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Chapter 346 – Beaten Black and Blue

Lord Grim was going to create a guild!

When the news came, the top guilds spread the word at top speed to their core circles. Those who weren’t online at that moment all received notifications through their phones. Even those who had been tucked in bed all nice and sound were immediately wide awake after hearing this news.

This wasn’t small news, especially to those who were competing for the dungeon records.

If Lord Grim actually created his own guild, he would certainly have the strength to compete with them for the dungeon records, and with Lord Grim’s fame in the tenth server, it would be extremely easy for him to create a very powerful guild. Even if the players who joined weren’t good, they would still be able to support their dungeon team.

The guilds backed by Clubs had an innate advantage. However, at the same time, they also had restrictions placed on them because of their Clubs.

This was because their guilds could be considered as the Club’s and the team’s in-game representative. These guilds had to work hard to create a perfect image for themselves. Some of their more dubious activities couldn’t be exposed to the public.

For example, their great chase after Lord Grim. That was already a fairly risky maneuver by the top guilds. During the chasing, the reason their players didn’t wear their guild names was because they didn’t want the tenth server players to see who they were. Luckily, at that time, Lord Grim’s group had just been lonely souls. Even though their maneuver hadn’t been too honest, with only a few of them, they wouldn’t be able to create any large discussion.

However, Lord Grim creating a guild was very different. If they chased Lord Grim’s team like they had done before, the rest of his guild would certainly see what was going on and know that their guilds didn’t play fair and would even resort to using such despicable methods to suppress their opponents.

In the past, against such opponents, the top guilds never directly showed their true face. They would raise a few accounts that hadn’t joined a guild yet and then have them do their dirty work. However, Lord Grim’s skill and capabilities were something everyone thoroughly understood. Even their large-scale mobilization hadn’t been as successful as they had hoped. Sending a few unorganized soldiers to bother them would only be sending them to their deaths.

“What do we do?”

Everyone was worrying over this question. Amongst these, the Three Great Guilds were having the most trouble.

Currently, the Three Great Guilds and Excellent Dynasty knew what Lord Grim’s true identity was. In addition, they had all watched the All-Star Weekend’s broadcast. Ye Xiu had used Dragon Raises Its Head, a move that Han Wenqing said could only be done by Ye Xiu, and had received widespread acknowledgement for it, but they wouldn’t have expected that Ye Xiu’s starting point for coming out of retirement would begin in the tenth server. Creating a guild would be a very heavy blow to these top guilds.

As for those slightly weaker guilds, even though they also yearned for dungeon records, it could be seen from the results that those records mainly stayed in the control of a few guilds. Lord Grim jumping in to add to the mess would definitely cause these top guilds to be filled with distraught.

In addition, they knew that Lord Grim definitely wasn’t someone that they could mess with, but for those who didn’t know Lord Grim’s identity, they all had false hopes. For example, when Misty Castle’s Hazy Mist saw that Lord Grim was interested in playing in a guild, he immediately asked him if he wanted to join theirs. But in the end, Ye Xiu politely declined. Hazy Mist had even thought that it was because his offer hadn’t been enticing enough and was pondering what to do next.

Guild like the Three Great Guilds and Excellent Dynasty, who knew the truth, completely gave up on trying to rope him in. Blue River ran to the Heavenly Domain to report to his guild leader, Changing Spring. Excellent Dynasty’s Chen Yehui, on the other hand, uneasily went looking for vice-captain Liu Hao. Herb Garden’s Plantago Seed had kept his distance after finding out Lord Grim’s identity and would only come out when there was a good opportunity. His plan was the still the same, so he didn’t say anything. Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night directly went to contact Ye Xiu.

Cold Night wanted to cry, but no tears came out. The tenth server’s pioneering turned out to be so unexpectedly difficult. This time, the person who was making things difficult for them was unbelievably strong. Cold Night already felt that he wasn’t a worthy opponent, but he still had to give it a try.

“God is going to create a guild, huh! Congratulations! Congratulations!” Even Cold Night himself felt that his greeting sounded fake. How could he have any sort of feelings of congratulation in his heart? But aside from this, he didn’t know how else to initiate a conversation.

“Thanks.” Ye Xiu replied simply. He had too many messages to attend to.

“Do you have enough manpower? If there isn’t enough, I can send over some help.” Cold Night continued with his fakeness.

