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Chapter 278 – Break the Formation! The Guest Acts as the Host

Sure enough!

When he compared Lord Grim’s previous coordinates to his current one, he found that Lord Grim was heading directly towards the hole in the formation. Judging from the time that the coordinates were sent, it looked as if Lord Grim had changed directions very early on and very decisively. It seemed like he knew that there would be a hole here.

Wind Following Sword hastily messaged any nearby players to fix the hole. Judging by the distance, there was still enough time. However, his sudden dispatch caused another area without anyone there to appear. Based on the direction that Lord Grim was moving towards, Wind Following Sword decided that he should dispatch those who were far away from Lord Grim to fill the gap. That was how the Spinning Spiderweb Formation worked.

But as soon as he had sent out the messages and heaved a sigh of relief, he then discovered that he had received another report of Lord Grim’s coordinates. Wind Following Sword checked the report and immediately exploded.

Lord Grim had changed directions again!

He had just given a bunch of orders and now they were all pointless. Lord Grim was currently heading towards the gap they had left after adjusting their positions.

Wind Following Sword couldn’t pay attention to anything else but Lord Grim. He hastily sent another round of orders. And this time, in order to fix the gap, he had to adjust even more people, which meant he had to send out more messages. Wind Following Sword hastily moved his hands and increased his hand speed. But instead of using them on playing the game, he used it to type faster. His character stood still in Congee City. He didn’t have any time to take even a single step.

In Sin City, Lord Grim continued to advance, rushing forward in a straight line.

No one was more clear on the principles of the Spinning Spiderweb Formation than Ye Xiu. Actually, he didn’t know who exactly was giving out the commands, but during his hour of running around, which Chen Guo had assumed he was still searching for Christmas thieves, in reality, Ye Xiu was actually observing his opponents.

After an hour of observing, Ye Xiu understood how many players were on the other side’s formation. Every time he saw their positions, he gradually grasped the positions of everyone in the Spinning Spiderweb Formation.

The 24 Excellent Dynasty players and their positions were constantly revolving in Ye Xiu’s head. After this, Ye Xiu could predict what his opponents would do with every change in direction he made.

However, he still had to confirm it. After all, if the person executing the formation was different, then the person’s habits and adjustments might not follow his predictions. Ye Xiu was especially worried that the other side hadn’t learned the formation well. If that was the case, then his carefully made predictions would be thrown off. However, in that case, breaking out of the formation would also be just as easy. If that were the case, he wouldn’t need to do anything too technical.

By testing the reactions in the formation for a bit, Ye Xiu discovered that his opponent knew what he was doing. His opponent had already grasped and understood the Spinning Spiderweb Formation extremely well.

But unfortunately, even so, the Spinning Spiderweb Formation wasn’t unbeatable. As the creator of the Spinning Spiderweb Formation, even if there weren’t any holes, Ye Xiu could create one.

This type of hole couldn’t really be considered a hole, but an innate flaw of the Spinning Spiderweb Formation.

This flaw laid in the commander. Because the orders given had to be extremely precise, every time there was a change in direction, the commander had to give almost every character in the formation an order. When the situation changed too quickly, the commander would have a hard time keeping up.

And Lord Grim, the Spinning Spiderweb Formation’s prey, was causing this to happen.

After grasping the other side’s formation, Ye Xiu immediately began to execute his plan. Killing Wind Following Sword was the plan’s first step.

Wind Following Sword was already killed, thus that area temporarily became empty. The commander had to make up for this and, from then on, the formation came under Ye Xiu’s lead.

Even though he wasn’t the commander, in a sense, he was the guide for the formation. How they moved depended entirely on him. And from here on out, Ye Xiu became the guest that acted as the host. By following the movements he had planned out beforehand, he would ultimately drive the other side’s movements and continuously hasten his speed, creating an opening and allowing him to break through.

A hole? There was one, but the hole wasn’t big enough, yet. Continue!

Even though Ye Xiu didn’t have an online map that he could use to grasp the entire situation, the map he had in his head was even clearer. The points on the online map were static, but in Ye Xiu’s mind, the points were constantly moving.

“F*ck!!” When Wind Following Sword received another set of coordinates, he wanted to rock the table in frustration, but he was too busy moving.

Lord Grim once again headed towards the fault in the formation.

There shouldn’t be a fault in the Spinning Spiderweb Formation, so why was there one here?

Wind Following Sword hastily gave orders as he pondered. He was reflecting back step by step to find where the problem had occurred.

