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Chapter 232 – A Precise Position

After leaving the dining hall, Jiang You returned to his workplace at the Club and immediately contacted Cold Night, asking if he could hurry and find a Level 33 Cleric account for him.

All of the reserve account cards for the tenth server were with Cold Night, but Cold Night didn’t live in the same city as Tyranny’s Club, so it wasn’t as easy getting the cards from him as was for Plantago Seeds to retrieve the cards for Tiny Herb. It hadn’t been easy for Jiang You and that Striker to get their account cards for the tenth server.

“A Cleric? Is Endless Night’s fine?” Endless Night was in the same city as Tyranny’s Club, but Cold Night had only asked this randomly. Their most skilled Cleric in the guild already had an account. The other Clerics were also near the same level as Endless Night, so it didn’t make sense to give out his account card to worser players.

“Okay, tell him to come over this afternoon!” He didn’t think that Jiang You would actually agree.

Cold Night was surprised, so he asked curiously: “Who is it for?”

“Vice Captain Zhang.” Jiang You didn’t keep any secrets.

“Ah…..” There was some surprise in his voice, “Vice-captain Zhang is going to personally come out?”

“Yeah, I went over to talk to him and he said he’d take a look. Tell Endless Night to bring his account card over!”

“Okay okay.”

Cold Night hung up the phone and immediately contacted Endless Night. Endless Night had no objections and on the contrary, was extremely excited. He was a core part of Tyrannical Ambition and played a Cleric as well. How could he not admire Zhang Xinjie? It was an honor to let him use his account!

At 2 o’clock sharp in the afternoon, Zhang Xinjie arrived at the guild studio. Jiang You was already waiting there eagerly, but was still surprised when he saw Zhang Xinjie walk in through the door. Zhang Xinjie had said he would come take a look, but in actuality, he had brought his own keyboard and mouse.

Nearly all pro-players had their own keyboard and mouse. They had their own custom settings and a different keyboard would affect them slightly. In the pro-scene, such a difference couldn’t be ignored.

But Zhang Xinjie was only coming to take a look in the game. Zhang Xinjie bringing his own keyboard and mouse was a reflection of his strict and serious attitude. Endless Night excitedly handed his account card over to his idol, while Jiang You removed the original keyboard and mouse from the computer.

After connecting his own equipment, Zhang Xinjie sat down. Jiang You and the Striker sat beside him; one on the left and the other on the right. The three quickly logged into the game. Endless Night no longer had his account, so he couldn’t play, but he was still able to watch and admire Zhang Xinjie play. The other workers in the studio weren’t going to miss the opportunity either and all ran to watch. Jiang You was initially worried that Zhang Xinjie would be unhappy with this, but seeing that he didn’t seem to care, he didn’t say anything.

When Jiang You logged into the game, he checked his friends list. Jiang You said sorrowfully: “Aw, it looks like Lord Grim isn’t online.” He and Lord Grim had become friends at Frost Forest.

“Oh, you said he last logged off at Line Canyon?” Zhang Xinjie asked.


“We’ll go wait at a Line Canyon entrance.” Zhang Xinjie said as he maneuvered the character, Endless Night, towards Line Canyon.

“There’s no need for that. We already have people guarding there. If Lord Grim comes out, they’ll tell us.” Jiang You hastily said.

“There’s no hurry.” Zhang Xinjie still had his character continue running to Line Canyon. After arriving there, his character just stood there, quietly waiting.

“Lord Grim still hasn’t come online…….” Jiang You reminded him. It was still too early to wait.

But just as he reminded him, a prompt suddenly showed up for Jiang You’s Crowd Lover. He immediately checked it and sure enough, it was Lord Grim.

“He’s on.”

“Okay.” Zhang Xinjie replied and then put on his headphones.

Jiang You and the Striker didn’t dare be negligent and also hurried to put on their headphones.

Jiang You wasn’t the only person to receive the prompt that Lord Grim had come online. The other guilds had also received it. Cold Night was already talking to Chen Yehui, Lonely Drink, and the other guild leaders. Of course, he wasn’t going to mention Zhang Xinjie since they were, after all, only a temporary alliance.

They actually waited for a long time. In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed. The original players who were guarding the Line Canyon entrance had already changed shifts, but Zhang Xinjie’s Endless Night was still standing there, waiting. The person behind Endless Night was also waiting in the same way. He sat up straight without moving or talking.

Jiang You felt uneasy in his chair, but he didn’t know what to say. Tell a joke? Seeing Zhang Xinjie’s expressionless face, Jiang You gave up on that idea. He already had Cold Night ordering people search around in Line Canyon. There was still no sign of Lord Grim, even after an hour. He clearly hadn’t planned on just happily leaving the canyon.

Another long wait and another hour passed.

The guards had once again switched shifts, but there was still no sign from Cold Night. Zhang Xinjie was the same. The people who had originally been watching had already left. Even Endless Night had gone on another computer to play some online games. All Jiang You and that Striker could do was sit there. If Zhang Xinjie hadn’t relaxed yet, how could they dare to?

Lord Grim, you f*cker! Jiang You could only curse at Lord Grim.

“He’s here.” Zhang Xinjie suddenly said. He had been standing with his camera zoomed out to the max. He had been standing on the right in the middle of the entrance and was the first to find Lord Grim. He was currently running along the slope.

Jiang You immediately called for everyone’s attention. He and the Striker had been sitting beside Zhang Xinjie and hadn’t been distracted. But the other three, the Sharpshooter, the Cleric, and the Blade master, were probably tabbed out and passing time.

After receiving Jiang You’s message, the three began to move. They also knew that Endless Night was being controlled by Zhang Xinjie. It was obviously who the leader of their team was right now.

Zhang Xinjie had begun moving!

His two hands danced across the keyboard. His rapid tapping immediately drew the attention of Endless Night, who was playing something else. He threw down his game and ran over to watch.

Zhang Xinjie had just typed some messages out for the team. Five orders. Five classes. Five coordinates. Five positions. He was arranging the team’s formation.

The positions could be construed as sub-coordinates.

One coordinate was to move sideways ten steps. Ten steps indicated ten steps of a character’s walking, which was the same for every class. Each step’s distance could be seen as a certain position. For example, if someone were given (2,5), they would move to a certain position within an area.

Zhang Xinjie was meticulously arranging the positions of everyone.

Jiang You and the others didn’t dare act careless and all went to their respective positions. And that guard from some other guild was still standing there stupidly without moving.

Jiang You and the others ignored them. With Zhang Xinjie leading them, they were confident that they could take down Lord Grim. They didn’t think that they would need help.

After Ye Xiu got up in the afternoon, he hadn’t seen Chen Guo nor Tang Rou. When he asked people in the Internet Cafe, they said that they gone out to take a walk. When he came online, he went around and killed some monsters and currently planned on going back to the city.

He had to go back. With all of the intense fighting from yesterday, the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Durability was almost gone. Faced with this issue, for such a precious Silver weapon, even Ye Xiu couldn’t stay calm.

Ye Xiu knew that after being noticed by the seven guilds, he would be chased relentlessly. As a result, he chose routes where no one was there. Just as he was about to leave the canyon, he saw a character standing on the left of the middle of the entrance.

“A very precise position…….” Ye Xiu had Lord Grim move to a position that was good for observation as well. It was just a simple position, but among experts, they each had their own judgements.

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