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Chapter 181 – In a Flash

Poplar Beach noticed it just now, but it was already too late. His opponent had already thrown out a Grenade. The timing was perfect. The shock wave from the explosion launched his Blade Master even higher into the air as Chasing Haze picked up her Rose Flower Cannon. Seeing his opponent move like this, Poplar Beach finally realized: throwing down the Rose Flower Cannon was one of the opponent’s ploys!

Chasing Haze crouched and swung the Rose Flower Cannon back onto her shoulder. Blue light began to accumulate at the mouth of the cannon. Poplar Beach moved his camera to look down. Just before his character hit the ground, the stored blue light shot out and a brilliant blue artillery shell flew directly at him.

“X-1 Extruder……” Poplar Beach realized that his opponent’s crouch and swing wasn’t without meaning. The crouch reduced the time needed to put the cannon onto her shoulder. It also let him shoot from a lower height, making it so that the X-1 Extruder would hit him just as he was about to land on the ground.

“X-1 Extruder’s” feature was that it would vacuum in enemies that were hit by it, restricting their movements. The enemies would then fly forward along with it and then explode when it hit the ground, knocking the enemies to the ground along with it. Poplar Beach didn’t have any way of avoiding this vacuum effect. This time, damage would be certain. Just as he was calculating what he would do next to counterattack, he suddenly saw his opponent raise his hand and snap his fingers.

Poplar Beach was startled. This wasn’t a random movement. This was the casting animation for a Launcher’s Heat-Seeking Missile. The finger snap would bring up a crosshair. The final position of the crosshair would direct where the missile would land.

The attack did tons of damage, but the weakness of it was obvious. For one, the crosshair had to be accurate. However, the main weakness was that it was extremely slow. Poplar Beach decided he would do the same as with the Quantum Bomb and slice it apart. In mid-air, a sword light flashed forward. Sword Draw was executed towards the missile.

This move had been used in that match between Excellent Era and 301. Team 301’s Blade Master player Gao Jie had done this to dissolve the Heat-Seeking Missile. Poplar Beach’s situation was similar to Gao Jie’s situation. Both of them acted in midair. However, Poplar Beach wasn’t as skilled as a pro-player. Poplar Beach could only pray that his Sword Draw would hit the target.

Please hit!!

Seeing the flying slash’s direction and the missile’s arc, Poplar Beach determined that they would collide and a surge of happiness immediately washed over him. But who would have thought that at this moment, an explosion would suddenly ring out. Sword Slash’s sword aura had been exploded into three sparks. Poplar Beach was startled. He looked over at Chasing Haze and saw gentle smoke drift out from the mouth of the cannon…..

Sh*t! Poplar Beach’s Sword Slash had been deflected by his opponent’s Anti-Tank Missile. The flying heat-seeking missile flew towards him.

Poplar Beach felt a chill in his heart. He knew that his difficult maneuver had been done out of luck, but what about his opponent?

The bright crosshair finally found its target. A loud boom sounded out from up above in the sky and a Heat-Seeking Missile descended down. Poplar Beach began to fall. He had no way of immediately using Quick Recover. He hadn’t been launched in a normal way. he had been sucked in by “X-1 Extruder”.

The crosshair, Poplar Beach, and the suction from the X-1 Extruder together let the Heat-Seeking Missile arrive and a large mushroom cloud leapt into the air. But things weren’t done yet. Poplar Beach, who had been forced tumbling in the air from the shock wave, saw a large laser beam shoot down, the Gunner’s ultimate: Satellite Beam…..

Poplar Beach had eaten all of the Launcher’s high damage skills.

Poplar Beam was still tumbling from the explosion and light of the Satellite Beam. Ye Xiu used this time to quickly throw out a few more skills. The spectators watched dumbstruck as explosions continued to chain together, reaching a 77 Combo.

The light from explosions receded. The smoke dispersed. Poplar Beach had already been defeated.

Starting from when he was launched into the air by that Knee Strike to the instant he landed on the ground, he wasn’t able to find any opportunity to counter attack. In that span of five seconds, how many skills had hit him? The spectators had to count on their fingers to work it out.

Everyone saw the result: Poplar Beach had been defeated.


He really had been defeated!

In just an instant, the long health bar had been washed clean. The spectators weren’t even able to type. They were completely dumbstruck.

Chen Guo was also staring blankly at the computer screen.

