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Chapter 279 – I Can Persuade Them!

The feeling of falling from the heavens down to the earth was something that Wind Following Sword understood now.

Letting Lord Grim escape wasn’t too bad, but the worst part was that Lord Grim had crushed Wind Following Sword’s confidence. He had just built it up and was filled with tremendous self-confidence, only for it to be destroyed in an instant.

He had originally thought that what he had been doing was amazing, but it had actually been pointless work. When he pulled off the feat, Lord Grim had already rushed out of the opening. In the end, he had been able to escape.

Wind Following Sword’s fingers had turned numb for real this time.

Spinning Spiderweb Formation. The word spinning pointed to maintaining a constant circle around the target. Even if the target didn’t react intensely, the players in the formation had to keep on moving. Especially since, this time, Excellent Dynasty’s goal was to clear away all the Christmas thieves around Lord Grim, which required them to move even more.

Having not received any orders for a while, some of the players were beginning to message him, asking what was up.

“Lord Grim is already gone.” Wind Following Sword replied without any embarrassment, only disappointment.


Wind Following Sword sent another round of orders, but this time, it was to have the players pull back and monitor the entire area. The visibility in Sin City wasn’t good. Maybe Lord Grim had intentionally stopped moving in some spot?

This seemed to be their last line of hope, but Wind Following Sword wasn’t expecting anything.

The reality was as Wind Following Sword had predicted. Lord Grim was already outside of the Spinning Spiderweb Formation. Where did he go? He didn’t know at the moment and would have to look.

“We failed……” Wind Following Sword messaged Chen Yehui.


“Lord Grim escaped from our control.” Wind Following Sword said.

“That doesn’t matter. You guys were still able to delay him for an hour. In this hour, his ranking has been dropping. This is all because of your efforts. Keep up the good work!” Chen Yehui said.

Wind Following Sword was startled. Clearly, Chen Yehui didn’t care that Ye Qiu had broken out. Even if he did, it had still delayed him for an hour. If they kept on doing this and maintained this type of delay, then Chen Yehui’s goal would be reached.

Wind Following Sword understood this too, but he was no longer in the mood to continue doing this. In his heart, he was already the loser. And now, the loser had to keep on getting trampled by the other side. How could that be fun?

But he would still accomplish their goal…… Wind Following Sword forced himself to look from Chen Yehui’s point of view. After replying to Chen Yehui, he renewed his spirits and rushed towards Sin City, while sending his players to search for Lord Grim.

If he was going to do it, then he would try his hardest to do it well. Wind Following Sword changed his attitude and his line of thinking.

Sin City.

Even though Ye Xiu had successfully escaped from the Spinning Spiderweb Formation, he knew that it wasn’t over. He understood Excellent Dynasty’s goal: to hinder his progress in the event and prevent him from messing with Excellent Dynasty’s lead.

“They’re too crazy! Such a large guild intends on competing with you?” Chen Guo was filled with disbelief.

“There’s a lot of pressure as an expert. Even if you don’t want to, you can’t help but become another person’s obstacle.” Ye Xiu sighed, making Chen Guo really want to smash his head into the table. Even though he really was an expert, couldn’t he be a little bit more modest?

“As an expert, you obviously won’t concede, right?” Chen Guo asked.

“Concede? How? Not do the Christmas quests?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Try a different angle! For example, you can join Excellent Dynasty! For an expert like you, if you’re willing, then I’m sure they’ll accept.” Chen Guo felt that her suggestion was quite good. After all, Excellent Dynasty was her guild.. and having her guild get into a fight with her friend didn’t seem right, so Chen Guo finally concluded on this. If he joined, then wouldn’t everyone be happy?

Ye Xiu turned his head to look at Chen Guo: “Don’t tell me you were sent by Chen Yehui?” Ye Xiu had used Chen Guo’s account, so he obviously knew that Chen Guo was a member of Excellent Dynasty.

“Huh? You even know the guild leader?” Chen Guo was astonished.

