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Chapter 36 – One Wave Rush (2)

“Z Shake” was just a quick direction-changing movement. Move left, move right, while continuously moving forward. The track looked like a “Z”. But when this movement was made extremely quickly, the distance moved became extremely small. If the character completed this movement in the blink of an eye, then it looked as if he hadn’t moved, only a shake.

If it was just to make the character “look as if he shook”, then many players could do this. But for a player to use the “Z Shake” in an actual battle, then he definitely had to be a great expert. Just relying on this small movement to dodge the attacks, it showed just how precise this person’s decision making and control was.

It wasn’t only Blue River, but Thundering Light and the others all understood this. At this moment, while they were still shocked by this exquisite play, they saw Lord Grim rush up to two Goblins and hit them with his palm. A gust of wind blew out and the two Goblins flew out.

Level 15 Battle Mage Skill: Falling Flower Palm. This skill had a strong Blow Away effect. Goblin’s were light, so with this palm, they flew out several meters into the distance.

Lord Grim didn’t stop to rest. His figure rushed to a different side. That area had two Goblins. As soon as a player entered their aggro range, they would immediately take out their big sticks and attack you in close combat.

This time, Lord Grim didn’t move close to them and continued past them. Ahead, the two Goblins that were Blown Away had already gotten up. One was getting ready to throw a rock, while the other was casting Ice Arrow. When Lord Grim still had two meters between them, he swung out his battle lance. Pu pu two sounds. The rock wasn’t thrown out and the Ice Arrow was interrupted. Lord Grim swept with his lance and the two monsters fell. Stepping over them, he ran forward.

The next targets were two Goblins in the 10 o’clock direction. This time one of them held a stick and the other was casting Ice Arrow. When the Ice Arrow flew out, Lord Grim immediately jumped and also conveniently flew over the Goblin with the big stick. In midair, he had already readied the lance and interrupted the Goblin’s Ice Arrow. After landing, he whirled around and moved behind this Goblin in a flash. One of the Goblin’s turned around, while the other lifted his big stick and chased after him. Lord Grim raised his hand and used Falling Flower Palm again. The two monsters were blown back and with perfect accuracy, smashed into the two ranged Goblins. The two Goblins sadly had their casts interrupted again and fell over.

Like this, every Goblin in every place, whether they were standing guard or patrolling, were all alarmed by Lord Grim through either pulling or blowing them away. The melee Goblins neatly brandished their big sticks, shrieking while chasing Lord Grim. The ranged were all busy using their skills. All of a sudden, Frost Forest became unusually lively. Blue River and the others all chased behind and were all hesitating. They couldn’t deny that Lord Grim had skills, but……to create chaos in the dungeon as if there were birds flying about and dogs jumping around; why did this look like a high-leveled player came over to roll through the dungeon?

At this moment, Blue River and the others had already lost Lord Grim. In front of them was a large mass of shrieking Goblins that continuously pursued what was in front of them. What about Lord Grim? Blue River could only figure out he was alive because of two reasons. One was from their party list. Lord Grim’s health was still over half, still quite healthy. Two was because they could see Lord Grim jumping from time to time. In a flash, he landed and his body was blocked by the Goblins again.

“There…..There’s already 20 of them……” Returning Cloud’s voice slightly trembled. To be able to do this as a Level 20, this was too grand.

“Still don’t kill?” Lunar Grace had already prepared to use Doll Shururu.

“I just want to know how he’s going to come back to us.” Thundering Light looked towards the mass of goblins that had all been pulled. His tone carried admiration.

“He doesn’t want me to just throw out the Doll Shururu like this, right? It won’t work!” Lunar Grace was worried. Because there were ranged and melee Goblins, there were pretty much two armies. One army carried big sticks and persistently pursued their target. The other army maintained their distance and would only run closer if Lord Grim went out of range.

“What’s he up to? Are you asking me? I don’t know either.” Blue River said.

Right when his voice fell, Thundering Light suddenly bounced up and down. With great effort, he wanted to see the situation behind the mass of monsters. Although the bouncing was hilarious, they didn’t laugh. Blue River immediately asked: “What’s the situation?”

“The crowd’s been gathered quite beautifully!” Thundering Light said.

“Oh?” Blue River also had the urge to bounce up and down, but as one of the Five Great Experts of Blue Brook Guild and the Guild Leader in the tenth server, he still had to maintain a bit of dignity. As a result, he could only ask dully: “How does he do it?”

“How would I know. In any case, they’re coming in group by group.” While Thundering Light said this, he continued bouncing about. Everyone suddenly heard a series of whacks.

“Falling Flower! D*mn, that palm was so crisp!” Thundering Light shouted. The other three also saw that the Goblins in front of them were in confusion. Who knew how many Goblins were blown away by the Falling Flower Palm. The Goblins with big sticks that were blown away smashed against the ranged Goblins in the back. In one move, a large number of them fell. The field of view in front of the four opened up. They saw Lord Grim with his right hand carrying the lance and his left palm facing forward in front of him. His clothing flapped lightly in the wind and he still maintained the Falling Flower Palm pose. Around him were Goblins on the ground, in complete disorder.

The screen paused on this moment for less than a second, but Lord Grim’s mighty pose was instantly imprinted into the four player’s minds. After a second, the Goblins in disorder had already climbed back up and fearlessly prepared to rush up again. Lord Grim leaped. Thundering Light immediately ridiculed: “What is he doing? Is he planning on flying over?”

In the end……

“He’s flying. He’s actually flying.” Thundering Light’s cheeks streamed with tears as he yelled out.

After the Lord Grim that faced them jumped, he did a 180 degree turn. Soon after, a gun sound rang out and he suddenly flew in back towards them. Blue River and the others were all knowledgeable people. They saw through it with a glance. This was a Gunner mid-air movement skill. In the air, the player open fired and used the gun’s recoil to fly backwards. The greater the recoil, the farther they would fly backwards. The recoil looked as if it were created by a Rifle or higher grade gun. Flying backwards, he directly crossed over the monster’s heads. When he landed, he ran behind the four.

The Goblins crazily turned around and rushed at them like the tides. The targets that faced them were Blue River and the others. The four all began sweating profusely. Immediately, they heard Lord Grim’s voice: “Mages attack. Get ready to use Doll Shururu.”

They looked forward with great alarm.

In this moment, the crazily chasing Goblins: the ranged ones let out their attacks without moving, the melee Goblins hurried towards them. All of the small monsters were bunched up perfectly. It was definitely the best opportunity to group attack.

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