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Chapter 323 – Noob Strategy

“How unlucky!” Quite a few pros sighed after seeing Tang Rou’s Chaser get blocked.

“If she hadn’t used Dragon Tooth that time and used a Rising Dragon Soars the Sky instead, then Du Ming probably would have been hit.”

“Yeah, this girl’s hands are very quick! If she had used a Rising Dragon, it would have certainly connected.”

“So she really is a new player? She hasn’t used a single Level 40 and above skill. It truly is unfortunate…..”

Usually, the pros rarely went into such a serious discussion over the for-show All-Star Weekend. And as the pros discussed, the audience’s mood also began to move.

They had thought that after being hit by the Sword Draw, Tang Rou’s Battle Mage would be locked into a combo. No one had thought that Tang Rou would be able to Quick Recover after being hit by the Falling Phoenix Slash.

It has to be known that a character hit by Falling Phoenix Slash would crash down like a meteor, which was extremely quick. By successfully using a Quick Recover and then immediately beginning a counterattack, the exchange had actually ended disfavorably for the pro player, Du Ming.

“Ah, why didn’t she use Rising Dragon Soars the Sky!” Chen Guo was an experienced player and even she had felt that that would have been the correct move.

“Rising Dragon Soars the Sky…… She probably doesn’t know how to use it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh right…… I forgot.” Chen Guo suddenly realized.

“Do you think Little Tang has a chance at winning?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

“You….. don’t look down on pros!”

As soon as he said this, the tables turned.

After Tang Rou comboed a few times, Du Ming quickly seized an opportunity to take back the initiative. He used several skills and normal attacks to restrict her, luring the inexperienced Tang Rou into a trap, which ended with Tang Rou getting hit by the Level 70 Blade Master’s ultimate skill, “Formless Phantom Blade”.

Under the relentless slashes, blood flew out all over the stage from Tang Rou’s Battle Mage. The electronic screen soon showed the combo count.

Mirage Blade relied on the player’s skill to fully utilize the combo. The higher the combo, the higher the damage. Currently, the highest record was 13 and there were already many Blade Masters who could reach this, but no one had gotten to the 14th blade yet.

In order to achieve what looked to be the limit, the move’s distance and angle had to be calculated. Du Ming’s Mirage Blade had completed early because of Tang Rou’s extremely quick reactions. She was able to force a dodge even in a hopeless situation, causing Du Ming to end the Mirage Blade at 10 blades.

The final blade made by Mirage Blade had a strong Blow Away effect. This attack was very important. If this attack didn’t connect, then the one-second “stun” from the end-animation allowed for more than enough time to completely return the damage.

As a pro, Du Ming obviously wouldn’t mess up at this crucial moment. After the final blade came out, Tang Rou’s Battle Mage was blown away.

As of now, the opponent practically hadn’t taken any damage, while Tang Rou’s Battle Mage had already lost a fifth of her health.

The current Tang Rou was no longer the same Tang Rou from before. She now understood the gap between her and Du Ming. Especially in the last move, she had been completely suppressed by her opponent. Blow after blow, the opponent forced her into a specific situation until she had no choice but to eat that final blow.

In order to beat an opponent, one had to know where the gap was.

Tang Rou remembered what Ye Xiu said, but she discovered that the gap between her and these pros was truly too wide.

Experience was the greatest different between them. Tang Rou’s battle experience was equivalent to a noob’s. In front of these pros, it wasn’t nearly enough. They could easily see through her intents and thwart her plans. And then they could easily lure her into a trap.

“She really is a new player…..”

While Tang Rou thought about this, the pros were also discussing.

Tang Rou was a new player. This was something that was thoroughly exposed after she had to face a pro like Du Ming. If some of them had been doubting it before, then now it was for certain.

But this confirmation only made Tang Rou more valuable. Next up, how would the new player react? Everyone looked forward to seeing it.

Tang Rou moved!

