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Chapter 273 – A Measure of an Expert’s Skill

No matter how badly Wind Following Sword wanted to escape after being launched into the air, it wasn’t going to happen. All he heard was a bang and the blast which lifted up the rainwater and looked as if it would splash him from inside screen onto his face.

Wind Following Sword was sent flying away. He adjusted his camera and prepared to Quick Recover in order to land safely. But right when he turned his camera, he discovered that there was a monster in the direction he was flying towards.

Wind Following Sword was brimming with joy. If he hit that monster, it would count as Lord Grim’s attack. The monster would then naturally go and return the blow. And as a result, his would have a higher chance of escaping! The heavens had truly blessed him today.

Wind Following Sword continued to dream and then, in the blink of an eye, his character reached the monster.

But……. but when his body flitted across, the two didn’t bump into each other. They were off by just an inch.

“F*ck!” Wind Following Sword fell into despair. He immediately prepared to Quick Recover. His character rolled onto the ground and when he got up, he saw a cold glint flash across his eyes.

So quick! Wind Following Sword was startled! But in the next second, he saw the situation clearly. The incoming attacker wasn’t Lord Grim, but rather, it was that monster.

Wind Following Sword stared blankly. At this moment, he wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

When he flew by, he hadn’t hit the monster, but instead, he had landed in the monster’s aggro range, which was why the Sin City resident had locked onto him.

Wind Following Sword immediately rolled again in order to dodge the attack.

With his skill, dealing with a single monster was very easy. However, the bigger problem was, what was Lord Grim going to do next? Wind Following Sword turned his camera to look. Sure enough, Lord Grim was dashing towards him. His dream, where the monster would aggro onto Lord Grim and let him escape, didn’t happen. On the contrary, the monster had aggroed onto him and had given Lord Grim a chance to kill him.

Wind Following Sword was in an even more panicked state now. He saw Lord Grim lift up his weapon and shoot. If the bullet was another weird Spitfire bullet, then if he was hit, the damage he would take as a result of the status effect wouldn’t be good for him. Wind Following Sword had to avoid it. Panicked, he sidestepped in a random direction in order to dodge the shot and then he heard a “he he” chuckle from behind him.

Wind Following Sword immediately turned around to look. A figure that had originally been crouching at the corner stood up and headed towards him.

Wind Following Sword wanted to cough up blood. He hadn’t been very careful when he dodged the bullet and, as a result, he had unexpectedly stepped into the aggro range of another monster and aggroed it as well.

Wind Following Sword hastily tried to get out of its range, but after only taking a few steps, he heard footsteps closing in. His hesitation had allowed Lord Grim to close in.

He couldn’t beat him one on one, but he had to do something to delay him. Wind Following Sword grinded his teeth. He turned around and sent out a Sword Draw!

“F*ck me!!!” Wind Following Sword cursed.

Behind him, Lord Grim jumped up into the air. The Sword Draw swept under his feet, missing him. But behind Lord Grim were another two monsters and those two monsters were hit.

The two monsters had originally been aggroed onto Lord Grim. But after being hit by the Sword Draw, their attention turned to Wind Following Sword. They brandished their blades and pounced on him.


Now that things had escalated to this, how could Wind Following Sword not know what was going on? Accidentally stepping into a monster’s aggro range and Lord Grim bringing two monsters behind him wasn’t just a coincidence. This was pure revenge. Lord Grim was using the method he had used previously to play around with Soft Mist back at him. However, Lord Grim’s method was superior. Being able to blow him away into the aggro range was a reflection of his skill.

Sweat could be seen on Wind Following Sword’s head. He could still deal with four monsters, but Lord Grim? He looked at him and discovered that Lord Grim wasn’t in a rush to attack him.

Does he want to attract even more monsters? Wind Following Sword immediately thought this and began paying more attention to his surroundings. This was originally a leveling area, so there were monsters every few steps. Wind Following Sword looked around and saw that any one of them could turn into his enemy at any time.

Careful. Careful!

Wind Following Sword observed his surroundings and observed Lord Grim’s movements. But Lord Grim didn’t seem to have too much interest in any of these monsters. He didn’t actively aggro them. For a moment, Wind Following Sword wasn’t sure what the opponent was thinking. What was Ye Qiu thinking?

Wind Following Sword looked at the end of the street. His friends were rushing over to his rescue. Truthfully, Wind Following Sword didn’t believe they could beat Ye Qiu, but he did believe that, with more people, things would become more chaotic and his chances of escaping would be greater as a result.

