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Chapter 272 – Ups and Downs

“Who is it?” Wind Following Sword turned his camera around to find the speaker.

“It’s a game! Calling for help if you’re in trouble isn’t anything shameful. Look at this bro. He has the advantage and he’s asking for help. That awareness and that decision-making is something you should learn!”

Tang Rou had already figured out who the speaker was. She looked at Ye Xiu, who was talking to her. His voice had spread out both from outside and inside the game.

Between these two, Chen Guo was focused on her own screen and didn’t seem as if she intended on moving. But, this didn’t fit with her personality. Her current dignified look only made it seem even stranger. Tang Rou immediately guessed that Chen Guo had seen that her situation wasn’t looking good, so she had gone to find Ye Xiu, who rushed over to help.

“What are you looking at? The monsters are coming.” Ye Xiu said.

Tang Rou hastily turned her head. The swarm of monsters were still targeting her. Soft Mist didn’t have much health left and her potions were on cooldown. Before this, it had been very difficult to find an opportunity to attack Wind Following Sword. After finding the opportunity, she had ignored everything else. As long as the monsters didn’t interrupt her, she wouldn’t care. Even if she herself died, she had to bring Wind Following Sword down with her.

It had originally been possible, but then a helper had suddenly appeared. This splash of cold water had caused Tang Rou to become somewhat dispirited. But to her surprise, Ye Xiu had also arrived at this moment.

She liked to solve her problems on her own. But she now found out that during a crisis, someone pulling her out of it felt wonderful. She had never felt this sort of up and down feeling before.

Tang Rou was distracted by her feelings. The monsters had once again pounced on her and her health was almost red. The monsters had already surrounded her. It was true that Ye Xiu had come, but could he get her out of this mess?

She had these types of thoughts in her head, but Tang Rou wouldn’t give up so easily. A Falling Flower Palm, which was originally meant for Wind Following Sword, instead hit several monsters in front of her and blew them away.

At this moment, loud bangs exploded nearby. The monsters on her left and right had been thrown tumbling into the air by the explosions. In the previous second, they had her surrounded. In the next second, they were sent into a mess.

A white light fell onto her body —- Lord Grim’s Heal. Next, Lord Grim jumped down from the rooftop and landed next to Soft Mist. The sound of a gatling gun came from the rooftop. The flying bullets headed directly towards the rooftop of the opposing Spitfire.

The Spitfire immediately dashed along the road. The Gatling Gun chased after his footsteps. The tiles on the rooftop shattered into pieces, but not a single bullet landed on his body. At this moment, he felt as if his dodging had been extremely beautiful, but then he heard three shots and saw three Anti-Tank Missiles whistling towards him. The Spitfire had thought that he had dodged well, but in reality, his opponent had fired in that way in order to lure him into firing range.

The three Anti-Tank Missiles had been out of his expectations and were in a triangle formation too. Locked into a certain area, he had nowhere to run.

The Spitfire jumped down to the side. But as soon as he jumped, the explosion sent out a shockwave, sending him flying to the other side of the street.

“Hurry up and kill your Christmas thief. I’ll help you block them.” Ye Xiu said to Tang Rou.

Tang Rou looked around her. The Christmas thief had been in the middle. It had just been knocked down. After getting up, it headed directly towards her. Tang Rou immediately had Soft Mist meet up and give it a beating. The other monsters also tried to rush forward, but Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist threw down a charged-up Cannonball, scattering them into the wind like kites.

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had already joined their party, so she wasn’t affected by the blast. Even though it was still a situation of few versus many, with Su Mucheng’s help, the remaining monsters were few enough for Tang Rou to deal with.

As for Ye Xiu, he was controlling his Lord Grim and heading towards Wind Following Sword.

Wind Following Sword saw him clearly. His enthusiasm died down and, instead of fighting, he turned tail and ran.

Within moments, Tang Rou was no longer in any great danger. Chen Guo let out a sigh of relief, but her feelings were complicated.

This was because Wind Following Sword’s style and name were very similar to someone whose ID she recognized.

Heavenly Domain. An old veteran of Excellent Dynasty, Aura Following Sword. When Chen Guo joined Excellent Dynasty, she often heard of his treachery.

Correct, Chen Guo was also a member of Excellent Dynasty. She had always been a loyal fan of Excellent Era, so of course she had wanted to join Excellent Dynasty. Her Chasing Haze wasn’t bad and Chen Guo’s skill level was decent. She was good enough to join these guilds and had gotten into Excellent Dynasty quite smoothly. She had been a member up until now, so she had a few friends in there.