Finally, Wind Following Sword’s reflection found an answer.

He locked onto the moment when he had died.

The problem started there! Wind Following Sword suddenly understood. The Spinning Spiderweb Formation didn’t require a precise number of players to work. If there was one fewer or one more, the movements were the same. However, the instant that he died, a blank space appeared in their 24-player formation.

When he revived, he immediately went to fix it. The appearance of the crack was only for a brief moment.

But now that he looked at it, he had lost. He hadn’t been able to fix it and, instead, the more he tried to fix it, the greater the opening became, all the way until you could clearly see the opening if you looked at the map.

Up until then, Wind Following Sword was still somewhat clueless. But now, he finally understood it after seeing Lord Grim accurately rush towards the opening time and time again .

This wasn’t a coincidence!

This was a scenario that the other side had created.

Ye Qiu! He had originally been the prey in their net, but now he had already become the host. Right now, he was completely dictating how the net was being woven.

And he himself? Even after understanding the situation, he still couldn’t fix it.

Wind Following Sword hastily gave out more orders. It was the same as before. He was pulling down one wall only to put up another. The opening in his Spinning Spiderweb Formation was growing larger and larger.

Not good!! Sweat had already started forming on Wind Following Sword’s head. He wasn’t fighting, but his two hands sounded like they were tapping the keyboard even more furiously than they were in a battle.

I can’t keep up!!

Wind Following Sword discovered that with so many adjustments to make, by the time he sent them all out, would there still be enough time to keep Lord Grim in the middle?

Wind Following Sword grew nervous and worried, but his hands never stopped moving.

Just a bit more! Just a bit more!!

Wind Following Sword encouraged himself repeatedly.

Of the 23 players, Wind Following Sword was only able to give out 17 orders this time.

He had to look at each player’s position, determine each player’s movements, and then give them an order. This wasn’t as easy as it sounded. After sending the 17 orders, Wind Following Sword felt his hands becoming fatigued and his head ached.

And then another message came…..

No way!!

Wind Following Sword fell into despair. Whenever an adjustment was made, someone would report Lord Grim’s coordinates. After this, he would go into a frenzy once again. How many times had he done this now?

Wind Following Sword’s fatigued hands opened the message and tears immediately began streaming down his face.

And sure enough!

Lord Grim once again changed routes. Wind Following Sword didn’t even need to look at the online map to confirm it, because he already had experience with this. Lord Grim must be going towards the opening. Where was the opening? How could Wind Following Sword not know? He didn’t want an opening to be there, but there was nothing that he could do about it. This was because ever since the first crack in the formation had appeared as a result of his death, Lord Grim had led the way to widen the opening.

Wind Following Sword hoped that he could have some time to fix it, but he didn’t. Lord Grim’s movements never gave him the chance to. In other words, up until now, Wind Following Sword hadn’t been able to switch from a 24-player formation to a 23-player formation yet.

Everything began when he died.

But Wind Following Sword continued to persevere.

Thinking, making the decision, and giving the orders. His head hurt and his hands almost felt like they weren’t his own. This time, Wind Following Sword gave orders to 19 players.

This was a contest! Wind Following Sword clearly understood that even though he couldn’t see his opponent, the movement of the red dot on his map was in a struggle with him, as if they had fiercely clasped hands together and were arm wrestling. This was no longer the casual and easygoing leading that he did in the beginning. At this moment, Lord Grim was repeatedly battering and tearing down his net.

He won’t break out!!

Wind Following Sword finished 19 messages! He had done it! In that instant, he felt extremely satisfied, because he had completed a difficult challenge. Before this, he hadn’t believed that he could accomplish such a feat in such a short amount of time. It was all simply a miracle.

Sure enough, his true potential only came out against a worthy opponent. Wind Following Sword looked at the red dot on the map as well as the opening that had appeared again. Lord Grim once again headed towards it. He wouldn’t be flustered this time, because he had already accomplished a great feat. He was confident that he could continue on with this situation. He was completely prepared.

Wind Following Sword’s spirits roused. He waited for the report back and waited for those coordinates. This time, he had built up his confidence and suddenly began to enjoy this type of challenge.

Wind Following Sword waited and waited. But this time, the prompt report never came.

Wind Following Sword began to ask for it himself. He asked the players in front of Lord Grim, one, two, three….. He asked them all, but none of them had seen Lord Grim.

Wind Following Sword fell dumbstruck.

If the Spinning Spiderweb Formation couldn’t grasp the prey’s location, then that could only mean one thing: the prey had escaped the web.

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