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Chapter 324 – Desire for Victory


Tang Rou quickly felt it. After not even a minute of such intense playing, her fingers began to feel tired. And then at her wrists, her elbows, and her arms, fatigue struck.

How long could she last? Tang Rou didn’t know and didn’t think about it, either. Her concentration was entirely focused on her opponent. As she made fierce attacks, she also tried her hardest to maintain accuracy. She hoped that more of her attacks would fall on her opponent.

One minute…..

Two minutes….

Three minutes……

The expressions on the pros’ faces began to change. They discovered that this girl’s hand speed wasn’t the scariest part about her, but rather it was her perseverance.

Four minutes! She was actually able to keep up such a hand speed for four minutes. Many of the pros were already asking themselves how long they could keep up their fastest hand speed.

Even scarier was that she still wasn’t done after four minutes. Her fast fingers continued to move…….

“If she knew had know how to use more powerful skills, then she might have already won the match…….” one player said.

“That might not be true. Powerful skills have larger openings. With her random fighting, powerful skills will only create openings for her opponent and, no matter how fast her fingers are, it’s not possible to get rid of the system’s end animation!”

“If it’s like that, then only knowing how to use low-level skills is actually an advantage for her……”

“Unfortunately, low-level skills don’t do much damage and her accuracy is quite poor, too….. With her current pace, if she wants to beat Du Ming, then she’d need at least ten minutes.”

“She can’t keep it up for ten minutes, right?”

No one dared to jump to the conclusion because Tang Rou already made them feel inconceivable. Such a strong desire to win was rare for a show like this. They already couldn’t understand just how much energy she had.

Five minutes……

Six minutes…..

In the blink of an eye, two minutes had passed and the Battle Mage’s relentless play style continued being maintained.

“What’s going on, is she cheating…….” With every passing minute, Du Ming grew more and more nervous. His Blade Master’s health had already gone down by more than half and there were no signs of weariness from his opponent or any extremely large openings. He could feel that the other side was trying her hardest. Even though she couldn’t maintain accuracy, she was giving her utmost to win.


Another sound of being hit. During these few minutes, Du Ming had already grown numb to these sounds. After being hit so many times, the only reason he was still here was because they were all either low-level skills or they were normal attacks. Du Ming didn’t feel nervous towards these attacks and was actually trying to dodge these attacks. Whenever he was hit, it meant that his hand speed wasn’t able to keep up. There was nothing that he could do about it.


Who would have thought that not long after, another sound resounded. Du Ming was hit again by Tang Rou’s battle spear.


In the next minute, the sounds of being hit became more and more hurried. Du Ming’s Blade Master was hit multiple times.

“What’s going on?” Du Ming was startled. The pros were also startled.

“Her hand speed is still increasing??”

“No….. not her……” Suddenly, some of the more perceptive players noticed the issue.

“It’s not that her hand speed increased, but rather Du Ming’s hand speed slowed down…..”

“Even though her attacks have no strategy behind them, Du Ming has also been trying his utmost to dodge these attacks. If not for that, he would have died a long time ago.”

“If the opponent attacks faster, than he also has to dodge faster……”

“In a high-speed battle, speed isn’t only used by one person, but rather, they were used by both sides.”

“Even though Du Ming isn’t using as much energy as his opponent, he was the first to be hit by the fatigue.”

Just when everyone was wondering whether Tang Rou would be able to last for ten minutes, they astonishingly discovered that the first one that would be unable to persist was Du Ming.

Attacks continued to land on the Blade Master. Du Ming startled at first, thinking that his opponent’s hand speed had increased, but he quickly noticed that he had been the one that had slowed down. And now, he was already at a red blood status.

He was going to lose!

Du Ming finally realized.

From the beginning to the end, he had never considered this. No matter how fast his opponent’s hands were, she was just an inexperienced new player. How could she keep on using such a barbaric strategy to the end?

This was the origin of Du Ming’s confidence, but he didn’t think that the opponent would really last until the end, up to the point where even he wasn’t able to keep on going.

“Du Ming is going to lose…… he lost because his desire to win wasn’t as strong.” one player sighed.

Everyone was silent.

