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Chapter 188 – Difficult to Say

“Information from Line Canyon has arrived. Lord Grim and his team went to Line Canyon. That One Inch Ash who set the record with them at Desolate Land the other day is there as well.” After Cold Night received the info, he sent it over to guild leader Jiang You. Jiang You logged into the Elementalist Crowd Lover he used last time and began directing work in the tenth server.

In the afternoon, Jiang You went to the Club, but didn’t get anything done. When he returned, he said he saw Han Wenqing and was too afraid to talk. Cold Night understood him well, extremely well.

He had also had the opportunity to see Han Wenqing with his own eyes. He truly was a person who made your heart chill. If he had been taking a night stroll and ran into him, the other side wouldn’t even have to say anything and he’d give him his wallet……..

“The current record isn’t the limit. If any big guild had their elite experts go all out, then they’d all be able to reach the limit. But looking at the previous records, Lord Grim’s team clearly has the ability to exceed this limit. Although they aren’t yet Level 33, with their skill, they should already be able to compete with us.” Jiang You analyzed.

“Yeah.” Cold Night agreed with this analysis: “If they set an extremely fast record right now, then things would be difficult for us. We’d have no way of taking back the record and it would be too late to negotiate with them. From now on, I don’t think any guild will ask them to substitute in.”

“We won’t, but that might not be true for other guilds. This is the most difficult part.” Jiang You laughed bitterly.

“Others?” Cold Night doubted.

“Our guild needs the dungeon records to show our strength, but some other guilds might not. And for Lord Grim, there’s no difference between earning items from them or us…….”

“But other than our big guilds, who else is able to pay his price?” Cold Night said.

“Four Scarlet Moon Parts….. do you still not understand?” Jiang You said.

Jiang You understood. Lord Grim was willing to set the price at four Scarlet Moon parts. What did that mean? It meant that Lord Grim’s price depended on the buyer. Big guilds might not feel like it was fair, but they had no choice. The initiative was all on the other side’s hands. Being bought with four Scarlet Moon parts by Full Moon Guild was a show of his attitude.

“Would you like me to contact him so we can discuss the records?” Cold Night said.

“Oh? What are you planning on saying?” Jiang You asked.

“Uh, we’re still thinking about the conditions and we hope he’ll stay put for now?” Cold Night said.

“Hm…… you can try it. Let’s see if we can let him drag things out.” Jiang You said.

“Huh……” At this moment, Cold Night suddenly cried out in astonishment.

“What is it?”

“I received a message.” Cold Night said.

“What message? From Lord Grim?”

“No, from Excellent Dynasty.” Cold Night said.

“Excellent Dynasty? What’d they say?” Jiang You was surprised.

“They want to talk with us face to face.” Cold Night said.

Jiang You furrowed his brows. Looking at the two guild’s backgrounds, Excellent Dynasty and Tyrannical Ambition were absolute enemies. This enmity was even greater than the enmity between Tiny Herb and Blue Rain. Tiny Herb’s and Blue Rain’s enmity started from season six playoffs, when Team Blue Rain defeated Team Tiny Herb, while their Tyrannical Ambition and Excellent Dynasty’s enmity originated long before that.

The two teams were both old brands in Glory. They had both fought against each other to be Champions ever since the first season. Their rivalry began there. Excellent Era had won the Championships three years in a row, but in the fourth season, they were finally dethroned by Tyranny. From then on, Excellent Era began going downhill year after year. Tyranny, on the other hand, continued to maintain their strength. However, they hadn’t been able to win their second Championship yet. For this reason, both sides taunted each other. From the Club’s fans to the media, from the matches on-stage to those underneath, their relationship was much tenser than Tiny Herb’s and Blue Rain’s.

Herb Garden’s Plantago Seed and Blue Brook Guild’s Blue River could still add each other as friends and chat with one another, but such a relationship would be very difficult for Tyrannical Ambition and Excellent Dynasty. The reason Cold Night was able to receive the message was because the other side had temporarily added him as a friend.

“Excellent Dynasty is looking for us….. it’s probably related to Lord Grim.” Jiang You said.

“In fact, Excellent Dynasty was the first to begin fighting with Lord Grim.” Cold Night said. Their Tyrannical Ambition hadn’t been in conflict with Lord Grim yet. As for Excellent Dynasty, they had engaged in a large battle against Lord Grim for Frost Forest and Boneyard. From the records, each side had won one battle, but it seemed like Lord Grim had lasted the longest. Everyone had originally been looking forward to seeing Excellent Dynasty act out again, but after being stepped on in Boneyard, there was no other movement from them.