Even though she clearly recognized the gap, when Du Ming charged forward, she did the same without hesitation.

Dragon Tooth!

This time, Tang Rou beat Du Ming to it. Her Battle Mage’s Dragon Tooth stabbed forward.

Sky Strike!

Double Stab!

Circle Swing!

Falling Flower Palm!

Like before, she only used these pitiful low-level skills along with a few normal attacks mixed in.

Du Ming calmly dodged them and prepared to strike back.

An opening!

Tang Rou’s attack had unexpectedly completely missed. Du Ming saw the chance and used Sword Draw!


The sound of an attack hitting.

Du Ming discovered in astonishment that the one hit wasn’t his opponent, but himself. The missed attack was somehow turned around towards his body.

It was only a normal attack and it didn’t do much damage, but it was completely out of Du Ming’s expectations.

Tang Rou’s attacks continued. Du Ming gradually felt some pressure. He could clearly feel that his opponent’s attacks were growing faster and faster.

“Her hand speed is increasing!” The pros could sense this. They discovered in astonishment that Tang Rou’s hand speed hadn’t been at her limit before. Now, her attacks were growing faster and faster.

“So she was hiding her strength!” one gasped.

“No….. this isn’t hidden strength……”

“Her attacks might be faster……. But there’s no thought put into them.” Many of the pros realized this.

Tang Rou’s attacks didn’t seem to have any plans behind them. They were just being used for the sake of being used. If she didn’t have any skills available, she would use normal attacks.

This was a noob’s strategy, through and through. There was no showing of knowledge or decision-making. The attacks would simply go wherever the opponent was.

This type of strategy shouldn’t have any power behind it. But right now, it was completely suppressing Du Ming.

Because of hand speed!

Through just hand speed, Tang Rou’s level was already at a pro level. It was just that her attacks weren’t very accurate, so in order to maintain accuracy, she had to slow down her hands. But right now, she no longer cared about all this. She would do her utmost to send out her moves as quickly as possible.

“Her hand speed…… How fast is it?”

“That’s hard to say…. There’s a lot of useless movement……”

The pros were all somewhat speechless. When they talked about hand speed, they usually only considered meaningful moves. But right now, Tang Rou didn’t care. Speed, speed, speed! She was only seeking speed! Under her whirlwind hand speed, many of her attacks hit nothing. No one knew just how many missteps she made or just how many moves she wasted. Although, this type of method was enough to stop Du Ming, for now.

“How incredible!” Chen Guo was somewhat dumbstruck at the scene.

“How smart!” Ye Xiu smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“She finally understood where their gaps were, so she chose to use a method to avoid her lacking parts.” Ye Xiu said.


“In a normal battle, because she lacks experience, she has no way of seizing the initiative. As a result, she simply decided not to think about all this. Right now, she is simply using the methods she knows to attack her opponent as quickly as possible. Because of her exceptional hand speed, even a beginner like her could look mighty through her random attacks.” Ye Xiu smiled.

“So you’re saying Little Tang could win?” Chen Guo said excitedly.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think so.” Ye Xiu sighed.


“Because she’ll get tired….. How long can she keep up such attacks?” Ye Xiu said.

Ye Xiu wasn’t the only one to see this point. All of the pros watching analyzed this. After Tang Rou’s explosive hand speed, they could fully see her limit. No one knew better than the pros just how hard it was to keep such a hand speed up.

With this type of rhythmless hand speed, the winner would be the person who endured the longest.

Du Ming was a pro player, so he also understood this. However, as the “Berserk Blade Master”, being suppressed like this made him feel very depressed. But there was nothing he could do about it. There was no way he could have predicted that his opponent would do this, because she was just randomly attacking. He had no way of taking back the initiative, because he couldn’t help but acknowledge that, based on hand speed, he was unexpectedly unable to keep up with this guest.

“This new player really does have some skill, though how long can she keep this up?” Du Ming thought as he looked at his character’s health.

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