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Chapter 299 – Big Sale

Ten times……

Honestly speaking, this wasn’t a surprising price for Blue River. After all, selling over ten copies of the guide wouldn’t be hard to do.

However, for Blue River, who had already tasted the sweetness before, he felt disappointed when he heard the price. The price was a bit too high for just a dungeon record.

Blue River had a certain understanding of Ye Xiu’s personality. He sighed, but he didn’t haggle over the price and simply replied: “Alright, give me a copy!”

“Are you buying it out?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No, no. I just want a normal copy…….” Blue River hastily said.

“Okay. I’ll send it to you right away.”

Blue River was a bit startled. Why did it suddenly feel like he had bought take out rice noodles?

As he thought of this, he opened up his mailbox and found the guide. Blue River immediately opened it and studied it. The dungeon’s science and technology had arrived. He had to hurry and understand it, before he could begin using it.

Blue Brook Guild was already working at it. Misty Castle wasn’t sitting idle. They had spent a large amount of time, but they hadn’t been able to create the most advanced guide. The dungeon competition was a fast-paced event. They had lagged behind in technology and they could no longer depend on it. As a result, after hitting Level 40, Hazy Mist also bought a guide. After buying it, he used the latest technology, while using it as a way to learn!

As for Tyrannical Ambition, Jiang You had spent four days studying the Sin City dungeon, yet he always lagged behind by one step. Who knew how many of his hairs had been pulled off. Because of the special relationship between him and Ye Xiu’s identity, Jiang You made things difficult for himself. When they reached the Level 40 domain, he hadn’t yet finished with Sin City, when the new Thousand Waves Lake dungeon had come……

As for the other guilds such as Herb Garden, they weren’t as stupid. They were all moving towards Lord Grim, asking him about the situation.

Ye Xiu remained calm and collected when he sold his guides. He didn’t let his guard down against those who inquired about other buyers’ situation. However, because there was a limit to how many high-leveled materials there were, Ye Xiu would only allow trusted guilds like Blue Brook Guild to pay these high-leveled uncommon materials at a later time. For those guilds he wasn’t familiar with, his list only contained materials that they had. First the materials, then the guides. If they didn’t have the materials, then they could substitute other materials to compensate.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xiu sold ten copies of the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon. The ten guilds that had bought the guide began practicing. The record ever changing, making people watch them hurriedly, just like viewing flowers from horseback. When they saw their times, they all mutually understood. In order to not waste their guilds’ materials, all of the guilds practiced extra hard.

The competition for the Thousand Waves Lake dungeon was extremely intense, starting from the very first day. Tyrannical Ambition was still in a knot. How could it be so incredible? The records from these ten guilds had thrown everyone else competing aside. And their Tyrannical Ambition was among the obliterated crowd.

After a fit of teeth grinding, Jiang You finally reached terms with himself: “Forget about it. If everyone else has joined in, then what are we waiting for? Hurry and buy a copy!”

Cold Night didn’t wait any longer. When he saw that Jiang You had finally cleared his mind, he didn’t care about his honor. He directly contacted Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu didn’t say anything more. If you want a guide, then you have to pay materials. It didn’t matter who you were.

Tyrannical Ambition took the guide and immediately began researching it. Even though they had started slower, everyone had the same guide. The deciding factor was no longer on who had the guide, but rather, the guild’s skill level. Lord Grim’s guide as the ticket to the competition was finally in operation.

Chen Yehui knew about the dungeon guide as well. No one cared as much about the tenth server records as Excellent Dynasty. He needed this dungeon guide. Because Li Hao no longer cared about the tenth server anymore, by only relying on their own guild’s strength to create a guide, they fell behind as well.

After thinking, Chen Yehui found a trusted aide who didn’t have the guild’s name to privately message Lord Grim and see if he could get a guide.

The result was beyond his expectations. This unknown character was able to add Lord Grim as a friend. After saying what he was there for, he also got a price.

The price list was sent to Chen Yehui. After looking at it, he didn’t see anything unreasonable and immediately sent the materials. When he looked at the guide, he saw that it wasn’t fake and secretly felt delighted. He felt he had played a clever trick, easily duping Ye Qiu. It made him feel quite good.

As for Ye Xiu? When he saw that an unknown player had asked to buy a guide from him, he wasn’t too surprised. He maintained his uncaring attitude and quoted the price.

Ye Xiu’s big sale had earned him quite a profit. As for who the records were set by, he didn’t care. It was still too early to see the results. He was currently paying attention to the official webpage. The new year was about to come and there would be an event soon. However, because the rewards from the Christmas event had been quite good, if things went as usual, then the New Year’s event wouldn’t be too great.

Today was the last day of the year and the day passed in the blink of an eye. The game announced a new event, which was a chain quest. Ye Xiu skimmed over the quest chain and saw that it was very complicated and was even a bit difficult. The rewards from this type of quest shouldn’t be too bad, right?

He immediately flipped to the rewards part. Ye Xiu looked and immediately felt disappointed.

Players who completed the quest would be entered into a lottery. The rewards weren’t bad, but the problem was.. the rewards were all real items!

In terms of rewards, Glory’s New Year event didn’t let players down. But to Ye Xiu, real items, whether it was a computer, mouse, monitor, cell phone, keyboard, account card, or in-game currency, held no interest for him.

At midnight, the calendar flipped to a new year.

Glory’s New Years event began. Analysts pointed out that, due to the event’s complexity and difficulty, even though it could only be done once, it might even take longer than the three days allotted to finish. The players didn’t dare be negligent. When the event began, the NPCs were flooded with players.

Ye Xiu really wasn’t interested in the rewards, but he heard that the experience from the quest chain wasn’t bad, so he also joined in.

No matter how difficult the quests were, if players like Ye Xiu couldn’t do it, then you’d have to suspect the game company’s intentions: are you planning on giving these rewards to players or not?

As a result, the quests, which the analysts had claimed would not be finished in less than three days, was finished by Ye Xiu in three hours. Soon after, he obtained his rewards: one yuan’s worth of in-game currency, making Ye Xiu seriously question whether the profits he had earned from the selling of his guides had used up all of his luck.

After finishing the quests, Ye Xiu helplessly went to continue leveling.

Ye Xiu had thought of taking advantage of the event’s quests. Should he make a guide to sell? Should he sell his services for the more difficult parts of the quest? The value of doing these were very low. There weren’t high prospects for it. Players could do it with help from their friends. Being unable to finish the quests in three days was complete nonsense.

The rewards from the New Year’s event really wasn’t bad. In these three days, there were frequently cries of joy in the Happy Internet Cafe. Some even won a computer, causing everyone to glare jealously at them.

During the event, the dungeon competition was as fierce as ever and leveling was as fast as ever. Among these, two more guilds had looked to Ye Xiu for a guide. With the materials he acquired from sales of his guide, the Thousand Chance Umbrella had been fully upgraded to Level 35.

The day the event ended, Ye Xiu did his usual. He got up and was about to go to the smoking area to play, when he was suddenly stopped by Chen Guo.

“Come with me on a trip this weekend!”

“Trip?” Ye Xiu was surprised. Even an Internet Cafe manager had to do this type of thing?

“Yeah, to City S.” Chen Guo said.

“City S?” Ye Xiu stared blankly, when he suddenly thought of something.

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