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Chapter 304 – Shouldering the Future of Tiny Herb

“Wang Jiexi’s has already done what he can for him. Whether or not it works will depend on the child.” After waving his hands towards Excellent Era’s players, Yu Wenzhou turned his head to continue speaking.

Huang Shaotian understood what he meant. Wang Jiexi would let him win, but not by too much. He had to rely on fighting with two less skill points and then show his weakness after an intense fight. If Gao Yingjie made a mistake, then Wang Jiexi couldn’t let the opening go and would ensure his victory. Even though Wang Jiexi was letting him win, if he wanted to win, he still had to perform well.

Would Gao Yingjie make a mistake?

The two who knew the truth about these two competitors were already thinking about this. Amongst the audience, these two weren’t the only ones to harbor these thoughts.

Ye Xiu!

Yu Wenzhou hadn’t asked about him for no reason. He asked because he was certain that Ye Xiu was well aware of this.

The amateurs watched the excitement, while the experts looked for the truth.

Very few experts were able to see the truth in this match.

“Shatter!” Another Lava Flask broke and a large piece of land was eroded away by the magic item, turning the area into a field of burning lava.

“Oh…….” And at the same time, two people at two different seats of the stadium let out a sigh. One of the sighs came from the audience, while the other came from the pro players’ seats. And in the pro players’ seats, many had come to a conclusion from their discussions: Wang Jiexi was going to lose.

At this moment, Wang Jiexi’s Witch had already retreated to the corner of the map and had no place left to run. The Lava Flask had been thrown down by Gao Yingjie’s Witch and the field of lava burned Wang Jiexi’s character. With no place left to run and under attack from a Witch’s AoE damage skill, there wasn’t much he could do to come back.

Wang Jiexi’s Witch suddenly flew up and tried to escape out of the corner, but his student Gao Yingjie had seen through his intent. He flew over to block him and threw down an Acid Rain. He swept his broom and engaged in combat once again with Wang Jiexi’s character.

The consecutive damage and battles had already made it so that Wang Jiexi’s Witch no longer had any room to use any skills. The deadlock had been broken and Wang Jiexi was completely at a disadvantage. His character only had a few health points left and he clearly had no way of escaping this predicament.

Wang Jiexi never stopped trying however, but it was to no avail. His Witch was swept down by Gao Yingjie’s character and never stood up again.

The entire stadium gasped in astonishment and then was dead silent. After a short moment, people began clapping here and there. The few claps spurred more claps and the noise grew louder and louder. Even though the end result was very different from what the majority of the audience wanted, they couldn’t deny that it had been a splendid match.

Amidst the applause, two figures had even stood up.

Yu Wenzhou in the pro players’ area.

Ye Xiu in the audience.

In their eyes, the brilliance didn’t come from the match, but rather, from Wang Jiexi’s sacrifices.

By not fully adding in his points, he wrote the plot for the match and the momentum of the battle. Everything had been completely engineered by him. The worry that Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian had over whether Gao Yingjie would make an error had been taken into account by Wang Jiexi long beforehand.

When was it most likely that Gao Yingjie would make a mistake? Of course, it would be at the end of the battle. Once he became aware of the fact that he was about to strike down a God-like player in the Alliance, who was also his respected team captain, the timid and shy child would definitely become shaken. For him, it truly was a difficult obstacle to overcome.

However, Wang Jiexi had anticipated this. At the ending parts of the battle, he had his character retreat into a corner. Attacking an opponent in a corner was the most fundamental method of attack for a Witch. Let alone Gao Yingjie, no pro player that played a Witch would make any mistakes in that type of situation. Even though Gao Yingjie’s heart had been shaken, being placed in such an easy and practiced scenario was enough to help him overcome the obstacle. As a result, he obtained the victory.

Yu Wenzhou hadn’t seen everything, though.

Wang Jiexi had done even more than he had analyzed. He had even chosen the routes he would take to reduce the probability of Gao Yingjie making a mistake. This was something that he had been doing all the way till the end. Yu Wenzhou and Ye Xiu, who had figured out Wang Jiexi’s intent long ago, had only recently become aware of this when Gao Yingjie threw down his Lava Flask.

This Tiny Herb team captain truly did his utmost to ensure Gao Yingjie’s victory. He had succeeded and his brilliant sacrifice had won the two Gods’ sincere applause.

