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Chapter 179 – A Chance for a Comeback

The entire world was mocking Poplar Beach’s Cloud Listening Blade, so of course they were waiting for his response. As a result, many saw this message and a bunch of new messages immediately appeared. Comments such as “Cloud Listening Blade is such a man”, “Cloud Listening Blade is a true hero”, “Cloud Listening Blade refuses to die with his head low” and so on. They were still filled with sarcasm. Clearly, no one liked arrogant guys like him.

This didn’t mean that people who liked to be arrogant wouldn’t know this, it was just that arrogant people weren’t arrogant so they could be liked. They were arrogant because they liked the pleasure of standing above others and looking down on them.

When Poplar Beach had bragged about the record he had set, although everyone was angry, they had no way of beating his record. This was the pleasure of being arrogant. But now, when he was above everyone, he had suddenly been stepped on. This was an extremely painful feeling.

The reason Poplar Beach continued to demand a duel against Lord Grim was so that he could keep up his arrogant attitude. He couldn’t do anything about the record, so his only choice was to use a duel to prove that he wasn’t a braggart, but rather an amazing top-tier player. This was what it truly meant to be arrogant.

Amidst the storm of ridicule, Poplar Beach waited for Lord Grim’s reply.

He didn’t have to wait long. This time, Lord Grim finally replied to him: “How about tomorrow afternoon? Use your main account.”

“Good, I hope that you won’t run away.” Poplar Beach coldly typed out. He then waited for a very long time, but no reply came. How could Ye Xiu care to respond to such a pointless provocation? Ye Xiu had already brought his party into the dungeon again. This time, everyone was still playing diligently, especially at the final BOSS, Toya. Everyone coordinated with Lord Grim even better this time. This time, the record had been broken again.

22:29:57. The world went into an uproar again.

The record had improved by 6 seconds. It wasn’t much. However, at this record limit, another six seconds wasn’t easy. It was practically the result of a perfect run.

At the same time, after the three runs ended, Lord Grim and the other four characters leveled up to level 31. Su Mucheng left first to sleep. Qiao Yifan was also a pro-player. He shouldn’t have had so much free time. But after being with Ye Xiu and the others for these three runs, a completely different feeling had already risen up in his heart. When the three runs were finished, he actually wasn’t willing to go to sleep and went to Line Canyon with them.

On Blue Brook Guild’s side, after Changing Spring heard Blue River return with the news, they rushed over to the tenth server and saw the new record on the leaderboards. They were all speechless. Before they could even recover, the record had been broken again.

One time, maybe they were just miraculously lucky.

But two times in a row? That, without a doubt, was a proof of their strength.

Even though Changing Spring had braced himself for this long ago, from the guild’s point of view, this was a disastrous result. However, there was nothing they could do. If they hadn’t fought for it, there was no way they could explain it to their own guild. Right now, even at the guild headquarters in the Heavenly Domain, they were discussing the great battle over the records in the tenth server. Everyone, particularly Poplar Beach and his group, would agree to a compromise only if there was no other choice.

In order to keep the peace in Blue Brook Guild, they had to sacrifice a bit of the tenth server’s Blue Brook Guild’s reputation. At least, right now, they were only adding frost to the snow. They were already a laughingstock in the tenth server. Their image could only be recovered at a later time. It could be said that, from here on out, Blue Brook Guild’s development would fall behind the other guilds.

However, a chance for a comeback was still possible.

Poplar Beach’s duel with Lord Grim. This was their chance.

Even though Blue River wasn’t in favor of this duel and wasn’t optimistic about it, he had no choice but to admit that if Poplar Beach won, then they’d be able to win back their guild’s image in the tenth server. This duel was being followed by many. The entire world was talking about it. Who knew how many would wait for the afternoon show?

Poplar Beach’s actions, from a reasoning standpoint, weren’t stupid. This was actually the best way of winning back their guild’s prestige. However, could he win?

Blue River was very very doubtful, but he couldn’t say anything. After all was said and done, he was always for the guild. At this moment, he was hoping that Poplar Beach would win, even though he could foresee that if Poplar Beach actually won, then his arrogance would rise from the earth to the heavens.

This struggle over the record deeply impacted Tyrannical Ambition as well.

Blue Brook Guild had bravely stepped out. This was something they wished to see. As a result, they didn’t rush to fight for the Line Canyon record and decided to carry their tarnished name for two more days. They wanted to see what Lord Grim’s attitude was and what he would do.

In the end, they saw it all. Lord Grim had sneakily stolen the Level 36 wild BOSS First Kill and then easily stepped on Blue Brook Guild’s record twice.