“We can go and see them. When? Now?” Jiang You asked.

“He didn’t say the time.” Cold Night said.

“Then schedule it now! Face to face…… writing method?” Jiang You said.

Writing method meant that even though the two were face to face, they would still type out messages to communicate. Usually, when both sides conducted important meetings, they would use this type of method. The content they typed out would appear above their character’s heads. If the meeting was being recorded, then these could be used as proof.

“The other side wants to talk first.” Cold Night replied.

“No problem. Let’s go and take a look.” Jiang You answered.

“What about Lord Grim?” Cold Night asked.

“Try to contact him and ask!” Jiang You thought for awhile and then spoke.

“Okay…….” Cold Night replied. He had his character move forward and sent a message.



“That, are you able to set a record for Line Canyon tonight?” Cold Night asked.

“Hard to say.” Ye Xiu replied.

This answer made Cold Night surprised. Even if Ye Xiu wasn’t going to set the record, he had expected him to bluff and give them pressure. What type of answer was that?

“What difficulties do you have?” Cold Night asked.

“We met a hidden.” Ye Xiu said.

Tears streamed down Cold Night’s cheeks.

“Hidden BOSS!!!!” When Ye Xiu’s group entered Line Canyon, they received a system notification. Steamed Bun Invasion cried out in joy.

In their team, Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, and Qiao Yifan were all pro-players, so nothing in a little dungeon would surprise them. Tang Rou wasn’t only a new player in Glory, but a new gamer too, so she still didn’t know what was valuable in games. Only Steamed Bun Invasion was both a noob in Glory and an experienced gamer, so he was quite happy about anything valuable in Glory. If not, then why would he bravely gather a bunch of strangers at around Level 20 to fight for the Blood Gunner?

This was why at this moment, seeing this hidden BOSS, only Steamed Bun Invasion expressed his excitement.

“So we finally meet one!” Ye Xiu also followed. Their recent fights with the guilds over the records had gone smoothly, but they weren’t so lucky in other areas. Especially for hidden BOSSes, they hadn’t met one in a few days.

“Illusion Swordmaster Ahong.” Tang Rou looked at the system announcement and read out the hidden BOSS’s name.

“The most difficult BOSS in this dungeon.” Ye Xiu said.

“What features does he have?” Tang Rou asked.

“Did you not look at the guide?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I haven’t.” Tang Rou said bluntly. When she watched the videos in the guides, she never looked at the dungeons. Her research was focused on PvP. She wasn’t too interested in PvE. (Author Note: PvP is player versus player battles. PvE is fighting with monsters, dungeoning, completing missions, etc.)

“The Illusion Sword Master class is a combination of the Berserker and the Blade Master class, so every skill he possesses comes from those two classes. I don’t think there’s anything more that needs to be said. Pay close attention to his left-handed blade.” Ye Xiu said.

“Left-handed blade?”

“Yeah, this BOSS is right-handed, but he also has a short blade at his waist side. While attacking, he might suddenly use his left hand to draw the short blade to perform a sneak attack. This type of attack is called a left-handed blade. There are many different ways he can attack with this. Any of his skills can be used through his left-handed blade, so everyone pay attention!” Ye Xiu said.

When Ye Xiu said everyone, he was actually only talking about Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion. Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan didn’t need any warning.

Line Canyon’s dungeon terrain was that of a canyon. There were two large cliffs on either side, so players could only move forward. The monsters were similar to those in the leveling area. However, they were elite types, so they did more damage and had more health.

This Illusionary Swordsman Ahong’s background was described as someone who was hiding out in Line Canyon to escape pursuit. As a result, he treated anyone who intruded into the canyon as enemies.

This was what the game described him as. Of course, even if he didn’t actively come and kill players, the players wouldn’t let him go. In general, female players liked the story plot, but Su Mucheng was an old player at Glory, and she had finished the plot enough times to make her want to puke seeing it. Tang Rou wasn’t very interested in the game itself. How could she care about any stories about some NPC? She would compare herself to Ye Xiu everyday to see whether she had improved, how much she had improved, and how much longer until she could crush the guy.

They slaughtered their way through the dungeon with Ye Xiu reminding them the tactics from time to time. The Illusion Swordmaster Ahong didn’t have a fixed spawn point and could appear at any moment.

Sure enough, after clearing a mob of monsters at an intersection, a red-clothed swordsman hurried forward from the intersection. After seeing the five players, he cried out his lines: “That was quick!”

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