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Chapter 387 – Still Running!

Jiang You made a clear analysis on the situation. With a definite plan in mind, he decided to make a temporary alliance with Ye Qiu and start a fight with their previous allies. As for Blue Brook Guild? Changing Spring had many years of experience as well. It wasn’t hard to predict the direction events would play out towards. His line of thinking was the same as Jiang You’s and he made a similar decision.

The other server guild leaders from these two guilds were all worried about the impact the decision would have overall. The two overall guild leaders both saw that a violent conflict nowadays wouldn’t be a good idea, especially with a God like Ye Qiu attempting to make his comeback. How big such a conflict would turn out to be could be seen by the sorry figures of these tenth server guilds.

Even though the top guilds had a much stronger foundation in the Heavenly Domain than the tenth server, Ye Qiu would also have a popularity that he didn’t have in the tenth server. They had to take precautions in every area against this opponent. How could they give him any chances to take advantage of them?

Only after weighing the pros and cons were the two overall guild leaders able to be at ease and bravely order their tenth server elites to ally with Ye Qiu.

“Understood.” After everyone heard the order, they immediately began to carry them out. They stopped leveling in one specific area like before and began to wander around the entire leveling area. The difference between the two guilds was that Tyrannical Ambition moved in one large group, while Blue Brook Guild didn’t require this, so they were free to do as they pleased. Those who wanted to form parties could form a party and level together. Those who wanted to level on their own like Blue River continued to guard a single area.

Blue River didn’t wander around.

He had been deeply in admiration towards Changing Spring’s analysis, but he didn’t express it. Just listening to these calculations and plans made him feel tired, let alone thinking carefully about them. When he had played around in Guild Happy for a few days and became like a babysitter taking care of the new players, he didn’t have to think so much about deceiving each other. It was much more fun.

“Sigh……” Blue River didn’t know why he sighed and continued to mechanically clear away monsters.

He didn’t know how the others were doing. He had been killing monsters for a while, but he hadn’t received any news. There probably wasn’t anything going on. If not, whether if someone had been killed or found a target, he would be the one to speak with Lord Grim about it.

How were things going to turn out? Blue River strolled around for a bit and once again thought of this. He was beginning to get distracted and was slowing down in his killing. Suddenly, he heard sounds of water being stirred violently. Even though he didn’t have much experience in water battles, he could still tell that this sound wasn’t normal. The experienced Blue River instantly took up his guard. He had his character turn his body over in the water and then watched as a bullet shot by him. Only one of the bullets had been dodged, the numerous other ones following connected with him. In the water, very few players were able to nimbly move around the water and dodge attacks.

The blood that sprayed out from the bullets quickly faded away. Blue River had already turned his character around to see a Sharpshooter standing there, pointing his gun at him.

“Herb Garden’s player.” Blue River could tell just from the player’s name and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. He didn’t want to find anyone, but they went to look for him and it didn’t seem like he’d be let go.

However, if they were intending to kill him, they wouldn’t send only one player. These elites, whether they were on land or in the water, their skill levels were very even. In addition, Blue River was considered to be one of the Five Great Experts of Blue Brook Guild. His skill level was top notch amongst normal players.The opponent wouldn’t be so confident as to think that a single player could bring him down with certainty, just because he had made the first move. This was even more so for a old rival like Herb Garden.

Blue River calmly thought and didn’t hurry to attack the Sharpshooter. While moving, he turned his character’s camera and looked all around himself. Sure enough, the other side had four players. One of them was even their tenth server’s guild leader, Plantago Seed. The four had taken advantage of the fact that Blue River was distracted and had already closed in. The reason the Sharpshooter had fired at him was because they believed that Blue River had nowhere to run.

A message popped up. Blue River looked and saw that Plantago Seed had sent him a smiley face. Blue River was too lazy to talk with him. He turned his character and immediately charged towards Plantago Seed.

Plantago Seed didn’t panic. He didn’t go forward to welcome the fight. Instead, he slowly retreated and watched as the other three players closed in.

Blue River also paid attention to his left and right. He didn’t have the confidence in defeating Plantago Seed in just a few hits. The other three weren’t far either. The Sharpshooter had been attacking the entire time. If Plantago Seed stalled him for just a bit, they would be able to surround him and his death would be certain. Plantago Seed understood this, too. Retreating was just a way to stall for time. He wasn’t planning on staying away from Blue River the entire time. Seeing that his three allies were close, he stopped his retreat and waved the broom in his hands, whipping up a spray of water.