Tyrannical Ambition’s boss, Jiang You, had personally come to the tenth server as well. Similarly, he also gathered the guild’s strongest troops to come over. But after seeing this result, he quickly gave up on his original plan.

The record’s limit?

It seemed like there were two of them. One for normal players like them and another for Lord Grim’s team. Jiang You was truly doubting whether Lord Grim had set the record for the same dungeon. The record that was the limit in their eyes had been crushed by minutes.

“What do we do? Talk with Lord Grim?” Cold Night was naturally depressed. Why was the tenth server so troublesome? Such a difficult guy had popped up.

“Let’s not rush…… They’re still a few days away from reaching Level 33. Right now, Blue Brook Guild is in the spotlight, so we’re being overlooked. I’ll see if there’s any other way to resolve this situation. Giving in to Lord Grim’s demands isn’t good. We have to at least show that we have the strength to resist his suppression, even if it is just once. After that, we can still negotiate with him and we’ll have a better time.” Jiang You said.

“How do we prove our strength?” Cold Night stared blankly. Their experts clearly wouldn’t cut it. Blue Brook Guild was their proof for that.

“I can try and ask the team.” Jiang You said.

“That’s a bit too much, right…….” Cold Night began sweating. Team Tyranny was a powerful team that was aiming to be Champions. Ask them to help them set a record in the tenth server? With the team captain Han Wenqing’s personality, Cold Night felt like they were looking to be shouted at! Jiang You’s suggestion was too brave.

“Uh……. let me think……” Clearly, Jiang You was also hesitant.

Besides these two guilds, the other guilds were extremely happy seeing Lord Grim turn Blue Brook Guild’s record limit into ashes, and twice too. Their emotions were constantly going up and down. But after taking joy in their enemies’ plight, they also had to ponder over their own situation. This issue really was quite troublesome.

The night went by like this.

After Poplar Beach arranged for the duel, he left the tenth server and went on his main account. He went to the Arena and fought for the entire night. He specifically looked for opponents with high win rates and practiced fiercely.

In the blink of an eye, the afternoon came and Poplar Beach went to the tenth server to look for Lord Grim. He hadn’t slept well at all. He was already feeling tired, but his mind couldn’t calm down. As soon as he closed his eyes, he would think of the Arena. Even compared to that time he decided to challenge Blue Bridge Spring Snow, he had never felt so nervous before.

Even though he wasn’t in his best condition, it was truly too shameful to schedule the duel for a different date. Even if he did, he still might not be able to calm down. By then, his condition would be even worse.

Poplar Beach did a quick search and found that Lord Grim was online. He immediately shouted at him in the world channel. The players in the entire server shook. He had arrived. He had finally arrived.

“You should go create the room.” Lord Grim replied.

“Level Field.” Poplar Beach switched to his main account and entered the Arena. He created a room and invited Lord Grim.

In Happy Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu left the tenth server and went to find Chen Guo. Boss Chen was also playing Glory right now. She was sitting in front of her computer and her hands were moving about like the wind. Ye Xiu blew out two smoke rings. Boss Chen’s avatar staggered. She turned around and yelled angrily: “What are you doing?!”

“Boss, let me borrow your account!” Ye Xiu said.

“To do what?”

“To PK with someone.” Ye Xiu said.


“What was his name again?” Ye Xiu scratched his head.

Chen Guo rolled her eyes and said as her character returned to the main city: “Level or Free.”

“Level.” Ye Xiu said.

“Room number?”

“I don’t know…….”

“Then how am I supposed to look for it?” Chen Guo asked.

“Go to the side and say that Lord Grim has arrived or something.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo typed it in. Soon after, a pile of messages from cheering spectators covered the screen, scaring Chen Guo. After that, she received an invite and accepted it.

She entered the field. The map that had been chosen was the most basic ring. It was a simple and straightforward map. Most players liked it. After Chen Guo’s character went in, she immediately sucked in a cold breath. For there to be so many spectators, this was something she had never imagined.

“What’d you do?” Chen Guo had originally planned on playing for awhile, but after seeing so many spectators, she immediately felt that the situation was important. She didn’t want to mess things up, so she got up and let Ye Xiu take over.

And at this moment, the current receptionist Tang Rou stretched out her neck to ask: “Did it start? Did it start?”

“About to.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Help me out for a moment please.” Tang Rou immediately asked a manager to take over for a bit. She then lightly skipped over.

“Watching it like this won’t be very fun. Let’s get onto another account.” Chen Guo had a lot of experience and immediately went to turn on another computer.

“Don’t start yet!!” She didn’t forget to warn Ye Xiu. Even though she didn’t really understand the situation, her curiosity had already been sparked.

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