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Chapter 215 – Tooth for Tooth

Endless Night.

As soon as Ye Xiu exited the dungeon, he saw this Tyrannical Ambition Cleric. He was also at the dungeon entrance with four others. When Ye Xiu saw them, Endless Night and his group turned around as well and looked at him.

Ye Xiu acted without taking time to think and used a Shadow Clone Technique to dash in front of them.

“Hi Little Cleric!” Ye Xiu smiled and sent a Sky Strike at them.

Endless Night hadn’t anticipated that he would act so quickly and was just barely able to dodge the Sky Strike., but, Lord Grim moved one step faster and launched him into the sky with a Kick. The Thousand Chance Umbrella transformed into its Gun form and a Gatling Gun, aimed at Endless Night, bombarded him with a barrage of bullets.

There were a lot of players outside of the dungeon, so many of the skills would inevitably hit others. Ye Xiu simply used a BBQ Delivery Gun to directly send Endless Night out of the crowd.

“F*ck!” By the time Endless Night cursed, he was already in midair.

“What’s wrong?” Su Mucheng had only just noticed, but seeing that Ye Xiu had acted, she immediately lifted up her handcannon. Right when it seemed as if Endless Night was going to land and use a Quick Recover, he was suddenly hit by Anti-Tank Missiles. Endless Night was launched flying, like a firecracker into the mountain wall of Line Canyon.

Hitting walls in Glory didn’t allow users to Quick Recover, but there was a common skill called “Wall Jump”, which allowed the character to step on a wall or tree when jumping to perform a double jump.

Endless Night was just about to use a Quick Recover to roll, when suddenly, he had to use a “Wall Jump”. He wasn’t able to perform it fast enough and his head tore through the dirt.

Tang Rou, Qiao Yifan, and Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t react any slower. By the time Endless Night was able to dig him out of the wall, the three had already arrived and were ready to surround and attack him.

The surrounding players were a bit stupefied. Everything had happened so suddenly. They just saw a guy fly out from the crowd and crash into a wall.

Endless Night’s four companions were obviously all from Tyrannical Ambition. While the others were chasing after Lord Grim and the others, they were still continuing to power level in the dungeon in order to maintain their high levels and competitiveness in the dungeon records. They were the elite of the elites of the big guilds, but by coincidence, they ended up bumping into Lord Grim’s group and then watched helplessly as Lord Grim sent Endless Night flying.

And these four players made an incorrect decision. Without thinking, they decided to rush forward to rescue Endless Night……

5v5…… the result was obvious. There’s no need to describe it.

“Who are these guys?” Tang Rou asked as she stabbed at her opponent’s head. This sis was unexpectedly still practicing by only hitting the head.

“They’re from Tyrannical Ambition. They were one of the guilds that was chasing us.” Ye Xiu said. Even though the pursuers didn’t have their guild names, Ye Xiu had fought with Tyrannical Ambition quite a few times. He had joined the guild for a bit, so he had some memory of quite a few of the player names.

Since things were like this already, there was no need to be polite to Tyrannical Ambition.

Ye Xiu understood the significance of this dungeon team. By killing this team, it was similar to fighting tooth for tooth. The guilds wanted to hinder his team from leveling and now, Tyrannical Ambition’s elite team was the first to lose experience.

When those four players rushed up to rescue Endless Night, they immediately recognized their mistake. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

In this confrontation, Endless Night and the others struggled. They could be considered first-string experts, but compared to Lord Grim and his group’s clutch, none of them were able to escape.

Endless Night laid on the ground. A thread of chilliness arose in his shameless heart.

This Lord Grim’s attack was so decisive and he even smiled and greeted me? Was he not feeling any pressure at all?

While he revived back in town, Endless Night reported to Cold Night what had happened.

When Cold Night received the message, he felt extremely gloomy.

Unlucky! How unlucky! Why was his Tyrannical Ambition so unlucky?

Good things never came. Bad things always came one after the other. All the other guilds’ elite teams were continuing to level. Why did they have to bump into Lord Grim? What type of luck was that?

Cold Night immediately contacted the other members that were leveling. Among these was his boss, Jiang You, and the elite team that he had personally brought over from the Heavenly Domain.

With this information, Cold Night at least knew where Lord Grim and the others were now. However, he didn’t believe that Lord Grim would be so stupid as to wait to be surrounded. Lord Grim would definitely switch to a different dungeon entrance.

And after that, he didn’t report the information to the other guilds. The other guilds had to be unlucky too and get wiped out by Lord Grim’s group a few times……

The seven big guilds that had gathered were now outside Line Canyon.

“Following the original plan, first we’ll send people to wait outside dungeon entrances to verify where they are.” Chen Yehui said.

“Right now, they should already be doing their second run. Hurry. When we find out where they are, we’ll get into position and catch them before they start their third run.” Lonely Drink said.

The three guild leaders had found the other guilds and discussed the plan with them. In the end, they split their numbers evenly and a hundred players headed to different dungeon entrances.

“We’ve guarded the entrances. If we keep waiting, they’ll have to show up eventually, right?” Someone said.

“What if they stay in the leveling area and don’t come out?” Another one said.

Inside Line Canyon.

The dungeon entrance where Endless Night’s group was wiped out was completely silent. Not even a word bubble asking for a party invite could be seen.

PK was very common in game. But they had been shaken heavily by the five murderers. These random players outside of the dungeon felt weak and along. None of them dared to offend the five.

They didn’t know what Lord Grim’s intent was. When his team passed by them, they all felt a tremble in their hearts.

“More?” Someone in that team still seemed to want to continue.

“Crash!” In an instant, they dispersed.

“None for now! Let’s go!” Ye Xiu said.

“Huh? Where?” Steamed Bun Invasion saw that Lord Grim wasn’t heading towards the dungeon.

“If we stay here, won’t we be stopped later?” Ye Xiu said.

Steamed Bun Invasion scratched his head to think. Ye Xiu had no idea if he understood. In any case, he said “Oh” and then followed him. Under Lord Grim’s lead, they went through an empty area and found another dungeon entrance.

“Is there anyone to kill?’ Tang Rou asked. This sis’s eyes were probably sparkling with greed. She definitely hoped that the players outside of the dungeon entrance were all enemies. Killing them all would be a great challenge.

“There will be soon.” Ye Xiu laughed. Lord Grim unexpectedly went past the dungeon entrance.

“We’re not going in?” The four were puzzled.

“It’s now time that they exited the dungeon.” Ye Xiu said.

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