Blue River had been charging bravely for awhile. But when he got close enough to attack, he suddenly changed directions and his character dove down into the water.

Plantago Seed saw this and immediately threw down a Lava Flask. When the Lava Flask was used on land, it would create a sea of fire wherever the flask broke. In the water, it had a different effect. The lava flowing out from the flask couldn’t ignite the water, but it could make the water bubble. The waves spread the lava out, making it float all over the place, making the waters look like a polluted garbage dump. If a character touched the flameless lava, they would still take damage.

Blue River understood this. But with his skill, not touching the lava wasn’t easy for him. Blue River didn’t want this to waste his time though, so he took the damage and directly rushed out from the lava.

Plantago Seed had already swam over after throwing the Lava Flask. His own skill wouldn’t harm him. Seeing Blue River take the damage and rush out from the lava, he waved his arms and tossed out a Shadow Cloak, in order to try and bind Blue River.

But Blue River wasn’t blindly running. He noticed Plantago Seed’s movements and as he came out of the lava, he used a skill.

Plantago Seed had only just thrown out his mantle, when he saw a blade light hit the mantle. It was already too late to dodge and the Sword Draw connected with his body, sending him tumbling into the water.

Plantago Seed was sad. He hadn’t seen the attack at all…… Why? Because the bubbling from his lava had blocked his line of sight.

With just this short delay, Blue River was able to get out of the lava area. He had a few lava bits on him, but it didn’t affect his movement speed.

“Chase!” Plantago Seed called out to his team and the four chased after him.

“There’s no escape.” Plantago Seed messaged Blue River as his character lifted his head and rose from the water. He was a Witch, so he could use his broom to move even faster than a Launcher using Aerial Fire. He was confident that he could stop Blue River.

Blue River ignored Plantago Seed. Seeing him rush over on the surface of the water, he understood his intent and immediately changed directions again.

Plantago Seed was on top of the water, so he couldn’t see far underwater. He could only chase according to the direction of the other three players. When Blue River changed directions, the three notified Plantago Seed. But their message had been a bit too slow and Plantago Seed didn’t know how far away he had been thrown off by. He could only wait for Blue River to come back up to the surface in order to know.

“It’s about time. You’re still not going to go up to breathe?” Plantago Seed casually messaged Blue River. In his eyes, Blue River’s demise was just a matter of time.

“I’m coming.” This time, Blue River unexpectedly replied. Just as the message came out, half a body had come out from the water. If that wasn’t Blue River, who else could it be?

Plantago Seed saw this and immediately rushed forward on his broom. As soon as Blue River came up, he went to see where Plantago Seed was. He swam madly, while paying attention to where Plantago Seed was.

“Still running!” Plantago Seed shouted. As he flew on his broom, he threw a Magic Missile to try and stop him.

Blue River ignored the damage though and continued to swim madly. Herb Garden’s three players had already came up to the surface of the water as well. They didn’t have a movement speed advantage over Blue River though. After chasing underwater for so long, the distance between them was the same. When the Sharpshooter came up, he also used an Aerial Gun technique. It couldn’t compare to an Aerial Cannon, but it was enough to move faster than a swimming player.

“Still running!”

“Still running!”

“Still running!”

Plantago Seed yelled every time he threw a Magic MIssile. He was having quite some fun chasing. Tiny Herb and Blue Rain were archrivals, just like Excellent Era and Tyranny. The guilds in-game naturally held the same view. Blue River was one of Plantago Seed’s rivals, too. At this moment, chasing him around felt extremely good.

Magic Missile might only be a low-level skill, but several strikes of it still whittled down quite a chunk of Blue River’s health. Plantago Seed quickly caught up with his movement speed advantage. He was even feeling a bit reluctant. He felt like slowly killing Blue River with Magic Missile was very fun. Was there any need to stop Blue River?

He didn’t hesitate because of this. It was only an afterthought when he caught up to Blue River. At the same time, he tossed a Shadow Cloak, ready to bind Blue River. But Blue River flipped his body and headed into the water, just barely dodging the Shadow Cloak.

“What a time-waster.” Plantago Seed helplessly said, “You guys continue watching him.”

“Yes,” the three replied, and then they dove into the water.

“I say, this is pretty interesting. Where can you run to?” Plantago Seed messaged Blue River.

“It’s about time.” Blue River replied.

“What?” Plantago Seed stared blankly for a bit.

A message flashed. Plantago Seed opened it and saw the three type simultaneously: “LORD GRIM!!!!”

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