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Chapter 394 – Cross Swords

“Who are you talking about?” Chen Guo didn’t understand. In eSports, the pro players were all extremely young, so any of them could be considered as a “young person”, even for those “old” pros who were going to retire like Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu was showing off his seniority calling them young people, but Chen Guo really couldn’t tell if he was talking about Gao Yingjie or Yu Feng. She even though that he was talking more about Yu Feng. In Chen Guo’s eyes, Gao Yingjie was too young to even be considered as a “young person”.

“I’m talking about this future of Glory!” Ye Xiu was still acting like he was talking to himself.

“What are you talking about…….” Chen Guo muttered to herself.

“This Yu Feng is playing more and more with substance.” Ye Xiu said again.

“He was never bad!” Chen Guo said. She had some understanding of Yu Feng. He was an All Star level player and was considered as one of the top players in the pro scene. For famous players, even if she wasn’t a fan of them, she would still know some information about them from their popularity and reports.

“He wasn’t in the All Star Weekend last year was he? He improved a lot this year.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, really?” Chen Guo recalled. Last year’s All Star players…… she couldn’t remember them.

“In my opinion, Blue Rain’s environment for growth is the best among all teams.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about Tiny Herb?” Chen Guo couldn’t help but ask. After all, Tiny Herb had raised Gao Yingjie, a talent that was unrivalled in his age group.

“Tiny Herb…… perhaps because of their Champion status, the requirements for their rookies might be too harsh.” Ye Xiu sighed. He thought of Qiao Yifan. Qiao Yifan might not shine as brightly as Gao Yingjie, but he was also an unpolished gem. If he was carved carefully, he could also mature. Tiny Herb must have seen something in him when they took him in. But they didn’t raise him with care. It was truly a pity.

Even though the players list for this match hadn’t been completely revealed, with Qiao Yifan’s performance in the All Star Weekend, Ye Xiu doubted that he would be able to grab a spot in the main roster like Gao Yingjie.

During their discussion, the circumstance in the match had changed. Yu Feng, who was letting his opponent attack, finally found an opportunity to counterattack. His single move turned the tide and he began attacking relentlessly. The sudden suppression made Gao Yingjie panic and he lost his cool. After all, this was only his first official match. Even though the Rookie Challenge at the All Star Weekend had helped him win much confidence, the circumstances right now were different. The pressure and burden of an official match far surpassed a match that was just for show. Any new player would feel stifled in this situation. If everything went well, they might be able to perform well the entire time. But as soon as a bump in the road appeared, they might not be able to perform under the pressure.

Gao Yingjie’s luck wasn’t good either. He had to face an All Star player in his first match. From an experience and character point of view, he was at a disadvantage. Under a dominant performance, the opponent suddenly reversed the situation. It was hard to avoid having his mentality crumble. Whether or not his new found confidence could help him hang on was up to him.

“Tiny Herb isn’t look too good, no?” Chen Guo saw it.

“If he doesn’t take any risks, he won’t be able to bring it back.” Ye Xiu sighed. From what he saw, Gao Yingjie had already missed three opportunities he could have tried. Even though the opportunities weren’t one hundred percent guarantees, they were at least a chance for him break out from the predicament.

Another one!

Ye Xiu silently thought. This time, Gao Yingjie acted. Seizing the moment Yu Feng’s character turned around, he used an extremely low and short distance flying movement to enter Yu Feng’s dead angle. Yu Feng woke up with a start and hastily turned around to attack, but Gao Yingjie was one step faster. Kind Tree swung his broom, sweeping Yu Feng into the air.

It was a risky move and couldn’t really be considered as an opportunity. This was a contest between reaction and hand speed. In this instant, Gao Yingjie displayed his confidence and took back the initiative in one move.

“Not bad.” Ye Xiu praised with a smile. And at this moment, the person who was much more nervous and excited was obviously Tiny Herb’s captain Wang Jiexi. He understood Gao Yingjie better and understood the importance of this tiny detail. If he had failed to seize that opportunity, it would have been a huge blow to Gao Yingjie’s confidence. If he succeeded, it would certainly strengthen his confidence. Even if Gao Yingjie lost later, it wouldn’t matter. At the very least, he would know that he was good enough to have a chance at winning. He would know that he had such skill.

Gao Yingjie’s following performance made Wang Jiexi even more excited. His torrent like offense made him look utterly fearless. Gao Yingjie was clearly doing his utmost to finish the match.

Wang Jiexi obviously wanted to see this type of result. But unfortunately, Gao Yingjie’s opponent showed why he was an All Star. Taking advantage of the fact that a Berserker had higher endurance than a Witch and that his character was superior to Kind Tree, he relied on patiently whittling down Kind Tree in order to defeat Gao Yingjie.

