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Chapter 310 – A Conclusion

It could be heard from the audience’s cheers just how sensational the appearance of these accounts were.

It was already difficult enough to see a God-level account come out in the Rookie Challenge. For there to be two God-level accounts coming out as opponents, this was definitely a first in the history of the Rookie Challenge. Every reporter today was destined to be busy tonight. They hadn’t yet finished switching the lead story to “The Junior Beats the Senior”, when suddenly, an even more explosive story had come out.

Of course, the more explosive the story, the more excited these diligent reporters became. The previous drafts they had didn’t need to be trashed. All they had to do was switch their positions on the page. Right now, they were hoping that Sun Xiang would be like Tang Hao and say a challenge similar to “the junior beats the senior”. If that happened, the reporters would certainly go crazy.

On stage, Sun Xiang loftily walked up.

Without a doubt, no rookie had a greater reputation than he did. He was in his second year as a pro like Tang Hao, but he was far more eye-catching than Tang Hao. In his first year, his god-like performance won him the Most Outstanding Rookie title. His performance in this season also continued to be outstanding. Halfway through the season, he transferred to Excellent Era and after receiving the God-level account, One Autumn Leaf, it could already be said that Sun Xiang stood together, alongside the top Gods. Critics even praised that his control over One Autumn Leaf was more than enough to allow Excellent Era’s fans to forget about Ye Qiu. The majority of players probably even forgot that he was still a rookie.

If Sun Xiang went up and respectfully greeted his senior, he probably won’t win many people’s approval. After all, his status was already different. If he put himself as a regular rookie, then that would be too excessive. Undue modesty was conceit.

Furthermore, Sun Xiang had never been a modest person. The keen reporters predicted that Sun Xiang definitely wouldn’t let this match be a dull one.

Sun Xiang’s appearances weren’t bad either. After walking up on stage, he had already begun waving his hands to the audience as if he were already the winner.

The host walked forward and asked for Sun Xiang’s reason for challenging Han Wenqing as if he were interviewing him.

“The reason is very simple.” Sun Xiang smiled with a manner of a God, “For Excellent Era and Tyrannical Ambition, I will settle the old grudge between One Autumn Leaf and Desert Dust.”

After the audience heard this, they were at first, stumped for words. But then they began to shout and cheer loudly again. Sun Xiang’s words weren’t as ruthless as Tang Hao’s “the junior beats the senior”, but what it represented was extremely rich. Tang Hao’s words were only limited to the contest for the number one Brawler, while what Sun Xiang planned on doing was a true God vs God battle. In addition, his words represented the rivalry between two of the oldest Clubs in the Alliance.

Sun Xiang was Excellent Era’s team captain and used One Autumn Leaf. He was worthy of taking the responsibility. Although the majority of the people here were Samsara fans, no one would ever dare to object to watching an exciting match. As long as they were a Glory fan, no one wanted to miss the rivalry between these two teams.

Amidst the mass of cheers, there was also a small portion of cursing, which were naturally from Tyranny’s fans. Sun Xiang’s challenge was too much to bear, so they impolitely began cursing.

If there were Tyranny fans, then naturally there would be Excellent Era fans. Except Excellent Era’s fans were the only ones cheering, so they looked about the same as the majority of the audience and didn’t stand out.

However, the Excellent Era fan next to Ye Xiu was quite eye-catching. She jumped up and down, waved her arms, and shouted: “Beat Han Wenqing!!!”

“Slow down…….” Ye Xiu hastily called. He was afraid that Chen Guo would stumble from being too excited and fall into the front seats.

Under the host’s introduction, Tyranny’s team captain Han Wenqing finally walked onto the stage.

Even though Sun Xiang wasn’t modest, under the audience’s eyes, he didn’t want to appear impolite, so he extended his hands: “Please advise me, senior.” He would still say the polite words any player should say.

“It’s an honor.” Han Wenqing shook Sun Xiang’s hands and emotionlessly replied.

Sun Xiang chuckled and turned around to walk towards his competition platform. The host wanted to ask Han Wenqing few questions, but when he got up close and saw Han Wenqing’s cold gaze, his heart trembled and he was unable to utter a single word. Han Wenqing waved his hands towards the cheering audience and then headed over to his platform.

The two were both using their own accounts, so they could skip choosing the equipment and adding skill points part. The lights quickly dimmed and the projection appeared onto the stage. One Autumn Leaf and Desert Dust had already appeared at the two ends of the map.

The commentator was even more enthusiastic for this match. He already knew that the two would quickly begin fighting, so without wasting a breath, he quickly introduced the two players and their characters.

