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Chapter 368 – Massacre by Drowning

Grenade was only a low-level Spitfire skill. Even though it dealt AoE damage, the damage it dealt was very low. However, it was still very effective for clearing the area because it had an extremely short cooldown. The explosion created by the Grenade could be seen even more clearly in the water.

In the water, the characters were pushed all around, up, down, left, right. The waves on the surface of the water turned over and the characters who were about to reach the surface were then pushed away by the shockwaves from the explosion. Afterwards, they heard the sound of someone entering the water over and over again and then, there was a sudden flash of cold light.

Ye Xiu used Quick Recover once he entered the water. He was in complete control of Lord Grim’s movements. As soon as he went under, he immediately drew his sword with a Sword Draw. The sword light slashed through the water, lifting a series of bubbles. The sword’s speed in the water couldn’t compare with its speed on land, but against these characters underwater, there still wasn’t a single one who could dodge it.

Lord Grim flipped his body and shot his palm downwards. Falling Flower Palm’s Blow Away effect was reduced in the water, but because it pushed the water, the palm’s attack range was increased. Below, five players were pushed down towards the bottom of the lake.

None of the troops that were sent to kill Thousand Creations were weak. They were all elites from the top guilds. Either through personal experience or through spectating others fighting Lord Grim, they suddenly understood one thing: in the water, the difference between Lord Grim and them was even larger.

This was because the water was a special environment. In water, all the numbers and skill effects were different. These elites weren’t too experienced in this area because there weren’t many quests or dungeons in the game that had to be completed in the water. Even for the ones that did require it, it would only be a small portion. It was only against an NPC, too, so as long as they grasped the strategy for it, they were able to pass it easily. As a result, they didn’t really have much experience in an actual underwater battle.

Ye Xiu was different, though. He had a background as a pro player, so he would have gone through specialized training for all sorts of situations. For water battles, pro matches had water maps that they could choose from. Some teams were even good at water battles and chose water maps in order to create an advantage for themselves. As a result, any pro player would have done their research and practiced for water battles. At the very least, they couldn’t be like normal players and continue fighting in the water as if they were on land.

As a result, compared to a top-tier pro, they were basically a bunch of noobs.

Everyone immediately felt terrified, when suddenly, another sound resounded out. Countless waves stirred, dealing damage and sweeping them away. They turned around to look and saw that Cleansing Mist was underwater. The cannon shot that she fired had created a swirling whirlpool, sucking in the surrounding water.

Only then did they realize that there wasn’t only one person who saw them as noobs, but two.

“What do we do?” Everyone already had their own thoughts on what to do in this situation, but they couldn’t help but ask for instructions from their higher-ups.

At this moment, the higher-ups were undoubtedly suffering the most. They were all experts, so they knew better than anyone else that the situation wasn’t looking good. They hadn’t thought that the opponents would use their advantage of experience in water battles. This……. This was bullying!

The guild leaders wanted to cry, but no tears came out. They had already lost four players. If they continued to fight, there would certainly be more deaths. Even more important was that even if they got an advantage, without any real experience in this area, if their opponents couldn’t beat them, they would simply retreat. Could they stop them from running?

No confidence. None of them had any confidence.

The guild leaders quietly discussed this as the struggle in the water continued. The players terrifyingly discovered a fact. Up until now, Lord Grim had taken the initiative to attack them. What did this mean? This meant that the opponent had absolutely no fear of them. Or perhaps their slight number advantage didn’t mean anything to this God when they were in the water.

The several players who attempted to fight with the God only made everyone feel embarrassed for them. Their attacks and skills were sent out as if they were blind and it didn’t appear as if Lord Grim had any trouble dodging them. His attacks, on the other hand, connected wherever he wanted them to connect.

“Run away first. Run away first!” One of the players didn’t wait for their guild leader’s orders and began making his own suggestion. Quite a few immediately followed it and began to retreat.

It couldn’t be said that they weren’t trying. They had tried really hard. However, fighting in the water was way too different from fighting on the ground. On the ground, they could only move around in a circle that was around them. At most, they had the option to make some jumps. But in the water, there were just too many options that they could make. Surrounding someone required more troops and more planning. They weren’t experts at this, so they didn’t have any methods to deal with Lord Grim. The other guy was swimming towards them while he was attacking. Every one of them that was in the water had taken damage.