She was already standing because Ye Xiu had thrown her Rose Flower Cannon. She was just about to go over and kill the guy. However, her Rose Flower Cannon had been picked back up and in the blink of an eye, the opponent had turned into a corpse. All of this happened as she jumped up from her seat……..

Chen Guo finally saw how Ye Xiu was able to beat an opponent in a few seconds using her Chasing Haze.

Chen Guo had never thought that her Chasing Haze had the burst power to explode someone to death in one go. Moreover, the person who had died was a famous expert in the Heavenly Domain. Chen Guo felt a surge of excitement! She had originally wanted to go and strangle Ye Xiu to death, but now she couldn’t move, she didn’t know how to describe what she was feeling.

Poplar Beach’s corpse quickly disappeared. The experienced gamers knew that this person had already left the room.

What could Poplar Beach say now?

The arrogant him had been completely shut up. There was nothing he could say.

He realized that Lord Grim’s words weren’t a provocation, but a reality.

One round, it really was one round.

He completely recognized the gap between their skill.

To lose so quickly and tragically, this wasn’t a question of whether it was luck. The match ended so quickly that the spectators had overlooked another reality. This was a “Perfect” match, Chasing Haze hadn’t suffered any damage..

Once Chasing Haze left the room as well, the room was naturally dissolved and the spectators were kicked back into the lobby. But everyone was still in shock and were still circling about. Only Ye Xiu didn’t care. He took off his headphones and turned his head: “Boss, you can have your account back!”

“Huh?” Chen Guo was also one of those who were dumbstruck.

“Did you record it?” Chen Guo suddenly turned her head to ask Tang Rou.

Tang Rou laughed bitterly: “You were the one controlling it!”

“Ah ah ah ah!!!” Everyone had already left the room. How could she still have the chance to record it? Chen Guo felt regretful. It would have been such a great video! It was something she could watch a hundred times.

Chen Guo felt depressed! She suddenly discovered something amiss. She looked around and discovered that a few people were looking at her.

“What are you looking at?” Chen Guo wasn’t very polite. The people looking at her were frequent customers, so they knew each other. She hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary, so what were they all looking at?

“Boss, you’re so fierce!” Someone suddenly said.

“What?” Chen Guo stared blankly.

“Chasing Haze!!” Someone else shouted.

“What? Chasing Haze? Where? Where?” Another person jumped up. This time it was a customer Chen Guo didn’t recognize.

Chen Guo instantly understood. This duel had been seen by some in the Internet Cafe. Among those were a few who didn’t know that Lord Grim was a manager at this Internet Cafe, but they did know that Chen Guo’s Glory character was Chasing haze. After that, they thought that Lord Grim was actually Chen Guo.

And those unfamiliar customers obviously didn’t know anything. They just heard someone in the Internet Cafe speak up about it, so they immediately looked for her and crowded around her. Chen Guo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She looked around, but didn’t know where Ye Xiu had slipped away to. She could helplessly cry out: “That wasn’t me. Someone else borrowed my account” and then hastily ran off.

The customers all stared blankly. They didn’t say anything else. The crowd was just there to satisfy their curiosity.In reality, most of the Glory players that knew Chen Guo knew what her skill level was. It was just that the previous match had been too surprising. Poplar Beach! All the veterans knew who he was.

And thus, saying that someone had borrowed the account was very reasonable.

There weren’t many who both recognized Chen Guo’s account and watched the match, so there wasn’t too much commotion. Everyone went back to the game to discuss about it in private. This match was too quick. Not only was the course of events quick, even the room had been dissolved quickly, making it so that there wasn’t any place for everyone to talk about it. After the players left the Arena, they immediately began discussing it in the world channel.

In a short moment, a single topic conquered the tenth server world channel.

Lord Grim, Chasing Haze, Launcher, threw down his weapon, instant kill, etc. these were all keywords.

The match was too frightening, making it so that everyone was concentrated on the one who was victorious. At this moment, Poplar Beach was like a pitiful backdrop. Very few people mentioned him.

There were a few new players who didn’t really understand. They obviously didn’t know how incredible Poplar Beach’s background was. They just saw that he had been instantly defeated, so they wanted to mock him. But their mockery was actually met with other’s mockery.

Who won and who lost the match wasn’t because one side was weak, but rather because the other side was too strong.

In everyone’s eyes, this was the impression they got. Of course, no one felt that Poplar Beach’s loss was dignified. However, his defeat wasn’t the main point everyone was talking about.

Chasing Haze, so strong!

Launchers, so strong!

Lord Grim, so strong!

These were the main points.

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