Without a doubt, for a show like this, the pros really didn’t care about winning. When going against normal players, they didn’t need to care about winning.

But for normal players, it was different. Beating a pro player had a different meaning to them. Their desire to win would, of course, be much greater than a pro’s desire.

The desire to win and their hand speed was the difference between Du Ming and Tang Rou. This difference was completely grasped by Tang Rou, while Du Ming’s confidence, that there was no way he would ever lose, was now exposed.

The already somewhat panicked Du Ming was unable to come back when in Red Blood and his Blade Master quickly fell to Tang Rou’s Battle Mage.

The entire stadium was silent.

This year, there were too many unprecedented events in the All-Star Weekend. And now, a normal player had even beat a pro player.

This match clearly wasn’t a match that was meticulously planned. Even the audience was able to see that Tang Rou’s crazy hand speed had firmly suppressed Du Ming.

No one thought of cheering at this moment.

This was Samsara’s home ground and Du Ming was one of their main players. Being beaten by a normal player was absolutely shameful to the majority of the audience.

After a moment of silence, someone suddenly shouted angrily. After that, rowdy jeering spread to every corner of the stadium.

For their own team, fans didn’t only support them but when there was something that they weren’t happy about, they would mercilessly speak out.

This was where these angry shouts originated from.

In addition, everyone was together. Nobody talked about what Tang Rou wasn’t. They were all pointing out how useless Du Ming was.

From the beginning till the end, not only did Du Ming lose, he lost miserably.

In the end, the match took 7 minutes and 34 seconds. Du Ming had been thoroughly suppressed for 7 minutes, all the way until he had died.

The angry shouts grew louder and louder and the words they were saying grew more and more varied. The audience was completely out of control. The host’s voice was drowned out by them and no one could hear what he was saying.

These sort of shouts weren’t unfamiliar to a pro player. Many had experienced this before. For example, when Excellent Era’s Liu Hao gave away the match, Excellent Era’s fans mercilessly swore at him.

Amidst these angry shouts, Tang Rou and Du Ming left their platforms and stood at the center of the stage.

The shouts immediately rose to even high volumes and Du Ming was so sad that he wanted to die.

After constant calls to keep order, the host was finally able to calm the down audience a bit.

“Look at that guy’s face. Ha ha ha ha!” Chen Guo excitedly handed the binoculars over to Ye Xiu, while laughing uncontrollably. This immediately drew numerous angry glares from the surrounding audience members. After Ye Xiu took the binoculars, he found that he was in a dangerous position. After all, Chen Guo was a beautiful girl, so she had a bit of privilege. If he laughed as arrogantly as she did, then he couldn’t guarantee that the furious audience members wouldn’t get into a fight with him.

After using the binoculars to take a look, he saw that Du Ming’s expression really was quite splendid. On the other hand, Tang Rou didn’t look any different than the previous match. Her energy and determination were definitely her greatest talents.

After the stadium gradually calmed down, the host’s voice could finally be heard.

But the first to speak wasn’t the host; it was Du Ming.

He took the initiative to ask for another match with Tang Rou.

His intent was obvious. He wanted to win the match to regain his honor. But who would have thought that he would bring in another round of laughter.

A pro player wanted to compete with a normal player. In their eyes, his challenge only proved how little of a future he had.

Du Ming’s face turned even more ugly.

He was shouted at for losing and for trying to win back his honor. Was there really nowhere he could turn to?

Though amidst these shouts, Tang Rou’s voice sounded out: “Okay, I accept your challenge.”

The entire stadium went into another uproar. The situation had turned into Du Ming challenging the normal player.

There were still those who were angry at Du Ming for having no future, but Tang Rou’s arrogance also brought about a lot of discontent. Quite a few impolite words were thrown down towards Tang Rou. After all, Du Ming was the person that they truly supported. It was tough love. They felt that it was okay for them to be angry, but if some outsider disrespected him, then they would stand at their player’s side.

Amidst these shouts, Tang Rou was actually even more mature than the pro. She didn’t care at all and simply walked onto the competition platform.

The host didn’t know what to do. Playing another match just after finishing one was something that had never happened before. The experienced host could only feel that this year’s All-Star Event had truly become a mess.

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