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Chapter 303 – Intentional

Even though they were players who played the same class, the skills they were used to using and their equipment styles might not have been the same. This was why the hosts provided players with Level 70 Blank accounts. Their skill points hadn’t been added yet and their equipment could be chosen freely. Of course, they didn’t have Silver equipment though. They were using all common equipment from the game. Since the All-Star Event was in cooperation with Glory’s gaming company, the required accounts and equipment needed for the All-Star Event weren’t lacking.

Wang Jiexi and Gao Yingjie’s Witches entered the stage. Their skill points and equipment had be chosen. Gao Yingjie was the player who was going to inherit Wang Jiexi’s Vaccaria, so in terms of skills they chose and their equipment choices, the two weren’t too different from each other. At this moment, the two Witches were headed towards the middle of the stage. It was practically impossible to see who had moved first.

Similar to the last match, the two directly dashed towards the middle. As players from the same team, they knew about this battle beforehand, which was why they hadn’t said any greetings or anything at all before the match began, like Dai Yanqi and Chu Yunxiu had done. The two Witches on their brooms gradually flew closer and closer to each other. The first to act was actually Gao Yingjie as he raised his hands and sent a Magic Missile towards Wang Jiexi’s character.

This match would truly be a beautiful fight.

In comparison, the audience had placed most of their attention onto the projection’s visual effects in the prior match. This time around, the audience had been pulled back to the main theme through Gao Yinjie and Wang Jiexi’s brilliant fighting. The projection’s true effects had returned to its original purpose. It complemented the performance instead of surpassing the match’s beauty.

The two Witches danced around the map like butterflies. Lava, acid, and traces of their skills laid everywhere. All sorts of magic items had been thrown onto the ground. Let alone the projection, but even with only the broadcasted scenes, the match was already astonishing enough. It could be seen from just how many times the commentator wowed. Because this was a one on one match, the two sides’ tempo was truly too fast. By the time the commentators finished explaining an exchange of blows, the two sides had already moved on and exchanged who knew how many more blows by then. How could the audience care to pay attention to the commentators’ sputter. In the end, the commentators decided that it’d be best to just keep quiet.

“Is this match for real……”

At the pro players’ seats, quite a few had already started discussing the match. Apart from Tiny Herb, all of the other teams were greatly surprised. Not only players from the same team, but even players from different teams rarely fought so seriously at an All-Stars event.

Simply speaking, this was only a show planned by the Alliance. It was said to be a Rookie Challenge, but in reality, very few rookies would refuse to allow the old generals to leave the stage with their heads held high. There also weren’t any old generals who would go all out against a rookie. For example, Dai Yanqi and Chu Yunxiu’s battle was a perfect example. Everyone politely did their act and that was it. Currying a senior person’s favor may not be something rookies understood, but there were always people who would remind them.

But in Gao Yingjie and Wang Jiexi’s match, since both of the players were from the same team, the two unexpectedly fought so seriously and intensely. For the senior, if the senior won too hard, it would feel as if the big were bullying the small. But if the senior lost, then that’d be even more embarrassing. And as for the rookie? The rookie didn’t have a lot of experience in the Alliance. If the rookie refused to let the senior leave the stage with his pride intact, then later on, if he were met with a revenge attack, then his development would certainly take a hit. Right now, Gao Yingjie’s opponent was his team captain. If the team captain were truly offended, then Gao Yingjie’s position within the team would be perilous.

All of the pro players were discussing this and glancing over at Team Tiny Herb’s members, but all they saw was that Tiny Herb’s members looked on as if this was very normal. Those who were familiar with Tiny Herb’s team members moved closer to ask what exactly was going on but nothing came out of it. Tiny Herb’s atmosphere seemed to be frozen.

As the audience cheered and yelled, the battle grew even more intense. Originally, the two had been fighting at the center of the map but now they had shifted to a corner. The two sides’ health bars were about the same, but by looking at their characters’ advances and retreats, the one at a disadvantage was unexpectedly Wang Jiexi. It looked as if Gao Yingjie’s Witch was chasing and attacking, while Wang Jiexi was defending and retreating.

Gao Yingjie was called a genius, but since he had never gone on stage, no one knew how good he actually was. Previously, when the genius shyly climbed up onto the stage, quite a few had laughed in their hearts. But who would have thought that when the match started, after taking his character, he would immediately turn out to be so fierce. They watched the high-level battle and saw that Wang Jiexi was actually the player who was being suppressed. Everyone’s impression of him had immediately changed.

Team Blue Rain had once stolen the food from the tiger, taking away Team Tiny Herb’s Championship title once and ruining Tiny Herb’s chances at being consecutive Champions. The relationship between the two were like fire and water.

Team Tiny Herb having such a talent wasn’t good news for Blue Rain. The team members were turning their heads to talk in each other’s ears about this Gao Yingjie.

