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Chapter 187 – Can’t Find a Chance

In the Heavenly Domain, a very common friend notification rang. However, after looking at the name, many players immediately grew excited.

Troubling Rain!

The character who had come online was impressively Troubling Rain, a god-like character known as the Sword Saint.

No matter how amazing an account was, it came from the game. This was why accounts in the game as well as accounts in the Alliance could be searched. For characters that were liked, who knew how many players asked to be their friend. Some characters directly refused them, while some required them to identify themselves, and a select few directly added them.

Unless the character was the type to directly refuse them, it wasn’t impossible to add a pro God as a friend.

In the game, the number of players who were Troubling Rain’s friends weren’t few. So when his name popped up, many players immediately took note of it. Quite a few bravely sent their greetings to the God.

“Oops, I forgot to hide myself…….” The continuous message prompts made Huang Shaotian’s eyes go blurry, so he hastily logged out.

Because of his special status, his short-lived appearance instantly brought a lot of attention.

Troubling Rain had gone online! This news was already being discussed in the world channel.

A pro-player’s character was being played in game? This type of occurrence wasn’t anything new. In the Heavenly Domain’s Arena, pro-players would frequently play a few rounds. Many normal players had the experience of playing against a pro-level player. However, God-level characters like Troubling Rain truly hadn’t appeared in the Arena for a long time. Pro-players didn’t use the in-game Arena for practice. The game company specially provided them with an environment with which to play in. Apart from this, they also had map editors, setting editors; they could design their own maps with which to practice certain things. The game? These types of top-tier accounts rarely appeared in the game.

While the players were talking about Troubling Rain in the world channel, Huang Shaotian quietly logged into the game, making himself invisible to his friends. Even though many still sent messages, Huang Shaotian calmly acted like he wasn’t there.

But the name on top of his head couldn’t be hidden, and the name Troubling Rain still was capable of causing a lot of wide-eyes. So he went to a small town in a normal server after leaving the Heavenly domain to be away from the prying eyes.

His journey through could have been considered as smooth. Huang Shaotian entered the small town and went directly to the Arena. He set up a room in the Fixed Field. But he began to sweat after opening his friends list.

Troubling Rain and Lord Grim weren’t in the same server. Lord Grim wasn’t in the Heavenly Domain either, so he couldn’t add him as a friend.

Helpless, he could only alt-tab out of the game and open up QQ. He didn’t care whether Ye Xiu really wasn’t on there or if he was faking it and sent him a few messages. However, there was no response.

Just as Huang Shaotian was feeling helpless, he suddenly discovered that Su Mucheng was on, so he immediately sent her a message.

Through this, he was finally able to connect to Ye Xiu. Huang Shaotian waited bitterly for a long time. Su Mucheng finally returned with a reply: “He won’t be playing. He doesn’t have time. He’s about to go dungeon.”

“Dungeon? Which dungeon?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“He’ll probably go to Line Canyon first.” Su Mucheng said.

“F*ck!!” Huang Shaotian felt depressed! What status did he have? How could he be less important than a stupid dungeon like Line Canyon! Fine…… Huang Shaotian had no choice but to admit defeat. To be able to fight with an expert like him, such an opportunity would be extremely hard to come by for a normal player, but to Ye Qiu, this wasn’t anything special.

“Ask him to come fight with me! I’m using my main account! My main account! I’ve opened a Fixed Field, so I won’t be bullying him. Let me see how strong this unspecialized is.” Huang Shaotian chattered.

But Su Mucheng automatically replied: “In the middle of a dungeon……”

“Hey hey hey!!!”

“In the middle of a dungeon……”

“Su Mucheng, you have no future! You talk in the same way as him!!! You only need to pass on what I’m saying to him! Did you pass what I said to him?” Huang Shaotian quickly typed out.

“In the middle of a dungeon…….”

“Hey! I do what I want to do, it’s none of your business!” Su Mucheng had clearly been looking at the chat and suddenly replied to Huang Shaotian’s taunts.

No future? Same? Huang Shaotian’s words didn’t make her mad, but they rather suited her quite well.

Huang Shaotian continued to roar, completely displaying his talkative personality. Unfortunately, they couldn’t move Su Mucheng and all he received were “In the middle of a dungeon…..” automatic replies.

Helpless, Huang Shaotian got off his Troubling Rain and went onto Flowing Tree. This account had Lord Grim as his friend, so as soon as he got on he spammed “Hey hey hey hey hey”.