“What a brilliant match!” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

Chen Guo was also applauding, but she couldn’t quite understand why Ye Xiu would suddenly stand up like that. She had originally believed that it was because her ability to appreciate the match wasn’t good enough and that she wasn’t able to see just how brilliant the match was. But when she looked around, she saw that among the audience, besides Ye Xiu, no one else had jumped up so enthusiastically. Many of the people surrounding them were already giving him gazes of doubt as if they were looking at a noob.

“Brilliant, brilliant! It sure was brilliant. Hurry up and sit down!” Chen Guo said while pulling on Ye Xiu.

But Ye Xiu unexpectedly stayed standing and refused to sit down. Chen Guo pulled down twice, but he just wouldn’t budge. Helpless, all she could do was to sit sideways, learning from Tang Rou, and using the “I don’t know him” technique.

On stage, Wang Jiexi and Gao Yingjie had already left their playing platforms.

Gao Yingjie had returned to his shy look, walking out with his head lowered. The surrounding applause made him feel as if he were in a dream. What just happened? He couldn’t believe it. It seemed like he beat his captain? And in front of so many people, too?

He had been told to sign up for the All-Stars Challenge by his captain and challenging his captain was also his captain’s idea. Being in a match, where victory or defeat wasn’t important, and wanting to feeling the stadium’s atmosphere, was something Gao Yingjie felt he should experience. That was why he had agreed to the captain’s orders.

And then, the team captain required that he had to pretend that he was playing in the finals and had to go all out. Gao Yingjie did as he instructed, but to have actually beat his team captain was something he would have never imagined.

The victory had made Gao Yingjie somewhat surprised, somewhat scared, but also somewhat happy.
When he walked to the middle of the stadium and faced his team captain, Wang Jiexi, the feeling of fear took over Gao Yingjie. He had heard of the unwritten rules of the Rookie Competition from his seniors before. But his captain had told him to go all out, so he went all out, because, in his heart, he felt that going all out wasn’t going to result in anything anyways. He felt like he didn’t even have a one in a millionth chance of beating his team captain.

But he had done it and now that he was standing in front of his team captain though, thoughts of what his seniors had told him of what not to do flooded into his mind. He immediately felt like he had let his captain down. In a stadium where millions of people were watching, to have beat his captain, this, this, this……..

Gao Yingjie’s head drooped lower and lower. He was the winner, but his heart was filled with guilt and he didn’t want to meet with anyone.

Suddenly, his left hand was grabbed. He immediately looked and saw that he was holding his captain’s right hand. And then, he watched as his left hand was raised high up into the air, along with applause from all around the stadium. The instant his hand went up, the applause seemed to have become louder.

“You played very well.” Wang Jiexi said.

Gao Yingjie was somewhat astonished because there seemed to be a trace of a smile on the captain’s face.

“You’re going to be the one to shoulder Tiny Herb’s future! Yingjie.” Gao Yingjie heard the captain say this to him. In that instant, his surroundings seemed to have turned silent. He saw the captain let go of his hand and slowly walk off the stage. When he regained his composure, he was already the only one on stage with his arm up in the air, receiving the applause from all around the stadium…….

“Do you think Wang Jiexi is mad? To be beaten so embarrassingly by some little kid in his own team?” Chen Guo whispered when she saw Wang Jiexi leave Gao Yingjie alone on stage. When Ye Xiu heard this, he just smiled. The less people knew about Wang Jiexi’s motive, the better.

The second match of the Rookie Challenge ended and Gao Yingjie left the stage soon after. However, the news of Tiny Herb’s genius beating his team captain, Wang Jiexi, had already become the headline story. In their eyes, there was nothing more worth seeing in the Rookie Challenge Competition. Right now, the reporters were trying their hardest to get an interview.

But the Rookie Challenge Competition wouldn’t stop because of this unusual occurrence. After Gain Yingjie left the stage, the host announced the next challenger.

Tiny Herb team member, Qiao Yifan.

The audience was in an uproar. The challenger was a completely unknown player. Not just them, but even in the pro-circle, they were all whispering in each other’s ears to find out who this person was. “Who is this? Who is this?” Chen Guo was also unsure. Tang Rou quietly looked at Ye Xiu and all she saw was a completely calm face.

A youth stood up from Tiny Herb’s seats. Amidst his team’s indifferent gazes, he walked onto the stage.

The whispering didn’t stop, but the host continued to follow the program.

“Qiao Yifan wishes to challenge the owner of the number one Phantom Demon, Sobbing Ghost, Team Void Captain, Li Xuan!”

This time, the audience and the pro players weren’t too surprised. The targets in the Rookie Challenge were usually these types of ace players. However, Qiao Yifan’s own Team Tiny Herb, on the other hand, was in an uproar.

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