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Chapter 40 – New Record

Blue River resentfully returned to attacking. I want to use Wave Wheel Slasher on the Frost Thain to regain my dignity again, but I just said that I hadn’t learned Wave Wheel Slasher. If I suddenly used it, how would I explain it? I had accidentally learned it before and hadn’t seen it? F*ck, too clumsy. Just thinking about it made his face redden.

The menacing Ice Whirlwind should have been the greatest threat, but Lord Grim’s confident display of skills neutralized all his fears. It also didn’t have any new tricks up its sleeves. Under the five player’s violent attacks, it finally collapsed. Equipment dropped, but Blue River and the others didn’t care. They were all staring at the system announcement window.

“Congratulations to Blue Brook Guild’s players: Blue River, Thundering Light, Lord Grim, Returning Cloud, Lunar Grace, for breaking the Frost Forest clear record. Time: 20:24:11.”

Blue River and the others all knew, all the way from when they first did the One Wave Rush, that as long as they didn’t make a mistake, they would definitely set a new record. They weren’t surprised by this result, but by the incredible difference between their record and the previous record made the four extremely excited.

The previous clear record was made by Herb Garden with 26:12:48. But, in one try, they beat this record by 5 minutes.

How could such a thing like records be broken by such a wide gap? Players such as Blue River and the others all knew that even trying 8 or 10 times to beat the record was considered few. And they knew, that every time they beat a record, it was always by less than a minute. To directly improve the time by 5 minutes, like how Blue River and the others did, was truthfully a bit unreasonable.

Comparatively, when other players saw the system announcement, they were completely shocked.

After changing classes at Level 20, Seven Fields and the others went to Frost Forest and looked for a player to join their party. They were currently in the dungeon and were getting beaten black and blue. At this moment, they hadn’t even cleared halfway through the dungeon. When they saw this system announcement, Seven Fields and the others were all startled. That newbie who had mixed in with them, Immersed Jade, already yelled out: “Look, it’s God. God’s on TV!!!”

The newbie had picked up “TV”, this new phrase, pretty quickly.

“Yeah, you’re right……” Seven Fields and the others gloomily answered. They were a bit bitter in their hearts. Blue Brook Guild. They obviously knew that it was one of Glory’s Three Great Guilds and only this sort of peak guild could match brother expert’s strength. As for their second-rate guild second-rate players, to be able to have brother expert lead them twice on TV, they should be satisfied, right?

The three were all laden with grief. But Immersed Jade was still muttering: “Frost Forest? Isn’t that the dungeon we’re doing now?”

“Right!” Seven Fields said.

“20 minutes……We’ve also been doing this for 20 minutes. Where are we now?” Immersed Jade asked.

“Halfway……” Seven Fields said depressed. See, this was the poisonous influence that was spread after they became familiar with brother expert. Comparing both sides, brother expert’s achievements were on a completely different realm. From this, they would begin to doubt themselves. This was a very serious problem.

At this moment, their party’s fifth member was a Cleric called Endless Night. He was focused on healing, so he hadn’t really spoken much. Hearing the four’s discussion, he suddenly interrupted: “Your guys mainly relied on this guy to get the first clear records?”

Seven Fields was startled. They really had been up on TV before. For example, Immersed Jade had joined and worshipped them for this reason. This made Seven Fields and the others feel even more pressure when recruiting strangers. If they met a stranger, who was someone like Immersed Jade, and joined their party because they recognized their godly party. Then, without brother expert how could they show off their godliness? They would be embarrassed when the time came.

After the Cleric called Endless Night joined the party, he didn’t say any of these amazed remarks. He had only done a few normal greetings and communicated when they were fighting monsters. Seven Fields and the others all assumed that he hadn’t noticed that they were members of the first clear team. Following the three of them, the party had only finished half of the Frost Forest in 20 minutes. But that Lord Grim broke the clear record in 20 minutes and went up on TV. This clearly showed that in the first clear team, Lord Grim was the true expert, while the others were all smuggled goods.

In the end, the awkward moment still came. Seven Fields and the others could only helplessly reply: “Right, it was all on that brother.”

“D*mn. I thought so. I’ve been with you guys for 20 minutes and I couldn’t see any of you as experts.” Endless Night said.

“Aren’t you a bit too direct!?” His words only added to their embarrassment. Seven Fields and the others weren’t in a good mood.

“Okay okay. Starting from now, follow my lead.” Endless Night suddenly brightened up.

“Why?” Everyone asked.

“I’m an expert from Tyrannical Ambition, Endless Night. Before, I wanted to see your strengths, so I didn’t say anything. I’ve already endured for quite a long time. Your directions are all over the place. I’ll do it.” Endless Night said.

“F*ck!” The original leader Seven Fields was even more gloomy. What person was this! What type person would call himself an expert. Comparatively, brother expert was so modest and only used his skill to speak.

“No need.” Seven Fields wasn’t scared at all by the fame of Tyrannical Ambition.

“Brother, don’t be like this! We need to hurry and clear this dungeon. I still have things to do!” Endless Night said.

“I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

“I’m begging you.”

“F*ck. You do it. You do it.” Seven Fields let it go. What f*cking expert was this! He felt as if the word “expert” had been shattered.

“Okay, follow my lead from now on.” In the blink of an eye, Endless Night switched equipment. In his hands, he held a Cross. The silvery light glimmered off of it. With just a look, they could tell that this wasn’t any ordinary item.

“D*mn, this guy was faking it the entire time!” Seven Fields and the others finally saw through it.

While Endless Night led, he sent a message to the guild: “We made a mistake. In that first clear party, only Lord Grim is an expert. The rest are all trash.”

“It’s too late. Lord Grim has already been taken in by Blue Brook Guild. They beat the record by five minutes. Too scary. It must be because they added this guy.”

“Ai ai ai ai.” Endless Night sighed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m f*cking carrying these trash through this dungeon.” Endless Night replied.

Meanwhile, after the clear record had been broken, the previous holders, Herb Garden, were in an uproar.

“20:24:11! F*ck, that’s too crazy! That guy Blue River doesn’t have that strength.” Plantago Seed, the Herb Garden’s guild leader and the expert that led the party to set the previous record, loudly discussed.

“It’s that Lord Grim! It has to because of him that their strength increased.” A teammate, Malva Nut, said.

“F*ck, I’ll ask Blue River!” Plantago Seed said this and sent Blue River a message. They were all the elite experts of the Three Great Guilds. They all knew each other in the Heavenly Domain and had even added each other as friends.

“Hey hey, that’s not fair, you got such a great expert!” Plantago Seed messaged Blue River.

“Ha ha ha ha. You mad? You mad? 20:24:11. Can you break it when you’re Level 25?” Blue River said proudly. In front of Lord Grim, he felt slightly bitter and pressured. But other than that, he still gave them a lot of face! Heh. Blue River thought.

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