“No need!” Ye Xiu replied. There was even a smiley face attached to it.

Cold Night couldn’t find any other words to say. After pondering for awhile, he decided to ask the question on his mind directly: “God, what do you plan on doing after creating your guild?”

“Ha ha, you should understand!” Ye Xiu replied.

Of course, Cold Night understood. With the subject at hand, he immediately reminded: “God, you haven’t forgotten our deal, right?”

“Of course, I remember. We won’t touch your guild’s records!”

Cold Night quickly received Lord Grim’s reply. His promise was the same as the one he had initially made. He even added the same straightforward emoticon face he had used back then.

Though when he saw this reply, Cold Night wasn’t as happy as he was that day.

Not touching their guild’s records wasn’t enough. This was because if Lord Grim didn’t provide their guild with guides, their guild would have no way of competing for the records. When that happened, even if Lord Grim wanted to touch their records, he wouldn’t be able to.

The promise they had happily received seemed like insignificant words now. At that time, it wasn’t as if they hadn’t thought about the traps that came with the promise. However, Lord Grim’s levels had always been lower than theirs. As long as they controlled the records before he got to that level, then they would be fine. They hadn’t thought that he would create dungeon guides……

Cold Night didn’t know what to say. In theory, Lord Grim hadn’t broken his promise.

Heavenly Domain.

After Blue Brook Guild’s Changing Spring heard Blue River’s news, all he could do was sigh. Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts were in a circle together. For a short while, they didn’t know what to say. The news of Lord Grim creating a guild was the same as if it were going to rain. No one could do anything to stop it. If it was just a normal expert creating a guild, they wouldn’t be as worried. However, the one creating the guild was God Ye Qiu. He had burst out during the All-Star Competition and confirmed his identity with Dragon Raises Its Head. Because of this, his purpose for creating a guild obviously wasn’t going to be simply for fun. His goal would be the same as the guilds backed by the Clubs. Competing against each other couldn’t be avoided.

“We’ll wait and see what happens before we take action!” In the end, Changing Spring could only give this suggestion.

Club Excellent Era.

This time, Chen Yehui didn’t try to reach Liu Hao by phone and instead personally went to pay him a visit.

After the All-Star Weekend, Liu Hao felt as if his heart had been stabbed. Ye Xiu’s Dragon Raises Its Head had defeated Samsara’s Du Ming. However, it had also left a deep traumatic impression on Liu Hao.

Ye Qiu was going to return! This was what many people, the pros, the media, and the fans, deciphered. And this was certainly not what Liu Hao wanted to see.

At this time of uneasiness, Chen Yehui suddenly came looking for him and deliver the news of Lord Grim creating a guild.

“Creating a guild……” Liu Hao obviously understood the relationship between a guild and a Club. Ye Qiu showed that he intended to come out of retirement. Him creating a guild would implicate: “Could he be trying to form his own team?”

“It’s possible.” Chen Yehui said.

“So he refuses to give up, huh!” Liu Hao sneered.

Chen Yehui felt a bit strange. When he entered the room, he saw that Liu Hao’s expression was somewhat gloomy, but after hearing this news, he seemed to have relaxed.

“Does he really think that he can form his own team with his own hands and expect to compete with teams like ours, who have such deep roots? It seems to me like he’s grown senile.” Liu Hao said.

“With the Alliance nowadays, it’s no longer the era where it’s possible to carry a team by yourself. Experts are flooding in. More and more god-level accounts are appearing. The competition is even fiercer than ever before. It seems to me like he’ll have trouble even finding the qualifications to enter the Alliance.” Liu Hao laughed out loud.

“So you’re saying that I don’t need to worry about him?” Chen Yehui asked.

“Yeah, but don’t completely ignore him! Continue to keep an eye out!” Liu Hao said.

“But with his new guild, our development in the tenth server will definitely face a huge obstacle.” Chen Yehui was holding less and less hope for Liu Hao. He discovered that the two were gradually growing further and further apart. The two sides were no longer concerned about the same thing. Liu Hao only felt that Ye Qiu wouldn’t be able to rise back up, but during the course of all this, their Excellent Dynasty’s development would certainly take a hit, yet it didn’t even seem like that sort of thought had come across his mind.

Chen Yehui knew that the guild’s development was his responsibility. Liu Hao had nothing to do with it. He only wanted to see, one last time, if his former ally had truly cut ties off with him.

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