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Chapter 37 – One Wave Rush (3)

“Quickly, quickly attack!!” Blue River immediately yelled. The hardest part of One Wave Rush was pulling the monsters and to their surprise, it was done by the guy who hadn’t changed classes yet. But to eliminate the entire mass of monsters wasn’t easy either. Two spells by each of the mages definitely weren’t enough to completely kill them all off.

Thundering Light and Returning Cloud didn’t dare to be slow. One used Raging Flames and the other used Blizzard.

The two spells were from two different paths. Although they were skills of the same level, their effects were different. Fire magic’s specialty was burst power. Right when Raging Flames was cast, a wave of flames washed under the Goblin’s feet. The flames soared from the ground to the sky, reaching at least three meters high.

The Goblins that had been attacked were suddenly blown up into the air. The Raging Flames surged on and the Goblins screeched, but this skill wasn’t fireworks. Flames pillars leaped up and then scattered in less than a second. With its disappearance, the Goblins fell to the ground. But at this moment, Returning Cloud’s Blizzard had already smashed on top of them. Hailstones mixed with snowflakes, each around the size of steamed bun, relentlessly crashed towards the Goblins.

Raging Flames ended just like that, but Blizzard rained down every second for four seconds. In terms of total damage, Blizzard was higher. But in terms of burst damage, Raging Flames was clearly more ferocious. These were the specialties between the ice and fire path.

“Doll Shururu!” Ye Xiu yelled. Lunar Grace was already prepared and she immediately cast “Doll Shururu” in the center of the mob.

“Doll Shururu” was a type of ragdoll. Monsters in a 2 radius meter around it would be Taunted, forcing the monsters to aggro onto it. Of course, this had restrictions. First, Doll Shururu’s level couldn’t be lower than the monsters. Second, a normal Doll Shururu had no effect on Elites, BOSS, and Emperors. Only having the passive skill “Doll Shururu Upgrade” with it would work. At the moment, Lunar Grace wasn’t at a high enough level to learn “Doll Shururu Upgrade”, but her “Doll Shururu” was auto-leveled, so the levels on it weren’t a problem. When she casted it out, all of the Goblins ran towards the “Doll Shururu”.

“The Taunt won’t last long!” Lunar Grace immediately yelled after casting it. Doll Shururu’s effect lasted very long, a full 20 seconds, but the problem was that this small ragdoll didn’t have much HP. Monsters that were taunted wouldn’t just stand around and watch, rather they would attack. With such a large mob of Goblins, Doll Shururu would be destroyed in the blink of an eye.
Thundering Light’s Raging Flames and Returning Cloud’s Blizzard had cooldowns too. One of them needed 6 seconds, while the other needed 8 seconds. Now, the two were madly throwing out their single target spells to attack. Facing this giant mob of Goblins, their spells clearly weren’t as effective as they had hoped.

“Enough!” While Ye Xiu said this, he controlled Lord Grim to rush forward. With Doll Shururu’s effect, the Goblins were even more bunched up. The melee Goblins all surrounded Doll Shururu and the ranged Goblins had already begun attacking Doll Shururu. Doll Shururu had only been out for a mere second before it was destroyed. But in this time, Lord Grim was able to rush up close to the Goblins. His battle lance was gone. In its place, his left and right hands held Tonfas. He grabbed a Goblin and did a Back Throw.

Back Drop’s shock wave rippled out and the surrounding Goblins all neatly fell down.

“Blade Master, get ready to use Falling Light Blade! Use it when they get up.” Ye Xiu yelled.

Blue River, who hadn’t been give any instructions up until now, was startled, but he quickly responded and he lifted his sword Flaming Sun and hastily advanced forward.

All of the Goblins were now neatly climbing back up. Blue River had already leaped into the air and targeted the middle of the mob. His two hands launched his sword, which rapidly crashed down.

Blade Master Skill: Falling Light Blade

For Falling Light Blade, the higher the user jumped, the higher the damage and the larger the radius of the shock wave was. Blue River deserved to be called one of the Five Great Experts of Blue Brook Guild. After Ye Xiu yelled out the command, Blue River immediately understood his intention. This Falling Light Blade was used perfectly. After the shock wave spread, the Goblins that had just climbed back up fell back down once again.

The AoE attacks in quick succession weren’t used for the damage, but rather to make sure that the bunched up monsters stayed down without a chance to get up and attack. However, Back Throw and Falling Light Blade also had cooldowns. These two skills alone wouldn’t be enough to completely crowd control them. Doll Shururu’s cooldown was even longer, 30 seconds, and couldn’t be counted on in such a short time.

“What other AoE attacks does this guy still have?” Blue River thought. His mind recalled all of the skills that could be learned before changing classes and that also had effects similar to Back Throw or Falling Light Blade. In the end, he heard the next command: “Shadow Cloak.”

“Right!” Blue River suddenly understood. He saw Lunar Grace step forward. With a wave of her hand, a violet black cloak flew out from her sleeves and wrapped around the bunched up Goblins. The cloak tightened around them and the Goblins shrieked as they were bound tightly into a ball, falling down again.

“The skills should be off cooldown now.” Blue River calculated the cooldowns of the skills that were used, but while doing so, he heard the next command: “Raging Flames.”

Sure enough, Thundering Light’s Raging Flames came off cooldown and casted it as soon as he heard the command. Once again, the spell was released right when the Goblins were about to stand up again.

The flame columns roared up towards the sky and the Goblins flipped in the air. When they fell down, another two seconds had passed. Blue River suddenly realized that this spell also turned out to be a Crowd Control skill.

An expert, he really was an expert. He unexpectedly utilized these skills that weren’t originally meant for Crowd Control as Crowd Control. To be able to complete a same-leveled dungeon with One Wave Rush, he truly was too strong!

Blue River understood. As this point, as long as no one made any mistakes, this One Wave Rush could be considered as done.

Blue River understood, but how could the others not have either? Amazed, they followed Ye Xiu’s commands, using one skill after another. The Goblins flew up and fell down, constantly struggling. Only after an assortment of items dropped, covering the ground, did the four recover from the shock. The twenty or so Goblins had actually all been killed in one rush.

“Hurry up, let’s keep going.” The other side didn’t even look as if what had happened were anything miraculous and immediately yelled for them to continue forward.

Blue River and the others immediately followed. After give a few glances at the items that dropped, they didn’t find anything of worth, so they just left them. When going for a clear record, who had time to waste time doing that?

Outside of the dungeon, Flower Lantern sent a message: “How is it? Speechless?”

“God, he’s a real f*cking God!!” Blue River replied.

“What are you talking about?”

“One Wave Rush! One Wave Rush!”

“My ass! What are you talking about?” Flower Lantern couldn’t understand.

“We’re rolling through with One Wave Rush!” Blue River said.

“You’re joking, right?” Flower Lantern didn’t believe it.

“Just wait til we’re on TV, ha ha ha!” In Glory, players called being shown on the system announcement as “on TV”.

Flower Lantern stupidly closed the message box, while Bound Boat asked: “How are things?”

“They’re… pushing forward through One Wave Rush.” Flower Lantern said.

“One Wave Rush?” Bound Boat was also dumbfounded.

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