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Chapter 39 – Frost Thain

The Frost Forest’s final BOSS was the Goblin Emperor Frost Thain. Just by looking at the name, a player could figure out this BOSS was even more important than hidden BOSSes in the beginner village.

Thain’s body wasn’t very different from a normal Goblin, but his fierce face seemed more sinister and cunning. At least, he didn’t have an eye-catching funny blue nose like normal Goblins. This was because the Frost Thain’s skin was all sky blue. When he turned around and didn’t show his face though, he looked like a cute house pet.

But every player knew that this guy wasn’t cute at all. In his right hand, the Frost Thain held an Ice Blade, which was about as tall as his short and small body. When it brandished the blade, cold wind would whirl out. The distance he could attack from was farther than a normal player could see. Due to this, the BOSS had a few special attacks, so the MT would often be contained there. As a result, Frost Forest guides all recommended that a party bring two MTs, which would also reduce the pressure when facing the first BOSS Goblin Patrol Guard and the Goblin Thain.

As for Ye Xiu, how could he be one of those ordinary players who followed guides? When he saw the four people had arrived nearby, he said “I’m going”, and Lord Grim rushed forward with his battle lance raised. He also did it this way because this party’s quality was indeed very high. If he switched them with Seven Fields and the others, then he’d have to explain what they had to do and would also have to look after them during the battle. On the other hand, Blue River and the others were worry-free.

Blue River and the others also didn’t say anymore and followed up. Lord Grim was at the very front intending to pull the Frost Thain. This BOSS’s reaction speed was twice as fast as normal Goblins. It’s two short legs swung around like wheels. And in an instant, it rushed up to meet Lord Grim.

But in the end, in a mere second, the Frost Thain had already been launched into the air.

So strong!

Blue River and the others silently watched and silently praised. It couldn’t be seen as a mere attack. With the Frost Thain’s speed and nimbleness, it definitely wasn’t easy to hit the target Just pulling this BOSS was a difficult point. For example, if their usual MT, Flower Lantern, was here, he would only able to hit him for the first time on his third try. Afterwards, a few small combos would be needed to fully establish the aggro. That was already considered a pretty good achievement. If it was a normal party, oftentimes, the MT would be hit until he was almost disabled and even then, the aggro still wouldn’t be established. In the end, the Cleric that healed the MT would often take the aggro.

Lord Grim launched the Frost Thain into the air and then followed up with several skills, making a combo in midair. But the Frost Thain was a named BOSS, how could such a BOSS be juggled endlessly? While in mid-air, a blue light suddenly flashed and it immediately disappeared. Blue River and the others didn’t make a fuss about it. They knew the Frost Thain had this sort of teleportation skill.

Right when they were looking for this guy teleported to, the four all heard a “pu”, the sound of a hit. Looking towards the source, they saw Lord Grim’s battle lance still on the Frost Thain’s body going poke poke poke……

Blue River and the others were startled and looked again at the original spot. There, they also saw Lord Grim.

Shadow Clone Technique……The four players could tell. They’d seen these skills many times before. There was nothing to fuss about. But the part that surprised them was that Lord Grim could immediately chase down the Frost Thain with his own instant movement. Thinking of this, Blue River and the others were all somewhat horrified. They knew that the Frost Thain would give a few signs before teleporting similar to how a mage did. While chanting, it raised its hand pointing to a spot. By looking at this, the general teleport location could be seen. However, all in all, this was a teleportation spell and the sign only lasted for a short short instant. Yet Lord Grim could still clearly catch its teleport location. Couldn’t this only be done in theory?

Of course, the Frost Thain’s teleport had a cooldown too. After using it to no effect, it was once again beaten up by Lord Grim. They reckoned that this BOSS had never felt so annoyed before. It wanted to slice down, it wanted to cast magic, but its opponent was always a step ahead, destroying him.

“Everyone go.” Blue River discovered that the four all seemed as if they were admiring a dueling video again. He hurriedly called out and rushed up.

Fighting with the Frost Thain was originally a battle where everyone walked on the brink of death. Parties like Blue River’s where they only brought a single MT needed to control the aggro between the Frost Thain and the MT well, in order to avoid OT. But now, under Lord Grim’s method, where his strong attacks never missed, the four had absolutely no worries. Even if the Frost Thain’s main target wasn’t on them, they rarely made mistakes either. Frost Thain’s teleportation really was too quick. Moreover, it wasn’t a stupid BOSS that just stood there attacking the MT.

Teleport! It teleported again! Blue River and the others cursed. As soon as the skill went off cooldown, the Frost Thain would cast it again. But today, against this opponent, Lord Grim used the Shadow Clone Technique to teleport too and wasn’t slower than it. Finally, only Blue River and the others were left. They gloomily hit their keyboards to switch directions and chased after it. They had done this several times already.

“Careful, it’s almost at red blood.” At this moment, Ye Xiu suddenly said.

“Ok.” The four answered. They had been wary of red blood, such a serious status, long ago. When the Frost Thain reached red blood, it would be buffed with Super Armor, so its magic couldn’t be interrupted by normal attacks. Moreover, it casted magic faster. A teleport along with an AoE Ice Whirlwind was extremely deadly towards a party that had just been surrounding and attacking it.

“Hurry and retreat!” Blue River suddenly saw an ominous glint in the Frost Thain’s eyes. The large Ice Blade danced around displaying a pretty pattern. Right when the Ice Whirlwind was about to unfurl, he yelled and took the initiative to retreat away from the Frost Thain. The other three didn’t need to stick close to the body to attack it, so they weren’t as nervous. But they also quickly focused their minds and adjusted. This Ice Whirlwind didn’t have any target. After it was sent out, it scattered around randomly.

Who knew that with a rumble, the Ice Whirlwind didn’t appear. The Frost Thain had actually been thrown down onto the ground.

Back Throw. Lord Grim used a Back Throw. This skill could break Super Armor.

“Why are you running? Did you not learn Wave Wheel Slasher?” Ye Xiu was puzzled.

Blue River knew he was talking to him. Wave Wheel Slasher was a Spellblade skill and could also break Super Armor. Because it was a Level 20 and under skill, after changing classes, Blue River could also learn it. Moreover, most Blade Masters put a point into it. It wasn’t for damage, but for breaking Super Armor.

Super Armor Break skills could interrupt magic even if they were in a Super Armor state. But the problem was that this was Frost Thain! This was the BOSS that when the MT pulled, the aggro would often switch to the healer! Who would dare bet their entire team’s life onto whether he could accurately hit the Super Armor Break skill?

Actually, Blue River wasn’t so unsure of himself, but rather because a single slip could destroy their entire situation, he chose the safer option. But in the end, he was called out on. Blue River was a bit embarrassed, so he shamelessly replied: “Yeah, I didn’t learn it.”

Hissing sounds rang out, but the three understood Blue River’s mood, so they didn’t hiss for too long.

“You should learn it. Breaking Super Armor is very useful.” Ye Xiu said.

“I know……I just didn’t have enough skill points, so I haven’t learned it for now. I’ll put in a point later.” Blue River was flushed with shame. He was currently being taught basic knowledge…..

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