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Chapter 393 – Absent Minded

“Do you count that as a personal attack?” Chen Guo wanted to laugh, but she had to warn Ye Xiu seriously, too.

“No way. I’m just saying the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can stay there!” Ye Xiu said as he moved his chair far away. Chen Guo hesitated for a moment. With the way Ye Xiu said it, she felt like he was right and hastily lifted her chair and chased after him.

By the time the two had found their new sitting positions, the individual matches were nearly over. The Blue Rain player beautifully comboed a Tiny Herb player to death, winning the victory for his team.

“Nice!” When Chen Guo sat down, she saw the result and began shouting.

“Which side are you rooting for?” Ye Xiu couldn’t help but ask.

“Doesn’t matter.” Chen Guo.

“Then why are you shouting so much?”

“If they play well, then I cheer for them!” Chen Guo explained calmly. The Internet Cafe was empty. Let alone match days, even normal days never had so few customers at peak hours. In the messy space, they were the only two people looking at the big projection screen.

“If you’re not rooting for anyone, the match is kind of boring to watch.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then which side are you rooting for?” Chen Guo asked.

“Me? I’m a pro, so I look at the match with a studying eye. Look, these guys will be our future opponents.” Ye Xiu pointed to the two pro players who had just finished their match.

Chen Guo’s spirit rose when she heard this, especially when Ye Xiu said “our”. It made Chen Guo feel like she had taken a step into the Glory pro scene.

The second match began. In the entire Happy Internet Cafe, there were still the only two people paying attention to the projection. The others who were watching the competition stayed at their computers, quietly watching Excellent Era’s match.

In truth, how could Chen Guo feel calm, seeing Happy Internet Cafe in such a state? Happy Internet Cafe had always appealed to Excellent Era fans because of its proximity to the Club. Moreover, Chen Guo also happened to be a loyal fan of Excellent Era, so she was able to easily make the business into a gathering place for them. Her actions today had undoubtedly offended many loyal Excellent Era fans and had hurt her own brand. Chen Guo was worried about the road ahead. However, she wasn’t the type of person to swallow her anger. Excellent Era had already turned into an enemy to her and she wasn’t willing to specially serve these Excellent Era fans. Her actions had been impulsive today, but if she had another chance, Chen Guo was sure that she would do the same.

She was worried, but she couldn’t let others see it, so she tried her best to show that she didn’t care. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, truly seemed like he didn’t care at all. Amidst the mess, he watched the match as if nothing had happened.

“Beautiful!” Ye Xiu suddenly shouted, almost scaring Chen Guo off her seat. She was pretending to enjoy the match and didn’t want to show any weaknesses, so she immediately added: “Yeah, yeah. Beautiful.”

Her focus returned to the match. This time, Tiny Herb’s player clearly held the advantage. Chen Guo had no idea why Ye Xiu had shouted “Beautiful!” and she couldn’t ask him either. Controlling her temper, she watched as Tiny Herb’s player dominated his opponent. When the highlight montage was shown, Chen Guo’s question was answered. Tiny Herb’s player had been losing, but was able to punish a mistake to turn the situation around, making even a God like Ye Xiu praise him.

In the third round, Chen Guo felt that it would be too embarrassing to get distracted again. But this time, when she watched, she accidentally glanced at Ye Xiu and discovered that Ye Xiu was the one to get distracted. He wasn’t watching the projection screen. His gaze was on one of the customer’s computer screens.

This customer was watching Excellent Era’s match. Chen Guo glanced at it and noticed that the one fighting on Excellent Era’s side was Su Mucheng…….

The two people sitting right in front of the projection screen both turned their heads and squinted their eyes to see the Excellent Era match, naturally because they cared about whether Su Mucheng won or lost.

In the end, Su Mucheng won the match beautifully. Excellent Era’s opponent, Bright Green, was truly a low-tier team. Their goal was to stay in the Alliance. The players in the team weren’t that good and the their accounts were relatively weak. Even on paper, the difference between them and an All-Star like Su Mucheng was too great. Su Mucheng’s performance was very steady and she won with relative ease.

At that instant, the two spectators immediately turned back after seeing Su Mucheng’s match. Both of them sensed what had happened.

“Cough……” The two people lightly coughed. Just as one of them was about to say something, one of the Internet Cafe employees was deceived by boss Chen Guo’s act and felt like the boss was abnormally calm today. The Internet Cafe had almost been ripped apart, but she didn’t seem angry at all. As a result, the employee bravely went forward and reported their clean up progress.

