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Chapter 367 – Waves

What’s going on!!

Everyone was practically in the same area, which saved them some time because they wouldn’t need to type out their messages in the team channel and instead, could directly shout their words for everyone to hear. The instant the player was lifted into the air by the waves, the scene erupted into shouts, as if a pot had exploded.

But no matter how many shouts there were, they wouldn’t be able to cover up the rapid firing that followed after.

“Ta ta ta ta ta……..” Amidst the sounds of shooting were also the sounds of the waves surging forward. Countless bullets broke out from beneath the water, flying straight for the player who was tossed into the air.

“There are players beneath the water!!!” someone shouted. Thousand Waves Lake only had amphibious creatures and water beasts. It was impossible for them to have any gun abilities. Only players could have done it.

“No way!!” someone cried out in astonishment. They had been carefully observing their surroundings for about half an hour and they hadn’t seen any signs of players underwater. But somebody suddenly appeared in the water and this person definitely wasn’t Thousand Creations. How did he escape from everyone’s eyes?

“This…….. This……..” Bound Boat from Blue Brook Guild suddenly stuttered.

“Say it.” Changing Spring continued to chase as he shouted.

“This seems like a type of rarely seen technique!” Bound Boat said.

“What is it?”

“I can’t remember the name, but it was specially used for battles in the water. The character hid underwater and would come up for air from time to time, using the wave’s spray as a cover. When it first appeared, it was used for sneak attacks in underwater battles. But because it required users to be very close to the surface of the water, as long as one was careful, it would be extremely easy to see through it. The practicality of it was greatly weakened, so it slowly died out.” Bound Boat said.

“I seem to remember something like that……” Changing Spring was surprised.

“Even though the technique has died out, it’s still a pro-level technique…….” Bound Boat said.

“So that’s Lord Grim!” Changing Spring said darkly.

During their discussion, the other players went underwater to find the reason why, when suddenly, they saw blood spray out as three players were sent out of the water.

In underwater battles, many of the skills’ effects are different in water than they are on the ground. The players weren’t able to tell what skills had been used to send those three players out of the water. But they were, at least, able to see what was lurking underwater.

“Lord Grim!”

“Cleansing Mist!”

The submerged players cursed in the team chat, “F*CK!” After receiving the information, all the others cursed as well, because the weight of these names were too heavy. Ye Qiu, Su Mucheng. In the pro scene, they were considered to be the very best duo. Even though they had dozens of players, they still weren’t confident in fighting these two. For a moment, the players who had been standing happily above the water stopped moving, as if they had agreed by chance. Against these two, they weren’t sure whether they should fight or not. They hoped to receive clear orders from above.

“Splash! Splash! Splash!”

“Splash!” After three consecutive splashes, another splash sounded as a fourth player was sent out of the water.

In the water, there was also a Quick Recover move. However, the effects were different. It wasn’t a roll on the surface of the water. All it did was stabilize the character and slowed the character’s speed after hitting the water, so they weren’t like a rock that would drop to the bottom of the body of water.

Quick Recovering on the ground was something these elite players were very adept at. However, in the water, there really weren’t many of them who had gone through specialized training for it. All four players failed their Quick Recovers, one after the other. Four splashes as the four shot towards the bottom of the lake. This effect was similar to that of getting knocked down onto the ground. Only after a while did the four finally stabilize themselves and began heading towards the surface of the water. But then they suddenly saw numerous bubbles float up and turned their heads only to see a laser beam shooting towards them. Su Mucheng’s Launcher had sent out a Laser Rifle.

It was a game, so unless stated otherwise, any skill could be used in the water. It was just that the effects would be different because of the difference in the environment. Most of the skills simply had reduced speed in the water.

However, the Launcher’s Laser Rifle didn’t seem to have this reduction and was as fast as ever. The movements of the characters were slowed in the water, though, and they couldn’t move as quickly when compared to the times they were on the ground. How could they dodge this attack?

The light from the underwater Laser Rifle could even be seen by those above the surface of the lake. The refraction and reflection of the glowing light made the scene look like a light show. It looked even more impressive underwater than it was on the ground.

These four players were blasted into tanghulu. They weren’t dead, but the damage they took wasn’t light.

The four were already confused and disoriented, when suddenly a figure quickly swam to their sides and sent out a skill.

