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Chapter 231 – Looking for Help

Tang Rou went back to rest. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, didn’t have much to do. It was almost six and pretty much no one needed assistance. Half of them had their heads lying on the table.

Ye Xiu got up and wandered around for a bit. He then returned to the front desk to look at some videos and guides for Line Canyon.

In the blink of an eye, it was time to change shifts. He handed over his seat, ate breakfast, and then went to rest like usual.

But for the seven big guilds in the tenth server, that hour was unbearable. After a long dispute, in the end, they all agreed on a plan: guard the Line Canyon entrances.

Correct, they were going to stick with guarding the Line Canyon entrances. But this time, they weren’t going to have a hundred players stand there like before, just a few. The seven big guilds arranged the shifts. They would switch every hour. As long as they reported when Lord Grim’s group came out, then it’d be good enough.

This was already their only plan. Besides this, they felt that they couldn’t go on any longer. It was a small measure. Regardless of how it went, it made them feel a little bit better.

When the sun rose, they dispersed and logged off to rest. But for some people, even though they hadn’t slept tonight, they weren’t able to sleep during day. For example, Jiang You.

How could he fall asleep!

The night had passed terribly. Although the outside was icy and cold, Jiang You could only feel a burning anger in his heart.

Lord Grim!

Jiang You hated him to the core. Though as an expert, he wasn’t short-sighted. Even though Lord Grim had used a few dirty tricks and even though he was an unspecialized with that weird weapon……. if they switched positions and he had that character and that weapon, would he have been able to suppress everyone in such a dominating way? The answer was no.

How troublesome!

Jiang You turned and turned in his bed. He drowsily fell asleep. In his dreams, he saw the BOSS being stolen away in front of his eyes. He roared and went to find the KSer to vent his anger at. But then, one by one, the troops he brought with him disappeared from his sight. Then, a shadow suddenly flew forward. He wasn’t able to see clearly and felt a shiver down his spine. On the top of the shadow was the ID: Lord Grim.

“F*CK!!” Jiang You howled and woke up from his nightmare. The sun had already risen. The sunlight that shone through the window stung his eyes. At this moment, he was unexpectedly feeling lucky: Phew. It was just a dream. The stolen BOSS was all just a dream.

He checked the time. It was almost 12 o’clock. He had only slept four hours. A very bad night of sleep.

Yesterday night’s events and his dream continued to turn in his mind. Jiang You finally couldn’t take it anymore. He got up and put on his clothes. After quickly cleaning up, he rushed out of his room.

Club Tyranny, dining hall.

As an official employee of the Club, the game was his job and this was one of his benefits as an employee. However, he rarely used it for lunch.

Right now, quite a few of the Club members were using this time to eat. Everyone obviously recognized Jiang You and knew his habits. Jiang You appearing now made everyone surprised. Even the team captain Han Wenqing greeted him with a face full of surprise.

Jiang You greeted everyone. He ran to randomly pick a few dishes and sat opposite to someone in the dining hall.

The other person had two dishes, one meat, one vegetable, along with a small bowl of soup. His left hand held a bowl of rice, while his right hand held the chopsticks that were currently moving towards his mouth. Whenever his chopsticks moved down, the amount he picked up was practically the same every time.

This was Tyranny’s vice-captain Zhang Xinjie, a strict and serious person. From his clothing to his eating to his gameplay, they all reflected this.

Seeing Jiang You sit opposite to him, Zhang Xinjie looked at him and nodded his head.

“Vice-captain, I have something I want to talk to you about.” Jiang You said. He was going to ask Zhang Xinjie for advice on what to do about Lord Grim. He had planned on doing it awhile ago, but had held it off. After tossing and turning during the night, Jiang You finally decided that he couldn’t bear it any longer and needed someone to help him.

“Let’s talk after lunch.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Alright.” Jiang You replied and began eating faster.

Many people liked to pull along a friend to talk with while they ate, but everyone in Tyranny knew that their vice-captain never talked to anyone while eating, which was why no one was accompanying him right now. Jiang You usually liked to chat with others, but this time, he actually chose to sit with Zhang Xinjie, making everyone feel a little perplexed.

But no one really took it to heart. They continued on doing their own thing and after eating, they left the dining hall to rest, including the team captain Han Wenqing.

Jiang You had taken a glance at Han Wenqing a few times and seeing how the team captain wasn’t planning on doing anything, he relaxed. The in-game guild and the pro-team were interconnected. When one wins, both wins. When one suffers, both suffer. Yesterday night, their guild had lost a lot of face. If Han Wenqing heard about it, Jiang You felt that he’d definitely be yelled at.

Most of the people had already left the dining hall, but Zhang Xinjie continued to eat at his own pace. His pace was very regular. Jiang You was able to see the order which he ate. At that pace, the rice and dishes would be finished at the same time.

Jiang You, on the other hand, finished his meal at lightning speed and sure enough, Zhang Xinjie picked his dishes clean. Jiang You thought he was done eating and was just about to speak, when he saw Zhang Xinjie pick up his ⅘ full bowl of soup and quietly drink it one spoonful at a time.

Finally, when he finished the soup, he wiped his mouth with a napkin. Jiang You wasn’t sure if he was done, so he kept silent. After Zhang Xinjie put down his napkin, he looked over: “What are you here for?”

“For some in-game matters.” Jiang You hastily replied.


Jiang You explained the situation to him. There had been quite some development in the past few days. Blue Brook Guild’s troubles and their troubles were all explained to him.

In reality, Jiang You didn’t fully understand the situation. The strongest three big guilds were all in trouble. Apart from Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition, Herb Garden’s reserves had almost been wiped clean by Lord Grim. The team backing them had been beaten by Lord Grim numerous times too. If Jiang You knew of this, he would have asked for help from even Han Wenqing long ago.


A weapon that can change forms?

A single person suppressed all of you guys?

Zhang Xinjie silently listened as Jiang You finished his report. He was mostly interested in these areas.

Apart from this, Zhang Xinjie didn’t care about the BOSS story that Jiang You was most distressed about. He had only asked for a bit more details about the strategies and tactics Lord Grim’s team had used in the first team wipe out. But Jiang You hadn’t really paid attention to many of these things, so he wasn’t able to answer them.

“Vice-captain Zhang really does care more about the strategy and tactics……’ Jiang You thought.

In the Glory pro-scene, there were four players who were titled Master Tacticians. No, there were only three now. Zhang Xinjie was one of them. The other two were the Blue Rain team captain Yu Wenzhou and the Thunderclap team captain Xiao Shiqin. Team Thunderclap wasn’t considered a very strong team, but by relying on their team captain Xiao Shiqing’s tactics and strategy, they would sometimes be able to come up with surprising upsets, which made it so that the high-ranked teams never looked down on them. The last one, who couldn’t be considered one anymore, was the retired Ye Qiu.

“This Lord Grim you talk about isn’t so simple. You have accounts I can use right? Let me go and take a look.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Uh, I do, I do.” Jiang You hastily said.

“I’m going to ask for time off this afternoon. I’ll then go over to where you are.” Zhang Xinjie said.

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