“Battle Mages and Strikers are classes that excel at direct confrontations. If we take a look at this market street map that Sun Xiang chose, the map doesn’t favor either of the two classes. It doesn’t seem to have been chosen for any tactical purpose.” After introducing the two sides, the commentator began talking about the map. These types of commentary were quite rare in the Rookie Challenge, but the commentator had already recognized that this match would be a true fight, which was why the commentator began analyzing the match from the very start.

“Okay, the two sides didn’t do any unnecessary actions and headed straight for the middle of the map.” The commentator said.

The two characters met at the corner of one of the streets.

The Silver weapon, Evil Annihilation, held in One Autumn Leaf’s hands glinted a dark, cold light. The Silver weapon, Flame Fists, worn by Desert Dust were two fiery flames that enveloped his fists.

Right now, the two sides were about ten positions away. Both stopped there for a short while as if they were sending their respects and then rushed forward, practically at the same time.

In terms of attack range, the Battle Mage’s long weapon was undoubtedly much greater than the Striker with the shortest fist weapon, so the first to attack was of course, Sun Xiang. A black light flashed and One Autumn Leaf’s Evil Annihilation initiated with a Dragon Tooth.

Han Wenqing didn’t dodge. His Desert Dust continued forward as his two hands twisted towards Evil Annihilation answering with an Empty-Handed Blade Block.

Sun Xiang obviously wouldn’t give him an opportunity and immediately turned the stab into a slash, turning the Dragon Tooth into a Sky Strike.

The Empty-Handed Blade Block hit nothing and the skill couldn’t be used immediately again. Desert Dust sidestepped Evil Annihilation, although it looked like he really didn’t want to. As soon as his body passed by the attack, he immediately punched forward.

The blazing fists shot out like a fierce mountain tiger. Sun Xiang hastily jumped back to dodge. Han Wenqing, who didn’t know about the word retreat, once again went forward to attack. The advantage of the Battle Mage in attack range wasn’t able to be shown. From just that quick exchange, Han Wenqing had already broken through the advantage and sent Desert Dust up next to One Autumn Leaf.

Sun Xiang looked to be having some difficulty warding off the flurry of fists. However, not just anyone could show this. Against someone with slightly less skill, who knew how much damage Han Wenqing’s fists would be able to do.

The tempest of attacks stopped. Sun Xiang heaved a sigh of relief and just as he was planning on attacking, he saw Desert Dust crouch into a horse stance. His left hand swayed in front of him, while his right hand pressed on his waist.

“Not good!” Sun Xiang startled. This was the starting animation for the Striker skill “Emperor’s Fist”. This skill had an extremely long cooldown and was usually used in the middle of a combo to inflict heavy damage while the opponent had no place to run. Right now, Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf wasn’t in this type of situation. Using this huge type of skill in this situation would prove to be extremely easy to dodge for a pro-player. It really was a huge waste.

Sun Xiang hadn’t thought that Han Wenqing would use the skill at such a moment, but Han Wenqing had done it. Sun Xiang didn’t dare to try and attack. Just from the name, it could be seen that “Emperor’s Fist” wasn’t an ordinary skill.


A sharp whistle split the air. Emperor’s Fist was only a single punch, but the power and speed of it was at its extreme.

Sun Xiang dodged in a flurry and avoided it. But the wind from the punch caused One Autumn Leaf to stumble. Sun Xiang’s mechanics indeed weren’t ordinary. Despite his character staggering and his camera being unsteady, One Autumn Leaf’s Evil Annihilation did not stop dancing in front of his body. The blue waves emanating from it weren’t jumbled. It was evident that his control was exceptional.

His Evil Annihilation shook and pierced through the waves of blue, which gathered onto the spear’s tip.

Even though he hadn’t been hit by “Emperor’s Fist”, the wind from it put Sun Xiang into an unfavorable situation. In this scenario, most players could only watch as their opponent followed up with a wave of attacks. But Sun Xiang was able to complete a powerful skill in this situation.

Dragon Rises from the Sea!

Evil Annihilation flew through like an ocean spray. The blue colored waves rolled along, sounding like an unceasing torrent.

Desert Dust was still in his end animation. The attack came quickly and could not be dodged. The strike connected. Sun Xiang seized this opportunity and followed up with a string of attacks, giving Han Wenqing a beat back.

The two went back and forth. Large skills and small. Amidst the flood of light from the visual effects, it was almost difficult to see the characters. The two were evenly matched. Apart from the starting exchange, neither side was ever able to combo more than three attacks again.

Lance and fist.

The surroundings had already been destroyed. The battle was clearly extremely intense. However, the amount of health that dropped was extremely small. In this type of intense battle, the majority of the attacks from the two were either dodged or blocked. The match was in a deadlock and in the blink of an eye, ten minutes had passed.

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