The four could see the skill coming at them slowly and felt like they could dodge for sure. But they had forgotten that even though their opponent’s skill moved slowly, their movements were slow as well. Their eyes and hands were quick, but their characters’ movements lagged behind. The skill that they thought they could dodge with certainty, connected.

“What’s going on over there?” The players above the water didn’t know what was going on.

They just saw the four characters drop into the water, get hit by the Laser Rifle, and then saw the part of the water continuously surge, as if it were boiling.

It looked like they were dumplings going into the pan; the laser rifle was the fire and the water was now boiling…….

“Help…….” Just when they were still pondering over how these dumplings were being cooked, someone in the team chat suddenly asked for help. Honestly speaking, they didn’t see clearly which individuals had been turned into dumplings. They only saw that the situation seemed off. There was no need to question it, though. Even though their bosses hadn’t told them whether or not to continue fighting, with players crying for help, how could they just sit idly and ignore them?

The players in the water dove down and looked towards that direction. All they could see was that that area of water had already become like a flood. They couldn’t even see how many people were over there. They hastily swam over there, when suddenly, they saw a flash of white light. Everyone was startled. They looked at their team list and sure enough, one of them had left the team, meaning he had been killed.

“Hurry forward!” With one now dead, everyone immediately understood the situation. As a result, this player began to urge them to hurry up.

But during this time, white light continued to flash again and again amidst the storm of waves. Finally, the waves stopped and the lake water stilled. All that was left was a single character standing: Lord Grim.

The four died just like that?

Everyone stared blankly. They were suddenly afraid of going up to fight.

They had originally been going up to rescue them, but now that there was no one to rescue, if they went up now, wouldn’t that just be asking to die?

Everyone stopped and couldn’t help but look around left and right. But after looking, they realized that they had around thirty players. Against one person, why had they been so scared?

Thinking of this, everyone began to feel embarrassed. Even if the opponent was God Ye Qiu, with so many of them, there really was no reason to be afraid.

Some of them were still thinking, while some had already begun shouting in the team channel: “There’s only one person. It doesn’t matter who it is. Everyone go forward!!”

As soon as the message dropped, several players began to shoot forward. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim didn’t wait there like an idiot, either. After killing four players, he was beginning to run out of air, so he immediately headed towards the surface.

“Stop him! Don’t let him go up to the surface!” Someone figured out what he was doing and immediately realized that Lord Grim didn’t have enough air. As long as they stopped him from going up to get air, they wouldn’t even need to fight to win. They could just let him drown himself to death.

Two figures immediately appeared above Lord Grim, blocking his path to air. These were two Ninja classes. They used the Shadow Clone Technique to instantly move to their location, in order to block him.

Lord Grim’s hands extended out and threw a grenade. The explosion wasn’t as large in the water, but the waves began to surge again and the two Ninjas, along with Lord Grim, were sent up above the water. It was just that while the two Ninjas were blown up above the water, Lord Grim had swam up to get air.

Lord Grim didn’t stop to rest. Sending a spear to the left and a sword to the right, he attacked the two Ninjas. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist seemed to have been waiting, bobbing up and down with a cannon on her shoulders. This sort of bobbing up and down wouldn’t affect a pro player’s accuracy, though, as the cannon shots caused the two Ninjas to continue to roll up above the surface of the water.

“Hello? Don’t just stand there watching!” Ye Xiu suddenly shouted.

On the surface of the water, a character’s head stuck out, staring blankly at the scene. On his head was the name ‘Thousand Creations’.

“These are for you!” Lord Grim suddenly shot out his palm and one of the Ninjas flew towards Thousand Creations.

“Since you know how to bully little noobs for monsters, you can do harsher things, too, right?” Ye Xiu said after sending Thousand Creations an opponent. His Lord Grim suddenly jumped, though it wasn’t very high because he was in the water. But with this, he was able to dodge the numerous attacks from below him. He then spread out his hands and tossed another hand grenade.

“F*CK!!” The players who had just gotten their heads out of the water saw the hand grenade dropping towards them and hastily tried to run, but how could they move so quickly in the water?

“Bang!” Another wave lifted these bunch of players to the side. “Splash!” And Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim ferociously shot back into the water.

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