“Got it. You can throw them away if they’re broken. I’ll have someone replace them tomorrow.” Chen Guo calmly said after hearing how many items had been broken and continued to pretend as if nothing had happened.

“Without discarding the old, there would be no coming of the new.” Ye Xiu recited.

“Are you trying to console me?” Chen Guo asked.

“No, I’m just saying a fact.” Ye Xiu said.

At this moment, the individual competition between Tiny Herb and Blue Rain ended. Tiny Herb won two matches, gaining two points. Blue River won one match, gaining one point. Chen Guo had been too preoccupied with her thoughts to pay attention to the three matches and didn’t have any impression of them in her head.

After a short break, the Group Arena competition began. The commentator and honored guest began to get excited. They took out the players list for the competition and saw an extra name on Team Tiny Herb’s side: Gao Yingjie.

“If I remember correctly, before the All-Star Weekend, Gao Yingjie has never gone up on stage in an official match, right?” the commentator asked.

“Correct. Though I’m sure everyone still remembers Gao Yingjie’s brilliant performance at the All-Star Rookie Challenge. It seems like his performance has finally won him a place for himself on Team Tiny Herb.” The honored guest took the chance to start up a discussion.

“We just don’t know whether or not Gao Yingjie will appear in the final team competition. We don’t have the players list for the team competition yet.” the commentator said.

“If he can show the type of performance that he did during the All-Star Weekend, I feel like he’ll definitely be able to grab a spot on the main roster in the team competition.”

“Tiny Herb has raised an amazing rookie!”

“They really have. There’s no one in the Alliance at his age that can fight evenly with a top-tier God like Wang Jiexi.”

“And he even won.”

“A single victory isn’t enough to say whether Gao Yingjie is better than Wang Jiexi.”

“But for someone to have such skill at his age, has there ever been a player like this in the Alliance?”

“Uh……” The honored guest clearly hadn’t done his homework in this area. He couldn’t fill in this hole and could only evade the question embarrassingly. Luckily, the match had started and the commentator quickly switched topics and began to commentate the match.

“Gao Yingjie. Is this kid really that good?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

“He’s quite amazing.” Ye Xiu said.

“If he fights with you?” Chen Guo asked.

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed, but didn’t say anything.

“Tell me!” Chen Guo chased.

“I have to see him in actual combat. It’s hard to say.” Ye Xiu said.

“So you’re saying even you aren’t completely confident?” Chen Guo asked.

“In the pro scene, there’s no one who is absolutely confident.” Ye Xiu said.


“I usually say I’m 90% sure. I have to give myself some leeway!” Ye Xiu added.

“……” Chen Guo had no words to say.

When the match started, it showed that Gao Yingjie really had gained confidence from his match in the All-Star Weekend. In this match, he performed outstandingly. However, Gao Yingjie’s amazing performance didn’t win any big advantage because his opponent wasn’t weak either.

Team Blue Rain’s Yu Feng was an All-Star level player. Gao Yingjie was still too green compared to him. In addition, the two sides had an absolute disparity on paper: their characters.

Yu Feng’s Berserker, Brilliant Edge, might not be a god-level account, but it wasn’t far. In comparison, Gao Yingjie’s Witch, Kind Tree, was very far below being a god-tier character.

Gao Yingjie was being raised by Tiny Herb as the one to inherit Vaccaria. Vaccaria would be his character in the future. Team Tiny Herb didn’t have any double Witch strategies, so the Club didn’t spend much effort on Gao Yingjie’s Kind Tree. It could be said that they had made the account in passing while raising Gao Yingjie. This type of character couldn’t compare to an All-Star’s account.

It was true that Gao Yingjie’s brilliant performance in the All-Star Weekend had won him confidence, but it had also made every team be cautious towards him. No one would underestimate him because he was an inexperienced rookie. Yu Feng had this attitude. It could be said that the reason why Gao Yingjie looked more dominant was because of his outstanding performance. However, it would be better to say that it was because Yu Feng was letting him attack in order to get a better feel for him.

After all, as a rookie that had never been in an official match, the teams only had very limited intelligence on him.

At the All-Star Weekend, they were able to see his skill. But what was his style like? What habits did he have? What type of skills did he like to use? These types of intelligence could only be slowly gathered. Without a good understanding of his opponent, Yu Feng’s attitude in the match wasn’t odd.

“Young people! As soon as they break free from their chains, they really are reckless in pushing forward!” Ye Xiu watched the match and sighed. He understood Wang Jiexi’s motive at the All-Star Weekend.

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