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Chapter 213 – A Match In Which the Outcome Is Already Known

Of course, Chen Yehui had his own personal reasons for going against Ye Xiu, which was much stronger than those for Lonely Drink. Lonely Drink only felt that he had been played by Ye Xiu, while Chen Yehui felt that Ye Qiu had completely changed his life.

But at this moment, he displayed reason and not impulse.

This was something Liu Hao had made him understand.

He was the one who persuade Liu Hao to work together and kick out Ye Qiu as a major task. He had considered Liu Hao a chess piece.

They had completed the task beautifully, making Chen Yehui very happy.

During this time, he had established a relationship with Liu Hao and had even received help from the pros on their pioneering in the new server. Liu Hao seemed to continue to acting as a good chess piece for him.

Up until they met Ye Qiu again.

This time, suppressing Ye Qiu could only be considered a side task. However, the two both felt that this task was more enamoring than the previous main task and the two had set out to complete it without any hesitation.

His chess piece excitedly stepped up to do the task, so Chen Yehui followed.

However, the chess piece was defeated miserably. Chen Yehui didn’t take the matter too seriously. It was just a chess piece after all!

Afterwards, he also tried to step up to the task, but failed as well. But he had discovered a new path and as a result, immediately looked for his chess piece only to find that his chess piece had already walked away and left him, while he himself, didn’t have the space to leave.

Chen Yehui finally realized that the task of kicking out Ye Qiu was more beneficial to his chess piece than him.

The real chess piece seemed to have actually been Chen Yehui.

Liu Hao turned around and went to do his own tasks, while he left the side task of suppressing Ye Qiu to Chen Yehui. If the task was completed by Chen Yehui, Liu Hao would be happy as well.

And Chen Yehui had no way of avoiding this task either because this had already become a part of his main task which was to pioneer in the new server but Ye Qiu was a huge obstacle.

Chen Yehui had no choice in this matter. The only thing he could be thankful for was that he had finally woken up and did not continue misplacing his priorities.

If this was a part of his main task now, then he might as well use him!

This top-tier God of Glory didn’t make him disappointed.

The few beating the numerous, 32 player wipe-out, made Lonely Drink angry. As a result, the big guilds would definitely unleash an even greater force right?

The tenth server had truly become much more complicated because of Ye Qiu’s existence. Chen Yehui pondered over this as he discussed with Cold Night and Lonely Drink on what to do with Lord Grim.

However, the three guild leaders only commanded their own troops. There were still the players from the four other guilds who didn’t care about them and were randomly searching for any signs of Lord Grim.

“F*ck, are they idiots? Do they really think they would just wait there for us to kill them?” Lonely Drink did not look highly upon these players.

“Seeing how no one saw them on their way here, we can deduce a few directions they might have headed towards.” Cold Night said.

“They won’t hide around pointlessly to waste time. They definitely have a final destination.” Chen Yehui said.

“Congee City, Desolate Land, or Boneyard. If they were heading there, they would have been exposed long ago. The only other options are Line Canyon or the higher-leveled Fire Forest.” Cold Night said.

“They could also be doing quests in the small villages scattered around Congee City.” Chen Yehui said.

“We can send people to take a look.” Lonely Drink said. The three discussed, while maneuvering their troops.

“If it’s Line Canyon……. oh……” Cold Night suddenly stopped midway.

“What?” The other two asked.

“I just received a message. We have their location.” Cold Night said anxiously.

“A message from where?”

“A player heading towards Congee Forest to do a quest met them on his way. From the direction they were heading towards, they’re definitely going to Line Canyon.” Cold Night said.

“Line Canyon, they’re not planning on running the dungeon are they?” Lonely Drink felt depressed. If Lord Grim’s group continued to dungeon, it would make it seem like their big guild’s actions were pointless. Nothing else could make them feel worse.

“These guys aren’t planning on setting a dungeon record right……?” Cold Night wanted to cough up blood. He really was scared that Lord Grim and them would set a record that they had no way of beating.

“Too arrogant!” Lonely Drink cursed. He was sad that they weren’t able to find Lord Grim and the others but became angry when they found their whereabouts. In any case, everything made him unhappy.

“There are a lot of dungeon entrances in Line Canyon. It won’t be easy stopping them….” Chen Yehui said.

“As they go in and out, we’ll definitely be able to find them. First, we can figure out their positions and then gather up people to stand guard.” Cold Night said.

“What are waiting for? Let’s head to Line Canyon.” Lonely Drink led the way and the Samsara players followed; heading towards Line Canyon.

Inside Line Canyon, Ye Xiu pushed forward like an autumn gale. However, they made a mistake in the beginning, rendering their run useless. As a result, the team just casually performed.

When they entered the dungeon, Tang Rou fought fiercely. She was clearly still in the PK mindset from before. However, after the first BOSS, Tang Rou gradually began to lose spirit and no longer had her energy from before. The same happened to Steamed Bun Invasion. The two players’ conditions went from hot to cold and eventually turned into a casual attitude.

“Hey hey, you two.” Ye Xiu called, “Have some spirit! Steamed Bun, sing a song for us.”

“NO!” Su Mucheng and Tang Rou cried out simultaneously. Quite a few customers in the Internet Cafe looked their way.

Tang Rou had been provoked and her spirit rose a bit. But after a short while, her spirit dwindled again.

“What’s wrong? You feeling bored?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah…..” Tang Rou said.

“It’s normal.” Ye Xiu laughed. Tang Rou’s entire gaming life had been seen by him. Dungeon records were pretty boring to new player’s eyes. Tang Rou only liked the feeling of competition. But to her, how could this type of competition compare to directly fighting against other players?

Tang Rou had experienced a bit of PK in the Arena, but today was very different.

In the Arena, players were easily defeated by her and there wasn’t much sense of satisfaction.

Fighting against Team Tiny Herb was too hard for her though. She tried her best, but she had no chance of victory. No one would feel happy about that.

Today though, breaking through the encirclement was difficult and challenging and also was only able to be done by going 120%. This was a very satisfying victory. This was her first time truly feeling the joy of playing games. That type of satisfaction and happiness was something she had never experienced ever since she had played Glory.

Her moment of excitement had carried on for so long, but was now beginning to fade away. Compared to that, these dungeons felt dull and boring.

The main feature of PvP was the sense of battle at every moment. You had to concentrate, observe, and quickly make a decision; formulating or carrying out a tactic.

As for PvE, you had to concentrate in order to not make a mistake. For example, Concealed Light’s Idiot’s Guides were true reflections of the dullness of PvE. And worse, the best dungeon records could only be set by performing perfectly.

Once you grasped the strategy, everything else afterwards became boring. Monsters? BOSS? Dungeons? It’s a match where you already know the outcome: hit the monsters, clear the dungeon.

Once you know the outcome of a match, the process of getting to there will never be suspenseful.

Ye Xiu wasn’t going to try and make Tang Rou find interest in PvE, but only used it as a way to practice. And even though Tang Rou was improving through this type of practice, she wasn’t able to tell.

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