah, yeah!” Chen Guo exclaimed.

“We can even say hi to each other in the morning.” Su Mucheng said.

“Of course!” Chen Guo continued to be excited.

“Let’s try it next time.” Su Mucheng said.

“Okay! Okay!” Chen Guo said.

“Have my phone number, so we can get in touch easier.” Su Mucheng took out her cellphone.

Chen Guo was already going dizzy from happiness. She obviously knew that Ye Xiu had ways to contact Su Mucheng, but she felt too embarrassed to just ask for it. Now that Su Mucheng did it on her own, she obviously wouldn’t refuse it.

“Okay, let’s go down now! There’s no one downstairs.” Ye Xiu reminded.

“I’m a bit tired. Let me go to your place to sleep for a bit!” Su Mucheng said after coming out of Chen Guo’s room.

“Sleepy?” Ye Xiu said in confusion.

“Happy New Year!” Su Mucheng suddenly cheered and her two hands stretched out from behind her back. Ye Xiu immediately retreated back to dodge. Chen Guo was astonished as well. She thought Su Mucheng was prepared, but when she looked again, Su Mucheng was still holding onto the already broken popper and this time, no colorful paper flew out.

“Ha ha, it’s already broken.” Su Mucheng gave the party popper for Ye Xiu to see. Even though it was broken, she still successfully surprised him. There may not have been any colorful paper that shot out, but she was still satisfied with the results.

“Oh?” Ye Xiu took it and looked, “Another one that you made yourself?”


“You were working all night on this, which is why you’re sleepy?”

“I didn’t really sleep much.” Su Mucheng said.

“Then go sleep!” Ye Xiu pushed Su Mucheng over to his storage room.

“Do you want to sleep in my room?” Chen Guo blurted out. She stared blankly shortly after because she realized that she had already said these words three times since yesterday. She had been politely rejected the first two times and this time she had the same premonition.

“No need! It’ll just be a quick nap.” Su Mucheng politely refused and pounced onto Ye Xiu’s bed.

“Call me over when the event starts.” Su Mucheng said.

“You can sleep longer. Give me your account card.” Ye Xiu said.

“You’ll play on two accounts?” Su Mucheng asked.

“No need. Let my boss help you play!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes yes yes! Let me, let me. I play the Launcher too.” Chen Guo said. Ye Xiu’s suggestion had hit two birds with one stone. Su Mucheng could sleep more and Chen Gou could happily play on Su Mucheng’s account.

“You can come down when you’ve got enough sleep.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Su Mucheng nodded her head.

Ye Xiu and Chen Guo left the room and went downstairs. The Internet Cafe was decorated the same as yesterday. The emptiness couldn’t be covered up though. But Chen Guo couldn’t care about this right now. She went down and hung up a “CLOSED” sign on the door. Then, she took Su Mucheng’s “Cleansing Mist” account and ran over to the game impatiently. She was even more energetic than Ye Xiu.

“Guess who I am!” Ye Xiu saw that as soon as Chen Guo went online, she immediately sent a message.

“Guo Guo?” The other side replied. Chen Guo had sent her message to Tang Rou’s Soft Mist. Even though this girl wasn’t in the Internet Cafe, it seemed like she still had Glory in her heart.

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