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Chapter 214 – Limited Practice

“Dungeons are relatively boring.” Ye Xiu said to Tang Rou, “But if you want to improve, you can’t avoid doing these monotonous practices.”

He didn’t tell any emotional stories or give examples of any outstanding people to persuade her. Ye Xiu only said this.

“I understand.” Tang Rou replied. This reply was within Ye Xiu’s expectations. He knew that he didn’t need to explain any more.

Tang Rou’s hand speed couldn’t have been reached naturally. It was definitely a result of long-term practice. This was why Ye Xiu believed that she had done this type of practice before. Results wouldn’t come from just practicing once or twice. The important part was persistence.

“Although killing monsters and running dungeons are robotic, if you treat it seriously, it’ll be a lot of help towards your consistency and concentration. Right now, you have absolute hand speed, but you’re not completely using it when you’re microing. For practice, you can try targeting a specific place when attacking. For example, every time you have to hit the head. By limiting your conditions, you can train your microing and your control. We call this type of training Limited Practice.”

After explaining the theory, Ye Xiu moved one step further and told the specific practice method.

Limited Practice was something pro-players were very familiar with. This was a basic practice method. The theory is that the individual sets his or her own conditions and slowly increases the difficulty.

Pro Clubs would even create their own specialized sets for their players to practice. And this type of simple and direct practice was the most detested and boring practice pro-players had to do.

It was the same as football and basketball. Practice with the ball was always more fun than practice without the ball. Glory players didn’t like to dully use their mouse and keyboard to perform the same action again and again either.

But no one could argue that this type of dull practice was very effective.

As for Tang Rou, Ye Xiu didn’t doubt her perseverance and willpower, but he still wanted to see just how great her determination was. After all, he still had no idea how much this girl really liked Glory. Her perseverance wasn’t fake, but how much effort did she want to put into the game?

“Every hit should be on the head?” Tang Rou was ready to accept Ye Xiu’s suggestion.

“Hitting the head is just my example. You can do whatever you’d like.” Ye Xiu said.

“These are all insects. I really can’t tell where their heads are, so I’ll hit their first segments!” Tang Rou said. Most of the monsters in Line Canyon were crawlers such as sandworms and scorpions. They all had a segmented body, so Tang Rou set those as her targets.

“Sure.” Ye Xiu replied. He also called for Steamed Bun Invasion at the same time: “Steamed Bun, would you like to try a challenge?”

“Oh? Challenge? You think a man like me would refuse a challenge?” Steamed Bun Invasion rushed forward.

“Good. We start now. When you attack, you can only attack these insect’s first segments, got it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? First segment?” Steamed Bun Invasion looked at the insects and began to study what their “first segments” were.

“Under these conditions, let’s see which one of you kills the most efficiently. We three won’t be helping you.” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim retreated to where Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan were. Even though Qiao Yifan was there to ask Ye Xiu for help, he did these types of fundamental practices every day at the Club. What he needed help with was more advanced topics.

Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan knew that Ye Xiu was intentionally training these two new players. As a result, after clearing the monsters they had already pulled, they didn’t go and pull any more new monsters. At this moment, there were only sandworms and scorpions on the field.

“Two for each of us.” Tang Rou said to Steamed Bun Invasion.

Steamed Bun Invasion laughed: “Ladies first.”

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist moved forward and pulled a sandworm and a scorpion. Sure enough, her attacks only hit the two insect’s first segments.

At this moment, Steamed Bun Invasion showed up on stage like a star and smashed a Brick onto a sandworm’s first segment. He then used Sand Toss and threw it at a scorpion. After throwing it, he froze and then called: “Senior, does Sand Toss count?”

“As long as it hits.” Ye Xiu laughed. Sand Toss would spread out when it was thrown. It wasn’t really possible to only hit the first segment.

“Then I didn’t break the rules!” Steamed Bun Invasion shouted.

“Yup! Keep going!” Ye Xiu said.

The two players pulled their insects to the side, so they wouldn’t disturb each other. While the three sat there watching, Ye Xiu suddenly said: “Who do you think will win?”

“Uh…… Steamed Bun!” Su Mucheng said.

Qiao Yifan seemed to be thinking deeply and carefully said: “I also think Steamed Bun will.”

“It seems pretty obvious!” Ye Xiu said.

If it was just based on hand speed, Tang Rou was better than Steamed Bun Invasion. But determining how fast her effective hand speed was something that even Ye Xiu couldn’t do. It was simply because Tang Rou’s hand speed was too unstable.

Most of the time, Tang Rou’s hand speed could reach 200 or even 250. But once she runs into a complicated situation, her hand speed will drop to 150 or even lower. It all depended on the situation.

Steamed Bun Invasion was different. He was more familiar with games so his fundamentals were better. His hand speed was much more stable and was usually at 180-200. Even for complicated situations, it wouldn’t leave that range by much.

By limiting the target, the player had to be more detailed with his or her playing.

Because of this, Tang Rou’s hand speed would drop significantly. In reality, this limited practice was specially for Tang Rou. Ye Xiu wanted her to know her weaknesses. As for Steamed Bun Invasion, just the “first segment” probably wasn’t hard enough for him. If he was going to give Steamed Bun Invasion limited practice, then Ye Xiu would give him more complicated conditions.

As for Tang Rou, it was better for her to experiment herself.

Soon after, the results confirmed their guesses.

The conditions reduced their killing efficiency, but Steamed Bun Invasion’s flowed much better, so he was the first to kill off the two insects. As for Tang Rou, she seemed to be having more trouble. After a while, her two insects finally died.

“How do you feel?” Ye Xiu asked them.

“Easy!” Steamed Bun Invasion unexpectedly stole the initiative. Tang Rou was silent. Compared to Steamed Bun Invasion, she was too embarrassed to say anything.

“You made a lot of mistakes.” Ye Xiu said to Tang Rou.

“I know, six times…..” Tang Rou counted.

“You hit other places six times, but you also missed three times. So that makes nine total.” Ye Xiu helped Tang Rou count.

“Let me try again.” Tang Rou said.

“Come at me!” Steamed Bun Invasion challenged.

“There’s no hurry. You can do this type of practice any time. First let’s finish the dungeon. After that, you guys can continue setting the conditions.” Ye Xiu reminded.

After all, dungeons occupied everyone’s time. Even though Tang Rou felt that it was urgent, she couldn’t hold up everyone’s time. As a result, they continued to dungeon. Tang Rou adopted Ye Xiu’s suggestion and only hit the “first segment” even when they fought BOSSes.

“You can try and slow down at first and make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Afterwards, you can slowly increase the speed. Don’t rush.” After finishing the dungeon, Ye Xiu helped Tang Rou conclude.

The five players exited the dungeon. Right as they were about to enter again, Ye Xiu suddenly saw a familiar ID out on the corner of his eye.

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