Wang Jiexi was still satisfied with the result because he was certain that Gao Yingjie could also see that he hadn’t lost in skill, but rather because of the difference in character accounts. If Gao Yingjie had used Vaccaria, the result may have been different.

This reasoning wasn’t anything complex. The commentator and honored guest pointed this out while they were talking about the results. After a short break, the second round began. Yu Feng had relied on his character’s superiority to slowly whittle down his opponent, so he had taken significant damage. Not long after the second match started, he was quickly taken down. Blue Rain’s second player fully utilized the small advantage that Yu Feng had been able to set up and defeated his opponent.

The third round! Tiny Herb’s pillar, team captain Wang Jiexi took the stage. With his god level character and skill, he finished off the second Blue Rain opponent without taking much damage. But Blue Rain’s third player to take the stage was also their team’s ace, Huang Shaotian.

This sort of match between God level players was a common occurrence in the Group Arena. The two team’s’ strongest players would be their anchor. This type of arrangement was considered an obvious arrangement. This was also the round everyone was looking forward to.

The commentator and honored guest hyped up the match. The wait for the third round seemed to be longer than any of the previous rounds.


The two sides hadn’t even touched each other yet, when a storm of messages attacks. They were only hurrying forward to get to each other. How could Huang Shaotian be capable of staying silent? It didn’t matter if he was repeating himself as long as they were words. However, trash talk didn’t work on everyone. Wang Jiexi was clearly one of those players who wasn’t affected by trash talk. He ignored Huang Shaotian’s messaging attacks and quietly had his Vaccaria quickly fly to his opponent’s position.

Huang Shaotian, on the other hand, seemed to have gotten addicted to chatting and didn’t hurry to face his opponent. His character had made his way into a side alley. By the time Wang Jiexi found him, it had already been nearly three minutes……

But once this moment came, the messages abruptly stopped and sword light filled the sky!

Wang Jiexi had been on the initiative the entire time, but once the two characters met, Huang Shaotian was the first to move. Moreover, he began with the Blade Master’s most powerful skill: Formless Phantom Blade.

There hadn’t been any set up for this skill. But having no set up was actually a perfect cover up. Wang Jiexi clearly hadn’t expected it. At the start, Huang Shaotian had been hiding like a cat and seemed to be very patiently waiting. But then he suddenly made such a reckless move. This powerful skill truly caught Wang Jiexi completely unprepared.

It hadn’t been easy to find Troubling Rain, so when his Vaccaria found him, he dove straight down, but was then hit by a gale of sword light. Surprised, Wang Jiexi reflexively responded. Vaccaria, which had been diving down, suddenly shot up and turned around in order to try fly away from the danger.

However, Troubling Rain’s sword light abruptly rose and followed after Vaccaria, preventing him from completely escaping. As soon as the sword light touched, Vaccaria was chopped down from the sky and engulfed by the dazzling sword lights. Wang Jiexi had taken a huge blow from Huang Shaotian’s move.

“Hm hm hm, not bad.” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Hey hey hey!” Chen Guo felt a bit unhappy with Ye Xiu’s tone. Even though Ye Xiu was his favorite God, Huang Shaotian and Wang Jiexi weren’t any weaker than him! He was commenting on these same leveled Gods like they were noobs. Chen Guo felt annoyed when she heard it.

“Hey who?” Ye Xiu didn’t feel it at all.

“You you you……” Chen Guo said you a bunch of times, but didn’t know how to express what she wanted to say. In the end, she changed it to: “What do you think?”

“It’s only just started.” As soon as Ye Xiu finished speaking, the Formless Phantom Blade stopped. The final hit had a strong Blow Away effect, knocking Vaccaria into a wall.

Vaccaria was briefly stunned from being knocked into a wall. Troubling Rain was briefly stunned by the ending lag from his powerful skill. Huang Shaotian had already calculated these two stun durations. After his stun wore off, his Troubling Rain used a Triple Slash to quickly close in onto Vaccaria.

If he really was able to reach Vaccaria before the stun was over, then that would be best. But in this type of situation, there was no possibility of it happening. Huang Shaotian had done everything he could, but even so, there was a small gap. Wang Jiexi wasn’t the type of person to let this go. As soon as the stun wore off, Vaccaria rode his broom and rushed straight into the air.

But then he heard the sound of a blade whistling through the air. Huang Shaotian had forcefully cancelled his Triple Slash and used a Rising Dragon Slash mid-animation. Wang Jiexi’s retreat had been predicted by him.

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