“What?” Ye Xiu calmly replied.

“PK! PK! PK! PK! PK!” Huang Shaotian shouted.

“I’m in a dungeon!” Ye Xiu said.

“What dungeon!! If you still have any pro sense in you, how could running a dungeon be something you should be doing? Hurry up and come to the Arena. You need a high-skilled opponent to help you maintain your condition.” Huang Shaotian said.

“In the middle of a dungeon……”

“You two are so shameful!!!” Huang Shaotian almost flipped the table. He wasn’t easily irritated on stage. But in private, he was more carefree, so there was no need to control his emotions.

“I’m in a dungeon right now. Wait until I’m free!” Ye Xiu said.

Huang Shaotian was helpless. He could only go offline and watch the recording again.

In game, Ye Xiu and the others really were dungeoning.

Line Canyon was a dungeon record they could already try and challenge. This dungeon was a Level 30-33 one. There wasn’t any large five-level equipment or skill difference, so the levels weren’t as significant. It was similar to that time’s Level 25 versus Level 27 run at Boneyard.

Ye Xiu’s five-man team had good equipment and after the addition of Qiao Yifan, they no longer had any weaknesses. They completely had the ability to contest with the elite teams of the big guilds.

And this time, after Blue Brook Guild’s Blue River found out who Lord Grim was, he had already prepared a deal. Now, they were figuring out how to conduct the negotiation. In this dungeon record, the guild who was in the most troublesome position was Tyrannical Ambition.

Blue Brook Guild was their warning.

Blue Brook Guild had tried to compete against Lord Grim for the record, but were stepped on in the end. There didn’t seem to be any hopes in turning that over. Blue Brook Guild’s carefully established power had fallen and for now, they had no way of climbing back up. And for Tyrannical Ambition? The effects from the previous blow to them still remained. The number of players who were applying to their guild was declining, but they still had a chance. Line Canyon was the place where they could prove themselves.

But, Lord Grim….. how were they going to deal with this huge mountain?

After witnessing Blue Brook Guild’s miserable state, Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader Jiang You decided to bravely go to the Club for help as well.

But when he got to the practice room, he happened to come at a time when the team captain Han Wenqing was reprimanding the team members. Besides his criticizing shouts in the practice room, there were no other sounds. No one dared to speak out, how could Jiang You dare to go up?

Jiang You had waited for the session to end before cautiously moving forward. But once he saw Han Wenqing’s strict glare, Jiang You’s mustered up courage suddenly disappeared. He pretended like he was just passing by and slipped away.

No good……. even if he went to the Club to ask the experts for help, he couldn’t go directly to the captain, Han Wenqing. It’d be better to go look for the vice-captain Zhang Xinjie!

After pacing back and forth outside of the practice room, he finally decided on this.

Zhang Xinjie was also a famous player in the Alliance. As Tyranny’s vice-captain, he  wasn’t a person who just offered sympathy after Han Wenqing’s reprimanding. Zhang Xinjie was solemn, strict, and precise. He was the current record-holder in the Alliance for the least number of mistakes on average in a match.

Zhang Xinjie was publicly recognized as more outstanding than any other God-level character in this area, showing just how serious his style was.

For a serious person like him, Jiang You believed that he would have an appropriate solution. At least, he wouldn’t be like Han Wenqing and start shouting at him. Zhang Xinjie was serious, while Han Wenqing was stubborn.

Jiang You left first and prepared to look for a chance. In short, after looking at what happened to Blue Brook Guild, he knew only using their in-game experts wouldn’t be good enough. Jiang You completely recognized this.

In game, the first-string teams in the big guilds were already Level 33. They were currently looking to set the final record for Line Canyon. Even though they knew about the large mountain that was Lord Grim, they also knew that they still had the chance to set a record before the limit was reached. Even if the record wouldn’t last until the very end, they could still appear on TV and earn experience as well as Purple equipment rewards.

Today, Line Canyon’s record had been made with a time of 30:41:12. Afterwards, it hadn’t been broken. But right now, the tenth server were mostly paying attention to that match between Poplar Beach and Chasing Haze. Not many people noticed this dungeon besides the big guilds.

Jiang You put this record in his eyes. If he had experts from the Heavenly Domain come, then they’d definitely be able to break it. But, what about Lord Grim’s team? Where was their limit? What were they doing now? At midnight, when the dungeon entries refreshed, Jiang You quietly pondered.

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