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Chapter 347 – Guild Created

Chen Yehui’s tone of voice changed, carrying more toughness and doubt. This was very different from how he usually talked with Liu Hao, who was able to tell.

Liu Hao was also someone who thought hard and he was instantly able to tell why Chen Yehui wasn’t happy. He patted Chen Yehui and smiled: “Let’s go find a place to drink. We can take our time to talk things over when we’re there.”

Liu Hao didn’t want to lose his ally. Chen Yehui understood this, so he didn’t object. Thus, the two left together.

In the game, seeing the craze brought out by Lord Grim’s announcement, the players didn’t doubt that Lord Grim’s guild might quickly be the largest in the tenth server.

After the announcement came out, quite a few players had already begun paying close attention to the guild page, waiting to see when Lord Grim’s guild would be created. However, even after the day turned dark, there was no sign of Lord Grim’s name in the new guilds list.

In order to create a guild, the guild leader would present an application and 30 players would have to respond. If the guild was created, the players who responded would naturally become the first guild members. 30 players was the minimum amount of players required to create a guild. If the guild had less than 30 players, the guild would enter a 72-hour countdown. If the amount of players stayed below 30 after these 72 hours were up, then the guild would automatically be disbanded.

Oftentimes, when guilds were created, the guild leader had to try and find some way to get 30 players to respond. However, with Lord Grim’s fame, let alone 30 players, finding 300 players to join wouldn’t be hard. What everyone was worried about was whether or not they’d be able to get a spot. This was because once thirty players joined, the guild would be automatically created and there would be no chance to respond to the application.

After this period, if they wanted to join, they would have to request the guild for an invite and wait for the guild members to approve. Usually, in a guild’s initial period, if the guild didn’t have much fame, numbers were more important; the more players, the better, but after the guild was developed, players would be filtered and quality would be more important.

However, Lord Grim’s guild wouldn’t be going according to the usual scenario. He had fame and he didn’t need numbers to create a presence for himself. He could completely skip the first step and regard quality as more important. Because of this, being able to respond as one of the first thirty players was more valuable.

Unfortunately, Lord Grim didn’t seem to show any signs of acting after making the announcement. The players were puzzled and in doubt, but at night, during the peak hours, Lord Grim sent out the application and his guild suddenly popped up on the new guilds list.

In an instant!

In just that instant, the players who found out didn’t even have time to spread the news, when the application disappeared. This was because, in that instant, thirty players had already responded and the guild was automatically created.

It was only after the announcement of the guild’s creation was made by the system that the players noticed.


The name of the guild Lord Grim created. Players began to request invites one after the other, while trying to figure out the meaning behind the name. The name truly didn’t sound tyrannical and it didn’t sound very impressive either. No one was able to deduce the true meaning behind it. In the end, they just regarded it as an expert having a different temperament than normal players.

The attention garnered from Guild Happy made Chen Guo uncontrollably excited. In her eyes, this was an extremely impressive opening. Right now, Ye Xiu was dealing with the countless requests. Seeing the mass of names, Chen Guo only regretted that they couldn’t accept them all. The limit of guild members depended upon the guild’s level. Level one guilds could only house a maximum of 100 players.

Excluding the first thirty players who responded, only seventy spots were left. Ye Xiu bitterly searched through the endless list of requests for players he was familiar with.

Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion…….. They didn’t need to be said. Apart from them, old friends like Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon, and co. decisively left their Full Moon Guild and requested for an invite after knowing that “Brother Expert” had created a guild.

Cleansing Mist…… After Ye Xiu singled out the name, Chen Guo was shocked. She quickly reacted: “Is that Su Mucheng?”

‘Yeah!” Ye Xiu nodded his head.

“Sigh……” Chen Guo hated how she couldn’t play with them in the tenth server and couldn’t help but feel envious of how Tang Rou played shoulder to shoulder and chatted every day with Su Mucheng.

“Will she join our team in the future?” Chen Guo asked.

“That depends on you. You’re the boss!”

“I don’t have the money……” Chen Guo was sad. She couldn’t afford to pay a popular player like Su Mucheng. With her status, creating a pro team was definitely risky business. It was very likely that they wouldn’t be able to last long in the Alliance and would be quickly eliminated. Though luckily, with Ye Xiu, she had a lot more confidence. If she had to manage everything herself, she knew very well that their only result would be walking out.

“Ha ha, take it slow. It’s still early.’ Ye Xiu was still laughing.

Would Su Mucheng drop down a level just to join our team? Chen Guo’s mind was in shambles. With Ye Xiu, this was a possibility. However, she felt too embarrassed to ask him to do that, so she could only silently hope.

“Okay, I’ve added everyone I know……” Ye Xiu looked at this guild member list and checked again. Everyone he knew had been added in.

The guild channel was bustling with noise. The newly gathered players seized the moment to get to know each other. Those who had gotten in by being the first to respond, but were low-level, were feeling very uneasy. Seeing the long list of high-level players in the guild, these noobs were worried that they’d immediately be kicked out.

“There’s still space. Keep on adding people!” Chen Guo saw that Ye Xiu had stopped after adding all the players he recognized.

“Don’t worry! Let’s not act impulsively. Let me see who I want in my guild.” Ye Xiu said.

“The high-level ones!” Chen Guo said.

“It’d be best to consider their classes. If my guild has a hundred Clerics, that wouldn’t be good, right?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Oh?” Chen Guo understood what Ye Xiu was thinking, “Are you thinking of having the classes in the guild work together as a team?”

“I don’t think I can get them to that level, but having a relatively good balance has its advantages.” Ye Xiu said.

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