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Chapter 239 – First Target

Tyrannical Ambition watched as Zero Kills rushed forward and then suddenly retreated. Just as they were standing there stunned, an even more surprising event occurred. The Assassin, who was running back to Lord Grim’s group, suddenly disappeared in front of their eyes.

“What happened?” The Striker asked in astonishment. He even thought his computer had broken or something.

“He’s out!” Jiang You called. Zero Kills suddenly rose up from the ground, but quickly fell back down soon after, disappearing yet again. The distance was too far, so they couldn’t see clearly. However, it seemed like a flame had appeared on Zero Kill’s body…….

“No way, right???” Besides Zhang Xinjie, everyone yelled in surprise.

Following their yells, Zero Kills once again rose from the ground, except this time, he didn’t fall down. Instead, his body glowed white. He was currently being healed by a Cleric skill.

“Could he have accidentally fallen into the lava?” The Striker started.

“And he wasn’t even been able to jump out the first time?” The Blade Master also found it hard to believe.

Lava Cemetery was similar to Boneyard; coffins, gravestones, dried-up trees were the main backdrops. The difference was that Lava Cemetery had countless rivers engraved into the map. Some of these rivers were deep, while some of them were shallow and some were wide, while others were narrow. Also, instead of water, lava flowed through them. If a player jumped into one of them, they would immediately take Burn damage. Even after they jumped out, they would still take damage for five extra seconds.

“To have actually dropped into the lava, is this guy stupid?” The Sharpshooter said. They hadn’t considered such a low-leveled mistake.

“Maybe it was just a mistake.” The Striker couldn’t believe it.

“Even so, twice?” The Blade Master replied.

“Anything’s possible.” The Striker didn’t want to look down on this Assassin since he felt it was necessary to have this type of attitude.

“Okay, enough. Just don’t be careless!” Jiang You said.

At this moment, Zhang Xinjie finally spoke. He directly commanded them: “X Formation. Striker and Sharpshooter left, Blade Master and Elementalist right. Ten steps.”

X Formation was similar to the five dots tile in Mahjong. The Striker and Blade master would be in the front on the left and right while the Sharpshooter and Elementalist would be in the back. The four quickly took formation ten steps long, while Zhang Xinjie stood in the middle.

“Forward!” Zhang Xinjie ordered. The five players maintained formation and rushed forward. Zhang Xinjie stayed in the middle and observed the other side’s movements closely.

On the other side, Ye Xiu had first yelled for Zero Kills to stop. He then watched as the guy dropped into the lava and even had to try twice to jump out of it. The burn effect continued to lower Zero Kill’s health, so Ye Xiu had to immediately heal him.

This guy didn’t seem very good! Ye Xiu sighed. It would have been good if they had randomly gotten an expert, but his luck today clearly wasn’t good.

“Bro, you’re so impatient!” Huang Shaotian’s Flowing Tree went up and laughed at him.

The Assassin was also scared. After seeing his health recover, he let out a sigh: “Didn’t one of you say to hurry up and finish this quickly?”

“Remember his voice. Don’t listen to anything he says.” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck!” Huang Shaotian wasn’t happy.

“Who said that?” Zero Kills was still asking.

“The one next to you.” Ye Xiu said.

Zero Kills looked at Flowing Tree and then said, “Level 27? Stupid noob. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then don’t say it, okay?”

“F*ck me. This f*cking noob actually dares call me a noob?”

“Okay, calm down! Everyone get ready. The enemies are coming.” Ye Xiu said. The two immediately quieted down and focused. The other side had begun to move. They had dispersed and were now heading towards them.

“X Formation, huh. What do we do?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Charge straight down the middle!” Ye Xiu said.

“Good. Simple and direct.” Huang Shaotian praised.

“How could it be simple.” Ye Xiu laughed, “Follow me!”

Steamed Bun Invasion immediately jumped forward and followed behind Lord Grim.

“Be careful. Don’t fall into the lava.” Ye Xiu reminded again. The team’s skill levels weren’t matched, so he had to warn them of every little thing.

The two sides both headed towards the middle of the map. Who knew how many channels they had jumped over? Just from this, the difference between each player’s mechanics could be seen. The other players easily jumped over them, while Zero Kills, on the other hand, had to jump extremely carefully. He was clearly finding it difficult and if things went on like this, he’d drop out from their group early, where as Tyrannical Ambition went forward neatly and smoothly.

“Slow down. Slow down.” Ye Xiu could only call out. The team slowed down to match with Zero Kill’s speed.

So slow…… Jiang You and the others clearly saw that they were going faster than the other side. It seemed as if the other side weren’t as good as they were on this map. Their morale was immediately boosted and they jumped over the rivers of lava joyfully.

“Pay attention to the Launcher!” Zhang Xinjie warned when they got into the Launcher’s range. Cleansing Mist hadn’t yet acted, but Tyrannical Ambition were already on guard.

Lord Grim’s team was all over the place, but as they approached, they began converging closer to the center. Zhang Xinjie immediately saw through it and shouted: “Front two back three!”

Jiang You and the other experts understood this command. The Blade Master and Striker slowed down and moved towards each other. The Sharpshooter and Elementalist caught up and stood beside Endless Night.

“They changed formations.” Huang Shaotian called.

“I can see.” Ye Xiu said, “Launcher, get ready.”

Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist lifted her gun as the two sides grew closer and closer. Now, there was only one final river of lava left between them. No one said anything. Aside from the sounds of the flowing lava, only footsteps could be heard.

Ye Xiu and Zhang Xinjie watched each other’s movements. Lord Grim’s party were now in the Sharpshooter and the Elementalist’s range.

Neither side attacked yet since they were both waiting for the most optimal time. Whoever seized the opportunity first would take the advantage.



Both sides shouted. One side quietly sent their party the message, while the other side shouted it. The two orders were less than a second apart.

Cleansing Mist’s cannon immediately fired three Anti-Tank Missiles.

Tyrannical Ambition’s players had already prepared themselves. When the cannon fired, Zhang Xinjie immediately shouted the command and the team separated.

The Anti-Tank Missiles went through the enemy team’s formation and none of them took damage. Lord Grim, Flowing Tree, Steamed Bun Invasion, and Zero Kills quickly rushed forward and about to jump over the river of lava. During this moment, Cleansing Mist fired a Laser Rifle, attacking the two players on the right side. Tyrannical Ambition’s team had temporarily been split in two so Ye Xiu’s team took the opportunity to quickly attack Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric.

Zhang Xinjie chuckled at this.

This Lord Grim’s skill level wasn’t bad and he had seized the most optimal timing to attack. However, it wasn’t that he wasn’t able to grasp that timing. It was that he had intentionally given the opportunity to Lord Grim. The timing he had needed was now.


Another message flashed in the team’s party chat. The Blade Master was already prepared for this. He used a Sword Draw and sliced his sword through the air towards the river of lava Lord Grim was currently jumping over.

Also at this moment, the Elementalist cast a Raging Flames. The Striker followed behind the Blade Master and used an Eagle Stamp towards Lord Grim.

Their two three formation wasn’t a normal spread. The Striker and Blade Master had dodged to the left, protecting the Cleric and the Sharpshooter and the Elementalist had dodged to the right. This type of formation allowed them to counter attack effectively.

Ye Xiu’s first target was Zhang Xinjie’s Endless Night.

Zhang Xinjie’s first target was Lord Grim too.

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