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Chapter 240 – All-Star Tactic

In mid-air, Ye Xiu saw the sword aura along with fire rising up from the Raging Flames. Lord Grim suddenly turned and flung open his Thousand Chance Umbrella.

Aerial Fire!

Just as he was about to be hit, he used an Aerial Fire to move in the air. His original targets switched from the left wing to the right wing.

The left wing had the Striker and Blade Master, protecting the Cleric Endless Night.

The right wing had Jiang You’s Crowd Lover and the Sharpshooter.

Jiang You’s Raging Flames had almost connected with Lord Grim, while the Sharpshooter was in a standoff with Cleansing Mist, when Lord Grim suddenly turned and headed towards them. They knew of Lord Grim’s strength and immediately panicked a bit, retreating.

On the left wing, the Striker had stepped down with an Eagle Stamp, but the target had suddenly flown away. All he could do was watch as his character landed on the opposite bank. Unfortunately, who was standing on the opposite bank? Flowing Tree! Huang Shaotian was one of the best players in the pro-scene at seizing opportunities.

The Level 27 Blade Master short hopped and raised his sword. A sword aura flitted by, brushing by the Striker’s body. The Striker hadn’t been slashed flying away, but his pathing had been changed. When he landed, he stepped onto the edge of the bank. The Striker wanted to use a Wall Jump, but how could Huang Shaotian let of this opportunity go?

A sword light fell and smacked the Striker’s head.

The Striker didn’t have any moves left and fell into the river of lava. The lava enveloped his body and his health immediately began burning away. The Striker grumbled about his hardships and hastily tried to run back to land.

Seeing that the Striker had jumped into the river, Zhang Xinjie had to save him. He raised his cross and began chanting. As for the Blade Master, his only long-range skill, Sword Draw, was on cooldown, so he could only stand and watch from the side.

Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t stay idle. He jumped over and wanted to throw a Brick at Endless Night, when Flowing Tree moved in front to block him: “No use, he’s too far.”

“It should be enough, no?” Steamed Bun Invasion had some sense.

“Just a bit off. He’s intentionally baiting you.” Huang Shaotian said.

“How evil!” Steamed Bun Invasion immediately believed him. As a result, he threw the Brick towards the Striker instead.

The Striker hastily dodged it. Steamed Bun Invasion shouted angrily: “How dare you dodge!” and sent a Sand Toss at him.

The Striker was bewildered. Why shouldn’t he dodge? Dodging around left and right, the Striker was finally able to return to the bank. He immediately jumped, but then noticed a dazzling shot out of the corner of his eye. Cleansing Mist had sent him a shot.

“F*ck!” The Striker was hit tumbling by the shot and fell back into the river of lava.

“Jump!” Zhang Xinjie’s voice suddenly resounded.

The Striker heard the command and without even checking the situation, jumped up. Endless Night’s Sacred Fire showered down and began burning on the banks of the river.

The timing was perfect. Huang Shaotian had no choice but to retreat to escape from the white flames. And at this moment, the Blade Master’s Sword Draw was off cooldown. He timed it well with the Sacred Fire and used it to try and push the enemies back another step.

There’s a small hole, but there shouldn’t be enough time….. Just as Zhang Xinjie was thinking this, he saw a sword light flash by, a Sword Draw.

The formation he had used should have been able to completely rescue the Striker, in theory. But it required three players to coordinate. If a single player was just slightly too slow, then it wouldn’t be guaranteed. But who could take advantage of such a small opening?

Zhang Xinjie had originally thought like this, but now he knew his thinking was wrong.

Flowing Tree’s Sword Draw had been thrown out slightly late, but his target was also slightly closer. Between his and the Blade Master’s Sword Draw, which one would reach first?

If the Blade Master was faster, then his Sword Draw would be interrupted. He had to use it while dodging the Sacred Fire though. Would he be faster?

In reality, he had succeeded.

His Sword Light connected and the Striker was once again hit back into the river of lava.

The Blade Master’s Sword Draw had arrived just a step too late. After hitting the Striker, Flowing Tree quickly put his sword back and Guarded against the Blade Master’s attack.

“This person!” Zhang Xinjie’s face changed. Just from seeing this small detail, he could see that this was god-level microing. This Flowing Tree… who was he?

Even though the Blade Master’s Sword Draw hadn’t connected and the Striker wasn’t rescued, the Blade Master still continued forward with the plans Zhang Xinjie had made earlier. The Blade Master leaped up, his sword flashed, and a Falling Light Blade with him flew directly towards the opposite bank. The Sacred Fire there was an absolute protection. And at this moment, he suddenly heard Zhang Xinjie yell: “Not yet!”

“Ah?” The Blade Master had already flown over to the opposite bank. The Falling Light Blade crashed down and he saw Flowing Tree jump back to dodge the shockwave from his attack. Closely following, Flowing Tree’s feet also suddenly shot out a shockwave.

“A…. Falling Light Blade as well? To use it like that……” The Blade Master was astonished, but couldn’t change the reality of his character being knocked down by the shockwave. He immediately tried to use a Quick Recover, but seeing where he would land, he immediately began crying. Once he fell into the river, what was the point in Quick Recovering?

The Blade Master helplessly watched as he partnered with the Striker. The two burned in the river as they tried their best to move left and right to escape, but their shameless opponents were standing by the bank. As soon as they saw them jump, they would immediately swat them down. And just like this, these two players would be burned to death in the river.

The two glowed red and also white. Endless Night had been healing them non-stop. But they couldn’t last forever.

Zhang Xinjie was already seeing that things weren’t looking good. He was currently too busy to handle the Sharpshooter and the Elementalist. And those two’s situation looked even worse.

Crowd Lover was now in the lava as well, joining the crowd. That Sharpshooter was grabbed by Lord Grim and then directly thrown over.

At this moment, four of Tyrannical Ambition’s five-man team were struggling in the river, unable to get out.

Tactics? Zhang Xinjie had been watching the opponent’s pathing, movements, and intents the entire time.

But, now that he thought about it, was the other side even using tactics? It didn’t look like it. From the start, the other side had just rushed up and then……. things were like this now.

Lord Grim and Flowing Tree were clearly far more skilled than Jiang You’s group. That Launcher couldn’t be looked down on either. Her control and coordination were extremely outstanding and repeatedly shot the struggling team back down into the river.

As for that Zero Kills, what had he done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Steamed Bun Invasion had even thrown a few Bricks and some Sand Tosses, but that Zero Kills had done absolutely nothing. Oh, you guys are going that way, okay, I’ll go that way too. He was just cheering them on.

If this had to be called a tactic, then it would be called a Star Tactic. It didn’t matter what strategy or tactic you used, those two ridiculous guys were enough to crush you…….

A sudden, terrifying thought popped up in Zhang Xinjie’s head. The thought made a lot of sense, but he didn’t want to believe it.

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