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Chapter 311 – The Foreshadowed Climax

Ten minutes. This duration of time wasn’t short in the slightest for a duel.

In the early days of the Glory Alliance, matches had a time constraint. In those days, a 1v1 match had a five-minute time limit. If there was no winner after five minutes, the winner would be decided on who had more health left.

The time constraint was originally intended to help out the broadcast, but because of this type of rule, a lot of passive strategies were used. For example, after obtaining a certain lead in health, they wouldn’t try to fight the opponent and ran around the map instead to play hide and seek.

In this way, there were a lot more tactical options, but these types of hide and seek tactics were extremely boring to watch. The opponent was depressed and the members of the audience weren’t happy. Even the commentators fell speechless when these types of matches came about. As a result, the Alliance quickly called a meeting and they decided to remove the time limit. From then on, no match would have a time constraint. The match would be decided by who lived and who died.

With this, even if the players played dirty, they also needed to take the initiative. Running away and hiding would no longer be the main strategy and the matches became much more enjoyable. Though without the time constraint, the broadcast did find it more troublesome to plan out a schedule, but it wasn’t so bad that they couldn’t resolve it. Enjoyable matches were also beneficial to their revenue. The broadcast didn’t want any boring hide-and-seek matches just to make things more convenient.

The time constraint had been scrapped, but the reason they had chosen five minutes as the time limit had been logical. Five minutes was more than enough time to complete a duel. Apart from dragging the match over the five-minute mark, the strategies used were more of the dirty and cautious types, where the two sides slowly wore each other down.

But the current match clearly wasn’t of this kind. One Autumn Leaf’s and Desert Dust’s intense fighting had quickly demolished a fifth of the surroundings. Where was there any sign of dirty fighting?

Yet in this way, the two sides were unexpectedly locked in a stalemate for ten minutes. This truly was rarely seen. They weren’t done yet either. Right now, the two players still had a quarter of their health!

The audience watched in awe. The commentator quickly searched up some data and brought it up.

“10 minutes! Sun Xiang and Han Wenqing have already fought for ten minutes. Right now, the two sides still have a quarter of their health left. If we go according to their pace, the match should take around 13 minutes. Those who are familiar with Glory’s records might not think that this time is that incredible, but everyone should know that those extremely long matches are mostly due to dirty fighting. But to be able to achieve a duration of more than ten minutes with such intense direct fighting, this is my first time witnessing such a match in my career.” The commentator talked nonstop. Due to the unexpected nature of the event, he hadn’t done any prior research. The commentators could only rely on their relatively rich experience to show that this match wasn’t ordinary.

How extraordinary was ten minutes? In reality, experienced Glory players could tell that with such intense fighting, it truly wasn’t normal. No one really paid attention to the commentator’s talking. Everyone was focused on the match.

“Who’s going to win?” Chen Guo grabbed Ye Xiu’s arm and asked. This match really was even. It was impossible to tell who had the advantage. Chen Guo doubted that she was good enough to tell, so she asked the more skilled Ye Xiu on his thoughts.

“It’s hard to tell right now.” Ye Xiu said.


“They still have a lot of health left.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“Right now, neither of them are able to fully take the initiative. They still have a quarter of their health left, so they still can’t rely on a single opportunity to win the match. Just a bit more. They have to at least reach red blood!” Ye Xiu said.

“And after they reach red blood?” Chen Guo asked.

“After they reach red blood, a single high-damage ultimate can decide the match.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh…….” Chen Guo nodded her head in understanding. As for Tang Rou, she was extremely focused on the match. After all, the Battle Mage was the class she was currently using. This match could open up a lot of doors for her. It was just that her Soft Mist wasn’t even Level 40 yet, so she still lacked a lot of the skills. The number of things she could learn were limited. However, just from the low-leveled skills that Soft Mist could use, Tang Rou could already see a huge difference between them.

Whether it was the player or the character……

The audience wasn’t cheering anymore. Because in this type of deadlock, while the two sides were continuously attacking each other, they were also continuously blocking each other’s attacks. The audience had thought that there would be a climax soon, but the only thing that came up was a blank. Shouting and cheering when there was nothing to shout about made everyone feel a bit awkward. If they kept on doing so, wouldn’t it show how unskilled they were?

Thus, the audience quietly watched and quietly awaited the match’s conclusion.

Everyone suddenly awoke with a start: Ah! The two characters’ health dropped again.

No one knew the details on how exactly their health dropped. Many in the audience were already at a loss about whether this match could be considered as intense. The two were always fighting, but it also never seemed like anything was happening. The only thing they could see was their health slowly dropping. But then after ten minutes, the two characters’ health suddenly began to flash red.

“Red blood!” Chen Guo called.

“Yeah, it’s time for the match to be decided. Watch carefully.” Ye Xiu said.