“Of course! He’s the one leading the work in the tenth server!” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? Even the guild leader went to the tenth server to pioneer? No wonder I haven’t been seeing him very often. A lot of experts have been coming on less too. Could they have run to the tenth server, too?” Chen Guo mumbled.

“Oh? That’s a thing?”

“Yeah! Look.” Chen Guo opened up her Chasing Haze’s guild interface. On the guild list, she pointed out a bunch of grey names to Ye Xiu. She also proudly gave them a short introduction.

Ye Xiu only quietly listened. He had actually heard of some of these names before. He was once Excellent Era’s team captain after all. If there were any experts in the guild, then the guild would definitely report to the team. This was the most established way of finding new players: choosing from the experts in-game.

Testing the guilds’ experts was a task that Ye Xiu had frequently done. All of Excellent Dynasty’s top-tier experts had a datasheet of them in the club. Some of them had even been done by Ye Xiu. These types of characters left some impression on him.

“So it’s like that.” Now that Ye Xiu saw Chen Guo’s guild list, he knew that Excellent Dynasty come to the tenth server in full force. But unfortunately, their guild with their high ambitions met him, who oppressed all of the guilds. Of course, with oppression, there would be resistance. Ye Xiu didn’t think that the reactions from the guilds were weird. However, he would also compete against them like so. Shrink back? If he had that thought, then from the very start, Ye Xiu wouldn’t have brought out his Lord Grim with the Thousand Chance Umbrella.

“So it’s like what?” Chen Guo was still asking.

“They’re so far ahead in the Christmas event that they dominate the first fifteenth places in the leaderboard. It turns out that Excellent Dynasty had sent out so many experts. No wonder!” Ye Xiu said.

“You could also be one of them!” Completely unaware of the situation, Chen Guo was still trying to persuade him.

“If I really can’t go on any further, then I’ll consider it.” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Do you want me to talk to them for you? I’m actually pretty familiar with a few experts. I can persuade them.” Chen Guo didn’t say it without pride.

Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Okay okay. If I need to do it, then you have to help me!” Ye Xiu didn’t make fun of Chen Guo’s good intentions.

Chen Guo nodded her head in satisfaction. She then looked at Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, who was still running around randomly. She couldn’t help but ask: “From the looks of it, you should hurry up and consider it! It’s been almost two hours and how many Christmas thieves have you hunted down?”

“Relax! You can still help.” Ye Xiu laughed, “When the entire Excellent Dynasty is crying, you can tell Chen Yehui that you can come to my place and persuade me.”

“Your place? You’re too arrogant! I’ll kick you out!” Chen Guo reminded Ye Xiu to pay attention to his status. She was the boss, after all. An employee dares to order her around? If I tell you to go east, then you go east. That’s the way it should be!

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah!” Ye Xiu nodded his head repeatedly. In the end, Chen Guo pointed at his screen and yelled: “Christmas thief! Hurry!”

“I see it.” Ye Xiu replied and fired at it. The Christmas thief immediately rushed towards Lord Grim, but Lord Grim didn’t meet with the thief. Instead, he jumped into the air with an Aerial Fire and flew onto a rooftop.

“What are you doing?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“Aren’t Christmas thieves designed in this way? The thief is very evil and merciless. He hid his identity and stole Santa’s carefully prepared presents. So as soon as he’s been discovered, in order to continue hiding his identity, he will attack the player that has found him to shut his mouth.” Ye Xiu said.

“Sounds right.” Chen Guo said.

“I plan on testing this setup.”

“How are you going to do that?’ Chen Guo asked.

“I want to see if he’ll continue chasing to try and kill me.” Ye Xiu said and, at this moment, the Christmas thief chased after him up onto the roof. This Christmas thief was an Assassin class. He was good at jumping and didn’t even need to climb the walls. At the highest point of his first jump, he jumped again.

The Christmas thief leaped onto the roof. Ye Xiu didn’t fight. He had Lord Grim turn around and run and jump to the other side of the street. On this street, there was unexpectedly a Christmas thief sneaking about. Lord Grim opened up his Thousand Chance Umbrella and fired at it.

“How many Christmas thieves do you think there are in Sin City?” Ye Xiu suddenly asked Chen Guo.

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