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Chapter 298 – Research is the Key to Efficiency

Club Tyranny. Game studio. Midnight was supposed to be these players’ time to work. But with another setback after only just a few days of happiness, quite a few instantly felt tired and gave up on tonight’s work.

Taking advantage of Jiang You’s currently heavy mood, the majority of the players escaped.

Jiang You was staring at his guide in shock.

This guide had been made with his sweat and tears. He had thought that he had created a guide at the limit. He had been full of confidence and had shown it to everyone around him.

But Blue Brook Guild’s record was like a slap to his face, so heavy that his face was red.

Cold Night was still worried whether Jiang You would tell him to ask Lord Grim for help. But at this moment, Jiang You was too embarrassed to give the order.

Complacency leads to loss. Modesty brings profit. Jiang You fully understood what this meant now. He was truly too sad.

Just what was he missing in his guide? Jiang You flipped through his document. Here was everything he had researched on Sin City’s underground prison.

He could only take the blow. As the grand guild leader, he had to be respected.

Where had he gone wrong? Jiang You anxiously thought. The more anxious he became, the messier his mind became. The messier his mind became, the harder it was to find the problem.

Don’t look for Ye Qiu and ask Blue Brook Guild? Jiang You even had this type of thought. He then thought again. Blue Brook Guild was competing with them! Why would they tell him their methods? How stupid was that? Jiang You discovered that this thought completely showed how much of a mess his mind was in.

I can only rely on myself…… Jiang You told himself. Cold Night saw that Jiang You didn’t call for him and was very happy. The two didn’t know what each other was thinking, but each of their actions complimented what the other wanted.

After Blue Brook Guild completed their buyout, Blue River let out a sigh of relief, but he didn’t relax. As an expert, he could also see that it wasn’t necessary that a top-tier God like Ye Qiu create the guide.

When they saw the guide, most of their thoughts were “Why didn’t I think of that?” If they had been the ones to create the guide, how long would it take them? Blue River didn’t know. But he did know that after breaking the record, they were in an advantageous position.

Guides could be considered as research and technical development for the dungeons. If Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle hadn’t set the record, then Blue River might not have bought it out. It was only after these two guilds set the record that Blue Brook Guild understood the value of the guide.

Even if it wasn’t absolute, currently, the buyout meant that they were in the lead.

In Ye Xiu’s guide, even if Blue Brook Guild tried to find places to improve, they wouldn’t be able to come up with anything new.

As for Misty Castle, they knew that there was no way they could obtain Lord Grim’s guide. With their strength, they possessed the ability to compete. But competing with the current fastest record wouldn’t be easy. The opportunity had been placed in front of them, but they hadn’t valued it. After losing it, they could only look back in regret.

As for Tyrannical Ambition, Jiang You refused to compromise and continued to research. However, from his confidence in his guide, he knew that the guide was already his limit. If he wanted to break his limit, how could it be so easy? Also, his reputation was on the line and he was too embarrassed to ask others for help. He pressed forward with brute force alone and tossed and turned, but no progress was made.

Ye Xiu was now much more carefree. After finishing the needed quests, Lord Grim was almost Level 39. And next, he was ready to research the next dungeon’s guide.

The selling of Sin City’s guide had gone by extremely smoothly. With a price that even Blue River couldn’t believe, he easily sold it out. It looked as if he could have earned more if he didn’t sell it out, but in reality that wasn’t the case. Just like how the top guilds didn’t dare look for Lord Grim to substitute in for them, buying these guides could only be known by a small portion of the guilds. It wouldn’t be good if news about it were to leak out.

If the players knew that the guilds were using his guides to set records and that the guilds weren’t doing it on their own, then it would be the same as before. The records would be meaningless and Ye Xiu would then have nothing to sell. This was why it was best that these guides were slowly being spread in private.

If he sold it openly, then if some evil guy waited for the guilds to set the records first and then let the secret out, it would be very bad. This time, when Misty Castle ran over to Ye Xiu to negotiate, even though he had guessed who the guide had been sold to, Ye Xiu never confirmed that the guide had been sold to Blue Brook Guild. The reason he did that was to guard against this.

At seven in the morning, Ye Xiu had finished his shift. The tenth server’s Sin City dungeon record stayed at that record that had been set a 1 o’clock.

After that, for the second, third, and fourth day, Blue Brook Guild, Tyrannical Ambition, and Misty Castle worked hard. Blue Brook Guild set new records, but the time difference between each of them wasn’t too great. They were all around the same time. As for Misty Castle and Tyrannical Ambition, even though they had some breakthroughs, the distance between their records and those of Blue Brook Guild were still off by a length.

From Level 20 onwards, when the fight for the dungeon records began, the fighting had always been bloody. Each dungeon had been beaten, wave after wave. But this time, the other guilds looked as if they had been completely beaten. Only Blue Brook Guild stood at the top without any competition. When the fourth day passed, the first ten places on the Sin City dungeon leaderboard were completely filled by Blue Brook Guild’s team.

And at this moment, the tenth sever’s top players were reaching Level 40.

Blue Brook Guild’s name shook far and wide in Sin City and they had learned the benefit of being the leaders in dungeon technology. At this moment, they reached Level 40 and were ready to prepare for the new dungeon’s challenge. The first thing they had to do was find Ye Xiu for a guide.

“God!” Blue River sent a respect emoticon.


“We have the materials. How do we give them to you?” Blue Brook Guild finally gathered all the buyout materials from Fire Forest.

“You can just send them to me.” Ye Xiu said. The in-game mailbox could receive practically anything apart from players.

“Okay, okay. And….. uh, ha ha……. You understand.” Blue River laughed.

“Are you talking about the Thousand Wave Lake dungeon guide?”

“Of course, of course.” Blue River was somewhat nervous. He was afraid that the other side would have some unexpected reply.

When he looked again, he saw a new list of materials.

“Uh, this…… what about buying out?” Blue River looked. He recognized quite a few. They were Sin City materials. They didn’t have all the items on the list. Even though they had run Sin City several times, the problem was that there weren’t many teams running it, so they didn’t have many materials. However, when he looked at their previous experiences with Ye Qiu, Blue River felt that not having them for now shouldn’t be a problem. In any case, he trusted that the other side wouldn’t lie, so he directly asked for the buyout price.

“You want to buy it out again? This time, times ten.” Ye Xiu replied.

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