Aura Following Sword was a very famous expert in the guild. Chen Guo and her friends with their normal accounts never really had the chance to ever play with these experts. But these experts’ activities were often the topic of their discussion.

Aura Following Sword often performed devious deeds against other guilds’ players. To guild members like Chen Guo, it was very fun to hear about, so she had a good impression of him.

But today, when she saw his treachery in action, it was towards the friend sitting next to her. Chen Guo suddenly felt that this person wasn’t very nice. Her concept of treachery had already turned completely negative.

Chen Guo hadn’t seen the reason that it had all started, but Soft Mist had to deal with a large mob of monsters, while Wind Following Sword just ran around, not leaving. Tang Rou ground her teeth and tried to kill him. This scene was enough to make Chen Guo make a few guesses.

Chen Guo understood Tang Rou’s personality. Even though an expert like Ye Xiu was nearby, she knew that Tang Rou would never ask for help, so Chen Guo asked for help in her place.

One side was a member from her guild, while the other side was her friend, which made Chen Guo feel a bit awkward on the inside. Due to her close friendship with Tang Rou and from a justice viewpoint, Chen Guo didn’t hesitate to stand by Tang Rou’s side. Now that she was looking at things from a different angle, her only desire now was to see that Wind Following Sword whose treachery she used to adore have his head splatter against the wall.

“Huh! Why’d he run!” Chen Guo pretended to be playing, but in reality, her character was running randomly around the map. She glanced sideways from time to time at Ye Xiu as he was about to teach the devious Wind Following Sword a lesson. But how could she know Wind Following Sword would suddenly turn tail and run? Chen Guo was disappointed and blurted it out.

Seeing that Tang Rou was looking at her, Chen Guo hastily adjusted her seat, while hitting her keyboard as if she was playing: “You’re not going anywhere!”

Tang Rou was currently fighting a few monsters, but couldn’t resist chuckling: “What are you acting for?”

“Ha ha!’ Chen Guo saw that she had been found out and didn’t explain herself. She openly watched the battles on the two screens. She wanted to see the situations on both sides, so her head was constantly turning left and right like a pellet drum.

Wind Following Sword was heading towards the street ahead in order to pick up his friend because he knew of Lord Grim’s identity.

Chen Yehui had to manage such a large guild and in the end, he still needed a few trusted aides. In Excellent Dynasty, he didn’t dare mention that they were going to fight against Ye Qiu. However, as his trusted aide, Wind Following Sword still knew about this reality.

No matter how experienced or how devious Wind Following Sword was, he doubted that he had the ability to fight with a God like Ye Qiu. Seeing Lord Grim come towards him, and without a helper at his own side, Wind Following Sword was trembling. He trembled out a turn and tapped the keyboard to sprint away and wished that he had a skill like Battle Spirit to hasten his movement.

However, running away was a hope of his. Whether he could actually do it was a different matter.

Ye Xiu used the Shadow Clone Technique. Lord Grim immediately teleported a distance, lifted his hands and threw out a Grenade. He didn’t throw it at Wind Following Sword’s feet and instead threw it in front of him. Wind Following Sword knew that if he kept going forward he would be sent flying back by the Grenade. His only choice was to go around the explosion. But going around it cost him time and the distance between them immediately closed by a few steps.

Triple Slash! Wind Following Sword wanted to use this skill to move faster. But then he heard a hum from behind him. He turned his head and saw Lord Grim coming in with an Assassin’s Shining Cut, which was faster than Triple Slash’s movement speed.

Wind Following Sword panicked. He was about to be caught and he was still some distance away from his friend. Ah, Ye Qiu! The person who was about to catch him was Ye Qiu!

“Bang!” A gun sound rang out from behind him. The distance was too close. Wind Following Sword didn’t have any time to react. Even if he couldn’t dodge it, he had to keep running! Wind Following Sword continued to tap his keyboard like mad, but discovered that his character wasn’t able to move.

“Sh*t! A Stun Bullet!”

The Stun Bullet’s stun didn’t last long. Shortly after, he began running again.

“Bang!” Another gun sound, even closer this time. There was even less time to react. Wind Following Sword was launched into the air by the bullet.

“Floating Bullet…….” Wind Following Sword muttered in his head.

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