The time for the match to be decided had come.

Ye Xiu wasn’t the only one to understand this reasoning. The people in the pro player seats were all holding their breaths.

The previous ten minutes were just a buildup. This final moment would be the climax. The climax for the entire match would also be the match’s deciding point.

On stage, after the exchange, One Autumn Leaf suddenly retreated. In this crucial moment, he changed strategies and gave up on blindly attacking. Relying on his Battle Mage’s buffs from the Chasers, as well as the high mobility from Battle Spirit, he began to wander, waiting for the opportunity to move, ready to give the final blow to his opponent.

And Han Wenqing? In this final moment, he would use his advance forward strategy to the end.

“Wah!!!” The silent audience suddenly erupted into cries and applause…… After this change, in these audience members’ eyes, which hadn’t been able to clearly see the situation, Han Wenqing had taken the upswing. Even though the reason for the audience’s eruption was wrong, the match’s climax had begun.

“F*ck, this stupid Sun Xiang!!!” Chen Guo shouted angrily. In this match, she wasn’t some neutral fan. She was one hundred percent hoping for Sun Xiang to win. But most of this was due to her being a supporter of the team. After all, Sun Xiang hadn’t been in Excellent Era for long. Chen Guo hadn’t become his brainless fan yet! Now that she suddenly saw him running around with his tail behind, she immediately felt extremely disdainful of him.

“Don’t be alarmed. Just watch carefully.” Ye Xiu urged.

“Look at that hopeless guy!” Chen Guo shouted.

“I feel like he’s playing quite cool-headed.” Tang Rou, who hadn’t been participating in their discussion, interrupted.

“I agree.” Ye Xiu also nodded his head.

“Really? Then that’s good……” Chen Guo didn’t argue. She had been nervous, but after hearing that Sun Xiang might not lose, she felt quite gratified.

Attack! In this crucial moment, Han Wenqing seemed to not know what the word cautious meant. As if he didn’t know what calm meant either, he continued to attack ferociously.

Collapsing Fist! Desert Dust punched straight forward at the One Autumn Leaf whom had just rolled backwards in a flurry.

Whirlwind Kick! Desert Dust chased after, blowing up a whirlwind of air. The two skills had been linked together very quickly, but Sun Xiang moved faster. His One Autumn Leaf didn’t get up after rolling backwards and instead rolled to the side. This was only a basic movement, but seamlessly connecting these two rolls like this definitely wasn’t easy. If the second roll had been slightly delayed, then he would have certainly been swept away by the Whirlwind Kick.

Soaring Tiger!!!

Han Wenqing once again used a high-leveled skill at an inopportune moment. Desert Dust flew forward, his two legs aimed towards One Autumn Leaf.


This time, even a seamlessly connected roll wouldn’t be able to dodge this. Desert Dust’s two legs shot straight towards One Autumn Leaf’s head, knocking him down. Desert Dust followed the momentum and leaped behind One Autumn Leaf. He kicked again in mid-air for an Eagle Stamp in preparation to end One Autumn Leaf. Soaring Tiger’s damage wasn’t enough to kill him instantly, but with these other skills, it would be enough.

The audience thought that the match would end in this instant. Chen Guo was practically about to start cursing, when she saw the knocked down One Autumn Leaf roll backwards with a Quick Recover. His character hadn’t yet completely gotten up when his spear Evil Annihilation pricked forward and diagonally, a Sky Strike.

Sky Strike was the Battle Mage’s lowest leveled skill, but this Sky Strike made when the opponent was behind him. Using this abnormal pattern, One Autumn Leaf snuck the attack in and collided it with Desert Dust’s Eagle Stamp.

A stamp down and a slash up.

The two skills collided with neither side winning. One Autumn Leaf was forced sliding backwards and Desert Dust was pushed back in the air as well.

Following that, One Autumn Leaf pulled back his spear and then lifted the black Evil Annihilation like a dragon raising its head, accumulating surging magic power onto its tip. A Battle Mage was still a mage. His battle strength wasn’t completely physical. An even greater part of it was magic.

Evil Annihilation thrust forward. The accumulated magic had congealed into a black dragon. Its roaring lifted the dust and rocks, pouncing towards Desert Dust.

Battle Mage Level 70 Ultimate: Rising Dragon Soars Through the Sky!

The audience once again thought that the match was decided. This time, Chen Guo was ready to cheer out loud.


The electronic screen also displayed this word.

But after seeing the magic dragon dissipate from Evil Annihilation’s Rising Dragon Soars the Heavens, the players discovered in astonishment that Desert Dust was standing next to One Autumn Leaf.

A target hit by the Rising Dragon Soars the Heavens could not appear next to the user, which meant that the attack had not connected.

The one who had obtained the glory was Han Wenqing and his Desert Dust. One Autumn Leaf had fallen.

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