“AH!!” Someone suddenly cried out. Everyone then saw his “AH!!” word bubble on top of his head go towards the surface of the water, ignoring everything else. But very soon, an artillery shell exploded above his head as the waves surged. Not only did they stop him from moving up, they also pushed him down.

This guy completely ignored the attack and, after stabilizing himself, he continued to charge towards the surface of the water. At this moment, the others stopped paying attention to him. But out of the corner of their eyes, just as he was about to hit the surface of the water, he suddenly stopped and began twitching mechanically. Startled, they suddenly understood what was going on!

Drowning! This guy had used up all of his air and had ran out of health. This sort of twitching meant that it was already too late to save him. It was an animation that the character made right before dying to let you know what had happened.

Sure enough, the twitching soon stopped. The character stopped moving and floated to the surface of the water. Not long after, a white light flashed and the player chose to revive at the city. The team had lost another member.

This drowned victim could be considered as a warning to them. The complexion on half of them had turned pale white.

They had been worrying about this and that and had forgotten about paying attention to their air. Those who had paid attention to it thought that this was an extremely basic task and that there was no way they’d forget about it, which was why they hadn’t thought of reminding the others. The amount of air they had depended on the character’s Stamina, so everyone had a different amount and they couldn’t use their own when comparing with other players. Only when one of their players drowned did half of them suddenly realize that they had made an extremely low-level mistake.

These players immediately rushed towards the surface of the water as if it were a competition. However, at this moment, their opponents knew that they had forgotten about this and had a plan. Lord Grim quickly appeared near them. He blew up grenades, sent out palms, and captured them. In short, he used everything at his disposal in order to keep them underwater.

If it was only the damage from these skills, the players wouldn’t be concerned. However, Ye Xiu was only using displacement skills. Since they were in the water, a knockback could be used in a downward direction, pushing them down further in the water.

The players made threatening gestures, struggling, while crying out for help in the team channel. It wasn’t that the others didn’t want to save them, it was just they truly had no way to. They had no way of capturing Lord Grim with his artful maneuvering.

The shouts in the team channel grew more and more anxious. The guild leaders were also extremely worried. They personally went into the water to try and save them, but they weren’t able to do much. In the water, their orders seemed to have hundreds of mistakes in them; so much so that they were starting to feel embarrassed about giving out orders.

Not long after, another character began to twitch. He ran out of air and had no health left, so he drowned to death.

Soon, characters began to react one after the other. It was Lord Grim though that began to hurry towards the surface. Seeing this, they immediately understood that Lord Grim wasn’t able to hold on any longer, either. They immediately went to chase after him in order to drag him down with them. But at a crucial moment, Cleansing Mist fired an artillery shell at them.

For Launcher skills, as long as there was an explosion, the effects would be even more terrifying in the water than they were on land. The shell exploded behind Lord Grim, sending the waves rolling. Lord Grim was in the same party as her, so he wouldn’t be affected by it. This was all a part of the game’s rules. The others were different, though. They had no way of counteracting the pushing force of the waves.

Because Lord Grim had to go up for air, a few of the guild elites finally escaped. However, there were at least ten corpses floating underwater. This low-level mistake had already created huge losses for the team.

“Scatter!” Changing Spring typed into the team channel.

Who knew how long these players had been waiting for this command. They didn’t care if the order didn’t come from their guild’s leader. They immediately rushed towards the shore.

As they turned their heads to scatter, they discovered that Lord Grim was still chasing after them. All of the players felt a cold chill. Sure enough! They had originally thought that they had taken the initiative, wondering whether there would be a battle. But from the looks of it now, could this even be called a battle?

The players felt depressed in their hearts. But because of their numbers, Lord Grim’s group didn’t have enough players to catch them all. Just as they were about to reach the shore, several players suddenly jumped out from their ambush spots in the forest. In the lead was a Brawler. Seeing his Level 30 equipment, they could tell that he was underleveled and shouldn’t be in this leveling area. However, after seeing his ID, their spirits immediately burned to ashes.

Steamed Bun Invasion! This was one of Guild Happy’s core experts!

“Ah! Over here! Hurry, hurry! There’s so many of them!!!” Everyone heard Steamed Bun Invasion yell.

So many? Is he talking about them?

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