Just as he thought this, he suddenly saw a figure on the rooftop move. The Spitfire who had been knocked down by Su Mucheng previously had finally climbed back up. He looked over the street’s circumstances and immediately headed towards Wind Following Sword in order to help him.

He held a grenade in his hands and after taking a few steps forward, he quietly threw it behind Lord Grim.

Wind Following Sword’s heart was about to leap up to his throat. If the grenade hit, then he’d have some hope in escaping!

The grenade arced down. As long as it hit the ground, it would explode. But who would have thought that, at this moment, Lord Grim would suddenly turn around and draw his sword simultaneously. The grenade that had been thrown downward was sliced by the sword light and immediately exploded.

Wind Following Sword felt that it was a pity. Soon after, he saw the sword being sheathed. Lord Grim changed his weapon once again and flames spouted out of his gun.

The Spitfire on the rooftop was still changing his ammunition in order to get ready for his next attack. By the time Wind Following Sword warned him, it was already too late. Lord Grim had fired Anti-Tank Missiles at him. The Spitfire didn’t have time to dodge and the explosion blasted him onto the streets once more.

Wind Following Sword looked on, dumbstruck. He still knew what was what. Everything that had happened in that instant showed Lord Grim’s incredible skill.

The number of players who could hit a grenade in mid-air wasn’t high. And the Anti-Tank Missiles had used the grenade’s light and noise as a cover. This was why Wind Following Sword was able to understand what had happened, while that Spitfire had no idea what had happened. For that Spitfire, Lord Grim’s shots had been completely covered up by the grenade’s explosion. By the time he saw the missiles, it was already too late to dodge.

Using such a small detail wasn’t easy.

It meant that he completely grasped the opponent’s position, the opponent’s field of view, the effects of the grenade’s explosion, and his extremely quick hands ensures that he could complete his attack at the moment of explosion.

Wind Following Sword once again decided to turn tail and run. The more experienced you were, the better you would understand how terrifying this was. Wind Following Sword understood this. He no longer desired to try and block Lord Grim. Whether he could escape now depended on his luck!

Wind Following Sword didn’t even look back when he ran. Run. Run forward. He didn’t care what was happening behind him. He didn’t want to know how far away Lord Grim was from him or whether or not he had aggroed more monsters. The only thought in his mind was to run and to continue running.

Gun sound!

Wind Following Sword didn’t look back. He only shifted his direction slightly. Whether he could dodge or not depended on his luck!

Another shot!

Wind Following Sword twisted his body, but he still didn’t turn his head.

Gun sounds continued to ring. Wind Following Sword continued to zigzag. His health hadn’t gone down and he hadn’t been hit. Wind Following Sword’s hopes were once again reignited. Could he have somehow awakened his true potential in a moment of crisis? Was his potential so great that he could dodge like this?

Bang bang bang bang!

Amidst these gun sounds, Wind Following Sword’s health still hadn’t gone down. He felt as if he was sliding over the water.

So graceful! Wind Following Sword complimented himself. Soon after, from another point of view, he saw that something didn’t seem quite right.

It didn’t matter. All he had to do was keep running! Wind Following Sword didn’t want to waste any time. Another gun sounded and, from the corner of his eyes, he saw a flame.

A figure appeared in Wind Following Sword’s field of view. It was Lord Grim, who was currently flying backwards along the road. This was because he was using Aerial Fire.

Wind Following Sword cried.

Lord Grim had been using Aerial Fire the entire time to catch up to him. He had been twisting around as well because of the noise. That had probably made him look as if he had gone crazy, right?

“Your twisting looked pretty good.” Wind Following Sword quickly heard him praise.

Wind Following Sword stared at Lord Grim. He was ready to fight. It didn’t matter who his opponent was. No matter how terrifying Lord Grim was, he didn’t plan on just letting himself die. He wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Bang! Another stream of bullets.

It had already become a reflex. When he heard the sound of bullets being fired, he couldn’t help but twist…..

But these bullets weren’t directed at him.

“It seems like you’ve gotten addicted.” The other side laughed. Wind Following Sword felt embarrassed. He used a Sword Draw and finally acted against Lord Grim. And so what? Even if he died, it was only a 10% experience loss. He could get that back in a day.

“Fight!” Wind Following Sword shouted.

His slash gently flitted past Lord Grim. “You even messed up who your opponent is. How sad.” Ye Xiu said.

Wind Following Sword was startled. He had been too absorbed in listening to the gun sounds. He now noticed that he could hear footsteps quickly closing in…….

“This is?” Wind Following Sword immediately turned around.

A scarlet light flashed in front of his eyes and he saw an ID on top of the opponent’s head: Soft Mist.

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