“What do you think?” Team captain Yu Wenzhou continued to watch the match. His head didn’t turn as he asked Huang Shaotian.

“The little kid’s playing is extremely quick. He might even be above Wang Jiexi and is using it to pressure him. But because it’s so quick, openings sometimes appear. But these openings are only for an instant and are very difficult to catch. I think he knows about these short, temporary openings but he just doesn’t care and lets them be in order to increase his speed even further. As a rookie, how could he know to do this? Wang Jiexi definitely taught him. Why does it seem more and more like the kid was specially taught to deal with me?” Huang Shaotian chattered a whole bunch.

“And Wang Jiexi?” Yu Wenzhou naturally filtered out all the rubbish in what Huang Shaotian said and only paid attention to the important parts.

“His fame’s about to get destroyed. I can’t wait to call and congratulate him. Where’s my phone…..” Huang Shaotian began to search around.

Just as he said this, the audience gasped in astonishment. The two characters each fired a violently strong attack towards each other. Neither side benefited and the two were blown away, flying. Soon after, they immediately grabbed their brooms and flew into the sky to fight in a flurry once again.

The two characters had been fighting for a while and their health bars had been dropping the entire time. In the beginning, it was hard to see who had more or less health. But at this moment, without much health left, it was clear who had the advantage.

The player who was unexpectedly losing was Wang Jiexi! In this match, the rookie Gao Yingjie was unexpectedly winning and was about to send out the final blow to his team captain.

Gao Yingjie was still a rookie after all and hadn’t gotten any spotlight in an official match. Even though he was known as a genius, his popularity couldn’t compare with Wang Jiexi’s. In this match, in terms of emotions, Wang Jiexi had way more supporters. Those who wanted to see Gao Yingjie win were only those that wanted to see an upset or perhaps they just didn’t like Wang Jiexi. After seeing Wang Jiexi losing, the entire crowd’s atmosphere had become restrained.

“This kid…… is pretty amazing…….” Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu and Tang Rou. She didn’t care about Wang Jiexi or Gao Yingjie and didn’t want to see an upset. She had come to purely enjoy the show.

Tang Rou couldn’t help but glance at Ye Xiu and saw Ye Xiu let out a sigh.

“Wang Jiexi shouldn’t lose to him.” Yu Wenzhou suddenly said on Team Blue Rain’s side.

“Yeah, this kid’s too outrageous. No rookie in our team would dare to act like that. He’d be put on clean-up duty for a month, no two months! Uh……. maybe three months. Yeah, three months sounds about right.” Huang Shaotian said.

Automatically filtering out Huang Shaotian’s nonsense, Yu Wenzhou continued to pay attention to the scene: “Wang Jiexi didn’t add all of his points.”

“What?” Huang Shaotian heard this and was startled.

Yu Wenzhou’s mechanics greatly limited his ability, but in terms of game knowledge, Yu Wenzhou was undoubtedly among the top. The issue of Wang Jiexi’s Witch not adding all of his points was something that Huang Shaotian hadn’t noticed. He had been paying more attention to the openings when the two fought. He hadn’t really noticed something so minute.

“As a result, the damage from his skills were slightly lower. In such a blow for blow exchange, the minute differences add up.” Yu Wenzhou said.

“So you’re saying.. that he intentionally lost to the kid?” Huang Shaotian said.

“Seems like it and it looks like he doesn’t want anyone to find out……”

“Does he have to support him so carefully?” Huang Shaotian whispered.

“It’s different for everybody…… some people rise up after being beaten badly. Some people needs this type of victory for confidence. We don’t need this child well. Wang Jiexi must have his reasons for doing this.” Yu Wenzhou plainly said.

“Then, how can we let him succeed? Let’s hurry up and expose him.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Let’s be nicer! In order to help him, Wang Jiexi has already sacrificed a lot. Plus, it’s risky. If we expose them, the opposite result might happen. The difference in skill levels definitely won’t be large. It looks like only two skills are a level lower, that’s all. To make the match so close is also intentional!” Yu Wenzhou sighed.

Huang Shaotian didn’t say a whole bunch after hearing this. He finally said after a short pause: “How confident. Did he not think we’d see through him?”

Yu Wenzhou only chuckled. He then turned his head to ask: “Did Ye Qiu come?”

“How would I know!” Huang Shaotian said. He also turned his head, except he did it towards Excellent Era’s side, towards the beautiful girl there. He pinched the two fingers on his right hand together and put it in his mouth, letting out two shameless whistles.

Excellent Era’s players looked over. However, the girl only tugged on her neck collar and then turned her head in the opposite direction.

“D*mnit , that f*king girl!!” Huang Shaotian was extremely depressed.

Yu Wenzhou looked at him and laughed helplessly. He saw that Excellent Era’s players were all looking towards them. He waved his hand and greeted them. Excellent Era’s players waved their hands back, confused.

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